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i cant get over him :'/Category: (general)
Saturday, 13 September 2008
11:54:18 PM (GMT)
im not gonna say much about it...bc no one probably ever reads the things i have to
say...but here goes
ok,yeah shes pretty. i get that.
but i thought u liked me?
ill understand if u just dont like me anymore. but u could at least say it instead of
just acting completely different when ur around me.

whatevs. im done worrying about it.

im gonna find some sort of way to either find someone else, or get over you
i just hope one of them works and i dont fall for u all over again :/ ive made that
mistake way too many damn times.

for awhile now ive been trying to act cool about it, but idont think i can anymore. i
really dont.

i wouldnt be surprised if u didnt read this.
who would?
but idk. i dont expect u to. because i just write these to vent.

though it would be nice if a few ppl asked me whats up
but i still like u. and thats whhat i fucking hate. i dont WANT to like u.
i have no choice >:/ 
its so stupid.

why should i waste my time loveing someone if theyre no way in hell ever gonna love
me back.

im probably saying too much about this, to where ulll figure out who im talking
about, but theres so much on my mind about this ONE thing that i just cant seem to
stop typing....
this seriously kills me to think about it. the whole, oh yeah hes over u. everyone
says it, so i believe it.
what other choice do i have?
if i keep liking u, ill just get more shit about it from friends. so i have to stop.
i HAVE to. >:/ ugh i hope i can.
though i completely doubt it
i wish it was as easy for me as it was for u.

uve already moved on and r flirting with my friends. i need to do the same. just not
with your friends bc im not a bitch. no offense.

i hate staying up all night hoping ull talk to me.

i know u wont, im sitting there like a complete idiot..
but i still do it, to this day...

no matter how much i pretend to hate u, or not wanna talk to u.
i know i feel the
exact opposite :'/
i want this to stop.

i wish time could have stopped when everything was all right. no pain, no anger, just
us. :/ but i can kiss that shit goodbye...
im gonna say bye now, so i can waste my time sitting here thinking about u, again....

‹starmuncher› says:   14 September 2008   638382  
i just wanted to tell you that it is ok...we both are experiencing
the same situation. BE STRONG!
‹|!TiNA_LOVES_U!|› says:   16 September 2008   493757  
thats really sad. i kinda had the same thing happen to me but the
opposite so hes still in love with me and im the one "flirting" with
his friends, i know you hate me, but i want to tell you, i will always
be there for you, be strong, trust in yourself and you will succeed.
‹♫♥Emily.Music.Love♥♫› says :   17 September 2008   467752  
i know you hate me too, but whoever made you feel like this is a
bitch. no one should ever fell like that

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