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The Tale of The Uzumaki And The HazumiCategory: fanfiction
Saturday, 6 September 2008
06:12:48 PM (GMT)
This is chapter 5!!! :D:D I have a very funny part for Kyuubi! :D

Naruto leaned in closer and kissed Akira on her forehead. Akira turned the same shade
of an tomato. She had a blush that would rival, no beat Hinata's. Naruto smiled at
Akira's reaction. Sakura looked surprised and hurt at the same time. 'Naruto, you
never tried to kiss me, why is Akira so special?' Her brain wondered. ''WHAT?!
inner screamed. Inside the part of Sakura's brain that held her inner, she tore a
picture of Akira in half. 'But wha if Naruto never forgives me?' Sakura asked.
Finally, her inner had enough and decied to come out and play for a little bit.
'What are you doing?!' Sakura cried to inner Sakura. 'I'm having a little
fun.' Her inner said smiling. 'Sakura' walked over to Naruto and said, "Hi
Naruto-kun, how are you?" she roughly pushed Akira out of the way. "Whoa!" Akira said
surprised stepping back to regain her balance. "Sakura, why did you push Akira-chan?"
Naruto asked. He looked confused. ''Well, Naruto-kun, I like you a lot, all those
times I insulted you, I was really admiring you.'' The fake Sakura said lying through
her teeth. "really?" he asked surprised. A flash of hurt went through Akira's eyes.
'Oh no, old feelings would be brought up.' her mind said. Then 'Sakura' leaned
on on Naruto and kissed him soundly. ''S-Sakura-chan....'' Naruto asked blushing.
Sakura smirked and said, "I knew you still loved me, you couldnt leave me for some
girl.'' she said. It was all too much, too much for Akira to take, she ran out of the
cafe crying. If only she Akira had stayed a little bit longer, she would have heard
what Naruto had said next. ''I'm sorry Sakura-chan, but I don't love you anymore. I
only see you as a friend nothing more. I really like Akira-chan.'' Naruto said. He
looked sadly at Sakura, and searched for Akira. 'Thats right, she ran away.'
Naruto thought. Naruto wanted to cry as well. He had just lost the girl he had liked,
and now she may never like him back. "Sakura-chan, tell the waiter that something
important cam up.'' he ordered. Naruto ran out the restaurant in search of Akira. 

Inside Deep of Naruto Kyuubi was going nuts. Love songs repeated over and over, and
the same name kept repeating. "SWEET MERCIFUL KAMI-SAMA KILL ME NOW!!! HAVEN'T I
SUFFERED ENOUGH?!" Kyuubi shouted. He rested at the bottom of the cage and
groaned. Tonight was going to be hell for the Kyuubi. 'I'll get him later.' he
thought bitterly. 

Outside Naruto-

Naruto decided to search the place Akira told him about where she went when she was
upset. It was a lovely little meadow filled with Plum Blossoms, and it had a lovely
view of a sunset. "Akira-chan.'' Naruto muttered he ran faster. ''please forgive
me.'' he added. A tear fell from his eye.

With Akira-

Poor Akira was sobbing her eyes out. 'Lucky Rose!' she thought. Rose didn't
have someone trying to steal Kiba from her.Of someone tried, she would skin them
alive. Rose was one scary 9 year old. She looked sadly at a plum blossom until
someone called her name. "Akira-chan!" the voice said. Akira looked up to see a
figure running to her at full speed.  Akira recognized it as Naruto. She wanted to
just snap leave me alone,  but she couldn't. She still liked Naruto a lot.
''Akira-hime I'm sorry!'' Naruto cried hugging her. "I don't love Sakura anymore, I


Japanese Words-

This chapter contained-
NaruSaku Dont murder me!!!
A crazy Kyuubi XD
NaruAkira <3
Mentions of KibaRose YAY!!!
Me being scary

‹Ðark Fox› says:   6 September 2008   193788  
T_T this was sad...but so GOOD!
‹XxMurderous_NinjaxX› says:   6 September 2008   912731  
thanks! :D poor Akira.....
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says :   13 September 2008   225873  
you love hurting Akira dont you XD


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