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Lost girl (Ch.7)Category: Story
Monday, 1 September 2008
07:43:21 PM (GMT)
Chapter Seven: More then Photos

I was up all night and I still feel refreshed. For those who have never slept for
three weeks straight let me tell you, it's very refreshing. But ansomnia sucks. For
that matter, I'm not all that fond of the amnesia either. Well I guess that's the
trade-off then... (It's really not worth it.)
    Anyway Emily is walking me down to my "mothers" room. And she decided that she
should fill me in on some basic mother-daughter info so that I'm more prepared,
something which I am very grateful for. "Okay first things first: don't call her
mother. She called her mother that and it was because she hated your
Grandmother. Call her Mom. Always." Emily said. "Alright, "mom", got it. Next?" I
asked as we walked down the hall. "Next is that she sometimes calls you "Penny". But
if it's said 'Pennnnny' she worried about you, if it's 'Penny' then she
needs something, if it's 'Penny' then she's annyoed and if it's just 'Penny'
then she's happy with you. Got that?" Emily asked.
     "Uh, no but I don't think she'll be asking anything of me or happy with me
today, so we're good." I said. "Right good point. Now get in there and let your Mom
know that your... Not dead." She said pointing a truimphant fingure at the door in
front of us. "Okay go in." she said. I hesitated, "well what if she doesn't like me?"
I asked. "Your her daughter. She already likes you, you dope. Go on in. I was
planning to eavesdrop anyway, so I'll knock if I hear things going wrong 'kay?" I
nodded, braced myself and knocked on the door. I didn't hear anything, and I looked
at Emily. "call out to her!" she mouthed then moved to the side of the door.
     "Mom? It's me, penel-" the door burst open almost hitting Emily. I realized why
she'd moved now: if she'd been in front of me, my mom would've trampled her to get to
me. I soon found my ribs being crushed in a hug and half walked (and partly was
dragged) into my mothers room.
      The first peice of information I got from her bedroom is that she assumed I
wouldn't make it. The entire room was draped in black fabric. I  might have thought
it was for something else except that as soon as she realized I was staring at the
unusual decore, she ran around hastily ripping the drapes down. Could the drapes have
been out of regular sadness? I suppose, but that didn't explain the coverd up mirror.
I decided not to mention it. Instead I said "Sorry if I worried you. I'm glad you
decided to check out the job in France anyway."
       I really don't know what I thought her reaction would be. Tears maybe, or
hysterical shrieking might be closest. Instead she kept the conversation going like
that. It occured to me once or twice how much time was passing but I didn't care. I
had a bunch of little memories about my mother triggerd (thankfully) and the bond we
used to have was soon rekindled. Maybe I didn't remember everything (okay
fine, I had no idea about most things) but at least I had the concept of mom-penelope
love down. Finally we ran out of good things to talk about.  I was about to leave
when she said "Penelope... I know you don't remember everything, and that's okay. I
just wanted you to know that I still love you." A stared at her. we hadn't formally
gone over the whole me not remembering thing. We'd both skillfuly avoided the
subject. And yet...
     "I'm getting there mom. And I love you too. Again, and always from now on. But
can you tell me one thing? Is Bill a morning or evening person? I want to see him
soon and a fight isn't really what I'm looking for." Mom smiled and said "Evening,
but if your looking for botherly love, you could be disappointed. He's worried about
you, but he expresses worry through anger. Honestly nothing would make him happier
then you going into his room right and saying 'how've ya been, cave-man-brows?'. He
might pretend to be made but that would releive him so much." As I left I said "oh
and mom?" "Yes?" "Could you lay off the grey? It sorta freaked me out before." she
was stil chuckling to herself as I walked out the door.
     I didn't know where Bill's room was so I went back to Emily's room to ask. As I
walked I got to thinking. I'd seen pictures of my family but actually getting toknow
my mom... Maybe I could learn some things about people from photos but... Well
they're more then that. People aren't just some feeble image. They're...
    I cut off the train of thought I was on because it was very, very corny. (And
because I'd reached Emily's room.)
As I knocked on the door I heard laughter coming from inside. When the door opened I
was shocked to see that it was Julie who let me in. Emily and Julie were both talking
and laughing. When they both calmed down Julie waved and left. I turned to Emily.
    "What was that all about?" Emily wiped tears from her eyes, the pointed to a
stack of books. "Manga. Turns out we've read alot of the same Shojo. We were going
through the funniest moments of our favoriet characters. That Kyo Sohma is so
funny... You weren't into manga before but now you should read some! I recomend
I·O·N, and Shugo Chara, and Yurara, and Ultra Maniac, and Beauty Pop, and Absolute
Boyfriend, and Fruits Basket (especialy Fruits Basket) and... Oh, well I guess that
it but those ones are great so read them!" 
     "I was just wondering if you could give me directions to Bills room... But I
guess if you let me borrow some of you manga then I'd read it." Emily glared at me.
"what?" I asked "You pronoused it 'manga' when Mana is prounused 'mahn-ga'. I'm your
best friend so I'm letting you off with a warning, but if you did that in front of
another fan you'd be in for it! That's almost as bad as calling anime 'japanimation'
or calling Manga anime!" she exclaimed. We stared at one another then laughed- You
had to laugh when someone was so serious about comics.
     "Okay here's Bills room. Goodluck." she said. "Hey! Don't you want to eavesdrop?
Please?" I begged her.
"No way! I love ya girl but I'm staying outa' this! I was going to sneak a giant
stack of manga in your room while you were gone anyway."
She beamed an innocent smile then fled down the hall. "Gee thanks friend!" I called
after her. Then turned toward the door and braced for the inevitable.

Note from Kirti: I made sure this was longer then the last one. I Put alot of manga
titles in today, and that is because I spent most of the day reading manga (while I
should have been writing this in fact. Procrastinators unite!...tomorrow) all the
info about Japanese comics was true. We really do get tweaked if you pronounse
it wrong! Anyway the shojo mangas I listed are my faviorets and I recomend them to ll
of my (3?) readers.
Last edited: 1 September 2008

‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   2 October 2008   265871  
thats great so far! yay! I'm the first to comment!
Kirti says :   2 October 2008   376152  
yes you are!


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