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Tragic Tale So Lovely. <3Category: (general)
Sunday, 31 August 2008
11:54:49 AM (GMT)
Yes, Morgan is here. She wanted to write. -___-


I turned to see Meghan smiling at me faintly. I knew she was unhappy-- It was
obvious. The shine in her eyes were gone, she was pale, like she hadn't been eating
for the longest time. I wanted to smile back, but I could only keep my lips pressed
into a straight line. 

So much could happen in an aspect of three days. I glanced over to Desmond, who was
sitting at the table. If I had looked any longer, I would have noticed how miserable
he looked before Meghan began to talk with her frail, fragile voice. "He doesn't give
a crap." She said, still smiling faintly. I knew it was only to stop her from passing

I pretended to play dumb. "What happened with you guys?" I asked. Meghan sighed.  "I
really. . Like him," She began, but paused, straightened her spine, and covered her
mouth. I hoped my face showed no shock. "I mean, ever since you broke your wrist.."
She gestured to my wrist, which was bandaged in a soft cloth. "well, he hasn't really
talked to us, you know?" 

I saw a tear float down her cheek. Something cringed in me. The tear was like her
last shard of hope, and now it was endlessly falling like time had paused. I walked
up to Desmond. He glanced at me. "What."

I felt my fists tighten. I hit him as hard as I could. He nearly fell out of his
seat. "Bitch." he muttered. I felt my tears roll down my face. I didn't care anymore,
I didn't care who was listening or watching. "You fucking broke Meghan's heart!" I
screamed. He didn't flinch. "You.. You monster." I muttered, and from the corner of
my eye,  I saw Meghan collapsed on the floor.

"Damn medical conditions." I muttered, as I left him to get a cold towel for Meghan.
Desmond kept looking into space. Kiya made a suggestive gesture at him, and I felt my
blood turn cold. I ignored it, and kept walking towards the restroom. I got a paper
towel and dampened it. I slammed the door shut, mad at both of them.

I placed it on Meghan's forehead and sat next to her, sighing. "M-Morgan.." She
managed to say. "I'm right here." I reminded. A rough kick entered my stomach. I
stood up. It was Kiya. "I can't believe you." She said, flipping her hair. "I mean,
it's obvious he likes me, stop wasting your time trying to get them together."

I smirked. "Whatever."


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