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Murder Never Sounded So GoodCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 26 August 2008
08:26:18 PM (GMT)
All of my money. Every penny. Gone. My stupid fucking sister stole everything! And
of course my dipshit mother doesn't fucking do anything! I spend my money on all of
them buying them food paying for their clothes and what do I get? I get fucking
robbed! My mom owes me over 200 dollars and all the shit my sisters stolen adds up to
way more than that. Am I going to get paid back? NO. and I dont even mind buying them
things now and then! But being so fucking disrespected after I do virtually
EVERYTHING in my house is just too fucking much. I didn't ask my mom for anything
because I know she's hard on cash. I buy my own food, I pay for the things I want.
But of course she babys the fucking hell out of my sister and treats me like shit. If
I don't get back the money I'm owed I will murder this piece of shit family. It won't
be done quickly either. I haven't been this fucking mad in I don't even know how
long. I wanted to save up my money so I could at least get my hair done semi
decently. Yeah so much for that. I have to pay for it myself and guess where all my
money went? More than half of it was stolen and most likely used for drugs, the other
half went to them anyway! I'm buying a fucking lock for my door. That is OF COURSE
when I get more money because I'm flat broke! Well paybacks a bitch. And that's
putting lightly what's going to happen to all of them. I'm so done it's not even
remotely funny. If my sister dopey friend wouldn't have been around I would have slit
that fucking crack whores throat. And what a surprise since my sister stole my money
I couldn't pay for THEIR dinner. And now we can't eat. If anyone fucking says I'm
over reacting I swear I'll hunt you down and murder you. I'm clinically insane and IM

I'm going to go beat the shit out of someone.

‹Your.Fatal.Attraction› says:   26 August 2008   871285  
ur mom and sister r really messed up 4 treatin u like that..... they
r usin u and u should stand up 4 urself and tell them 2 support
themselves.... thats wat i would do
‹Sossidge› says:   27 August 2008   929545  
If I were u, I'd steal THEIR stuff and the stuff they stole from me
and hide it or lock it in my room! Yesss! :D
‹♣Allyson○Wonderland♣› says:   27 August 2008   794287  
I just reminded them what happened last time someone pushed me over
the edge.
‹cyburbetch› says:   28 August 2008   237761  
WOW i srry ill give my money....
‹♣Allyson○Wonderland♣› says:   28 August 2008   753165  
‹cyburbetch› says:   28 August 2008   839712  
yup then u can get a safe..wayyyy better than a lock
‹♣Allyson○Wonderland♣› says:   28 August 2008   168641  
im just going to lock my room up so all my stuff is safe
eyes_of_a_killer whispers:   28 August 2008   846516  
I suggest locking up your room and installing security cameras.  And
I understand about your mom's financial problems and I'm glad that you
try your best to help, but your mom should at least be grateful that
you're helping her in this way rather than letting you get robbed and
doing nothing about it.
‹((♠Jace_Beleren♠))› says:   28 August 2008   824612  
kitty, is this true?
‹♣Allyson○Wonderland♣› says:   28 August 2008   482453  
security cameras!? you think im made of money!?

and yes it's true
xxlycanthropyxx says:   29 August 2008   519395  
gggghuuhhggg!! what the hell!!
‹♣Allyson○Wonderland♣› says :   30 August 2008   777132  
woot liz is at her skanky friends all weekend!!

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