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Religion Questionaire [[Stolen from Puppeh]]Category: Quiz
Friday, 8 August 2008
01:56:43 PM (GMT)

| What`s your religion?: Christian - Babtsist
| Are your parents the same religion as you?: Yeps, but my dad is Catholic
| Do people disapprove of your beliefs?: Probably, but I don't mind. It's their
choice to go to Hell.
| Do people often have the wrong idea about your religion?: Yeah, some think it's
about God controling your life and not getting to do what you want. It's a choice.
| Are most of your friends the same religion?: All the ones in real life are. I know
they all go to church [[or used to]].
| Would you date someone who had a different religion then you?:  Never. It'd be too
complicated. [[A church memeber is married to non-christian, and he gets so angry at
her for coming to church... the butthead.]]
| Are you a member of a religious club/school?: Noooo.
| Do you pray daily?: In my prayer-box :DD
| Is religion a big part of your life?: I don' think of it as a religion. I think of
it as a life stlye.
| Did you ever make up your own religion?: Nah.

|Do you believe in...

| Ghosts?: No. Spirits? Yes. [[Ask my mommy, she'll tell you all about it o_o;;]]
| Fairies/Faeries?: It'd be awesome if they were x]
| Heaven/Hell?: DUHR.
| God?: No, I'm a Christian who doesn't believe in the maker of Heaven and Earth and
Hell. What do yah think??!
| The paranormal?: Dunno what that is :D
| Mermaids?: They honestly creep me out x]
| Out-of-body experiences?: Yes, perhaps.
| Souls?: Yepp :DD
| Curses?: Nope. Let's leave that to the Death-Eaters :P
| Magic?: Harry Potter's alive?!
| Fasting?: Yeah, plenty of people do it. It's in the Bible.
| Satan?: The Evil Dude? Beelz? The guy who clubs baby seals for fun? Yes.
| Yin/Yang?: Nope.
| The Buddha?: I believe he's a symbol of serenity in the Chinese culture, not a god
or anything.
| People being possessed?: Yep, happened all the time in the bible.
| Jesus?: YUP :DD He's my BFFL
| The DaVinci Code?: Never. What a bunch of doo-honkey.
| The Bible?: Yep. I'm trying to read it more D:
| A Goddess?: Nope.
| A God other then the Christian/Catholic God?: Nope.
| Humans evolving from apes?: Hate the theory.
| God creating the universe?: Yep <33
| The Big Bang theory?: If it did occur, then God did it :P
| Life on other planets?: It's possible. He's not jsut our God. He could create
aliens if he wanted :O
| Dinosaurs?: Yep. Too much evidence not too xD

| Have you ever...
| Done/attempted a divination?: Nope.
| Cast a spell?: Avada Kedavra! Tooo much HP xD
| Put a curse on someone?: Nah.
| Prayed for someone?: All the time :D
| Criticized other`s beliefs?: Nah.
| Used God`s name in vain?: Used to until Barb tolded us it's againt the
Commandments. Now I say Gosh, Goodness, Good-Golly-Gosh, etc xD
| Questioned your own beliefs?: Yes, but never doubted.
| Converted to a different religion?: Nope.
| Considered converting to a different religion?: Never.
| Stopped talking to someone because their beliefs were different?: Nope, I'm still
talking to Hero-chan, ain't I? 

| General beliefs.

| Are you pro life or pro choice?: Dunno what either is :P
| What`s your views on abortion?: Murder. It's a cell, therefore it's living.
| Are you a feminist?: Psh, no? xD
| Do you think sexism is still around?: Are people still having sex?
| Should there be women`s football?: There is one, right? That's what Puppeh said xD
| Do you think gays should be able to marry?: Yeah, they have their right to love.
| Do you think gays should be able to adopt children?: If they won't, who will? Poor
orphans D: Better to have same sex parents than no parents.
| Are you a vegetarian?: Nope, God put some animals on the world to be eaten... So
I'm gonna eat 'em B:
| What do you think of slaughterhouses?: D: Scary much?
| Are you an environmentalist?: Probably not xD
| Do you recycle plastic, glass and paper: I used to with Smith as my science teacher
in 6th, now I don't though.
| Do you cut the soda rings before throwing them out?: We save the whole can :D
[[Give 'em to my churchy]]
| Do you litter?: Nope. It's hilarious what my mom does when someone litters xD

‹Miharu-chan› says:   8 August 2008   998515  
O yea. Go Jimmy-chan!
You have awesome replies
Go us, Christians!
One of my best friends back in the Philippines is also Babtsist , and
we're like close.
‹.:Claudia:. {♥TheWayWeAre♥}› says:   8 August 2008   273286  
0.o wait, you do know Sexism is like racism but with gender instead
of race right?

I got caught in a sexism thing once....the boys were allowed on the
water ride at dorney one year but the girls weren't....
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says :   9 August 2008   999825  
What "type" of Christian are you then?

We rock, don't we? B]

Kuroodia;; My mistake then xD
Then I think it's a bunch of honkey-tonk.

That'd suck. I'd kick whoever was in charge in the ankle..

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