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Saturday, 19 July 2008
10:12:40 PM (GMT)
1  	What is your childhood nickname?
	Mokey(Moo-key) its my dads nickname for Monkey. i use to be able to do the monkey
bars at middle school.

2 	How old were you when you had your first crush?
	8 i thinks

3 	who was he/she?
	 no clues..

4 	who was your first kiss?
	o.e Liam .... like i was dared! and i thinks i was 6-7 i dunno

5 	how old were you?

6 	are you a virgin?

7 	if not, how many guys/girls have you slept with?
	My girl...friends.. xD

8 	have you ever stayed at a guy/girls house when your parents thought you were with
	No. and they'd be my friend.. a close one though xD

9 	who is your crush right now?
	A person...older then me

10 	have you ever snuck out of your house?

11 	what was the worst dare you attempted?
	The kissing one.

12 	what size of shoe do you wear?
	8 or 9 womans

13 	what color are the underwear you are wearing righ now?
	Flowerie ones x3

14 	what does the 7th text in your phone say?
	noting no cell

15 	was the last missed call you had from the opposite sex?

16 	who was it?
	on the home phone Greg Muise 

17 	do you like that person?
	.ahhh NO!

18 	what is inside your notebook on the first page?

19 	on the last page?
	the paper and the binding

20 	how many text messages in your phone are from your crush?

21 	what does one of them say?

22 	post one of your enemies # here....
	uhhhhhhh 911

23 	what is your enemies name?

24 	would you care if someone prank called them?
	Well they'd have a debt to pay to JUSTICE xD

25 	what size of pants do you wear? 
	12 ...... shut up.... i am the fat lady. so if i sing you can all go home!

26 	have you ever had sex in public?
	i'm a virgin 

27 	what is the weirdest place you have had sex?

28 	would you kiss chris brown?

29 	how old are you?

30 	how old do you tell people you are?
	14 ^^

31 	is your crush older than you?
	oh ya!

32 	does your crush know you like him/her?
	nope.. i hope

33 	if the president seen you naked what would you tell him?
	Haii *Run!!!!!!!!*

34 	have you ever sucked dick/eaten out a girl?
	wtf leik omg NO

35 	did you like it?
	wtf leik omg NO

36 	did they like it?
	wtf leik omg NO

37 	has your best friend ever cheated on his/her girlfriend?
	wtf leik omg yes.

38 	was this recently?

39 	who was it with?

40 	do you hate your best friends ex?
	Oh ya

41 	is it because you are jealous of him/her?
	wtf leik omg NO

42 	what size is your p***s/bra?
	p3ervie survey!

43 	am i being nosey?
	 wtf leik omg NO.... *nods*

44 	have you ever had a 1 night stand?

45 	with who?
	wtf leik omg NO

46 	would you do it again?
	wtf leik omg NO

47 	are you with somebody but constantly thinking of someone else?

48 	do you miss your ex?

49 	would you ever get back with him/her?

50 	And finally.....have you ever kissed the same sex as yourself?EVER?PROOMISE? 
	wtf leik omg NO

Please take this quiz
i will love you.
but if i do already then i'll love you more. 

‹Northern Italy♥› says:   20 July 2008   379344  
Um...Okay I will do this quiz. xD
‹The~Labryinth› says :   20 July 2008   634596  

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