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Fire's Ice. Part 16Category: Stories
Thursday, 29 May 2008
06:21:01 AM (GMT)
It had been poreing for and hour befor they reached the border.They stopped to
   "We have to get her tonight.
    "No we stay here and retreav her in the morning." Ike said.Befor Ezra could
protest they all sprang up at the rusle in the bushes.
    Gust Fidel Hali and Ira stood shoulder to shoulder.
    "Didn't think we were gonna let you guys have all the fun now did you?" asked
Ira.She walked to Ika and nuzzled his neck.Ika and Luna were like her own
parents.They had raised her when her own parents had died in an attepted camp raid
from Lunar pack.
    "No i dont supose i did.Didn't expect you guys to make sutch good time tho."He
said laying down beside Luna.She begain to groom his big head.
     "We left almost right after you." Said Gust. Fidel wasn't paying mutch
attition.He was focused on Ira.She sat at the edg of the small clearing they had
chosen.He moved toward her and touched her shoulder lightly.At the touch a bright
vision flashed into both of their heads.

   They we sitting side-by-side and a small litter of pups slept in a warm nest.It
smelled of both of them.So did the pups.The 5 pups looked like little minatures of
their parents mixed.Gray pelts with their mothers red fur mixed into it.As one pup
let out a tiny cry the vision faded and they stood together both panting.
   "Did you...." Ira nodded and looked away.She could almost have wept with joy when
she had seen the litter of pups snuggled up in Fidels nest.Their nest."Do you...."Ira
turned and looked at Fidel all her feelings mixed into her eyes."I...Oh"He looked
down at his paws."I didn't think that you......I"He growled in frustration.She stood
and turned her red coat darkend by the rain.She gently liked Fidels muzzle.He sighed
and licked hers back.
At the sound of raised voices they both turned to see Ike and Ezra stand Paw to Paw
their hackles raised.As the medicin wolves they should help resolve the matter.Fidel
stepped up and between the two wolves.
    "Ok whats the problem?" he asked and pointed at Ike.
    "Ezra wants to go off after Zora now.He doesn't want to wait for morning When the
storm has gone."
    "Do you realy think the storm is going to pass over untill we get Zora back?"He
asked.Ika was silent. "Just let me go.I might be able to get her back and their wont
be any bloodshed." 
    "Ike its a good idea." said Fidel.Ira nodded.
    "Fine.But dont get yourself caught."He nodded at Ezra then turned.It felt like he
was loseing two children at once.
     Ezra heard these thoughts and walked over to him and rubbed his black head
against Ikes Gray one."Ill be back.......Father."
     "Make sure you do." Ike said as his heart and pride in his Adopted son soard.

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   29 May 2008   517216  
Cool!Can it b any beter?


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