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The PrologueCategory: Story
Sunday, 25 May 2008
01:40:17 AM (GMT)
A/N: Since this story doesn't get much attention on the other sites, I'm
just gunna stick it in here and see what happens. Please tell me if you like it
because I will not update at all if no one likes it. Really, I don't work on it much
because I have no incentive to. I have no problems with just leaving this


On the planet of Alucrant, there is a region by the name of Harrago. This region
is split between 12 different kingdoms by the names of the 12 zodiac signs of the
west. In the early days of the world there were elemental spirits called Zirns. Now,
there are scarce few that remain and even those are quite elusive. But, if you are
pure of soul, one may come to you of its own will. No Zirns have been seen since
289K.R. (Karma Release) but, occasional freak weather incidents tell us that they are
still around. 

The Karma Release is an event that most believe to have born the Zirns. Scientist
speculate that beneath the ground of Alucrant, the land is divided into elemental
hotspots. These hotspots were all open to the sky at one point in history. The Karma
Release was when all the hotspots were open at once and the planet was a large
rotating sphere of elemental energy. Each Zirn came from a different part of the
world, a different piece of elemental energy. They were said to be very wise and many
of the early leaders had Zirns as advisors but, they began to abuse the Zirn’s

The Zirn supposedly held a meeting on 45th, Lumcarn. In this meeting, they discussed
how the humans were getting pushy and if they should leave or not. They had the power
to travel to different planets and contemplated going to another world altogether.
But, in the end they decided to give the humans one more chance. The Zirns instead
hid themselves away in the most extreme natural barriers: volcanoes, humongous
mountains, deep within the ocean, tropical forests in far away lands, and the like.
Many have- 

Leon’s Gemini history professor’s voice rang through his head, “Okay, class, you can
close your books and pack up your possessions.” Even though he was the heir to the
throne, Leon was forced to go to a private school instead of having a tutor like he
had had previously. Seeing that, as per usual, the teacher had called to them about
20 minutes earlier than the bell. Searching through his bag rewarded him with a book
he had used to learn the months and the days of the week when he had been little.
Flipping to the first page, he read:

†Let’s Learn the Months!†

~‡ One year is equal to 604 days.
Kileecarn- 48 days
Aqircarn-47 days
Tingcarn-48 days
Lumcarn-46 days
Phyrircarn-44 days
Jaycarn-50 days
Dyqwancarn-48 days
Nirncarn-48 days
Xestcarn-47 days
Gomsacarn-49 days
Helikcarn-51 days
Foncarn-46 days
Zirncarn-32 days ‡~

◦Let’s Learn the Days of the Week!◦
-◘ One week is equal to 7 days.
Featherday ◘-

Just as he finished rereading the already natural knowledge, the bell for home rung
and he was off. Leon rushed through the packed halls of the school. Though he knew
they were packed, he never had any problem navigating them. The other children
usually got out of his way. This school was one of the most well-known and one of the
bet schools in the region. Because of this, there were other signs besides the Leo
roaming the halls. Not expecting anyone to be in his way, he tripped over a girl with
red highlights in her light brown hair. She was scantily dressed and Leon stopped to
wonder if that was against school policy. 

“I’m so sorry. I hadn’t seen you there.” He said, offering her a hand. The others in
the hallway abruptly halted and gasped at the action. Leos were notoriously proud,
after all.

“Oh well, what will be, will be,” she responded. Her skin was slightly darkened and
her hair was about to mid back. “Thanks for helping me up, though. Some people just
bump into you and keep going. Hey, you're the prince, huh?”

"Well, yes. I have to get going now, if you don't mind. It was nice meeting you." he
walked down the stairs and towards the large towers to the east. To his home, the

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