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Kingdom Hearts DoujinshiCategory: Summer Project
Monday, 19 May 2008
10:58:25 PM (GMT)
Okay, so a friend of mine proposed we do a doujinshi this summer to sharpen our art
skills. I said, "Yeah that's cool, but do you think we'll actually finish something
like this? It's a pretty big project." She just smirks at me and laughs...

There are about 4 of us actually doing this project. What I would really appreciate
is if anyone could suggest topics or things you'd like to see in the Kingdom Hearts
doujinshi. It could be plot, characters, themes, etc. We're kinda in need of a good
plot. *sweatdrops* 

This is what we've thought of so far...


We start off where Kingdom Hearts II leaves off; Sora is finally reunited with Riku
and Kairi on Destiny Islands and they receive that mysterious note from King Mickey.
The letter tells of a new discovery-other worlds besides the ones related to Disney
have reported strange sightings of 'hooded figures' roaming around. Mickey wants to
conjugate a meeting to discuss this rising phenomenon. So Sora and the gang take the
gummi ship to Disney Castle for a meeting and there they find that a portal has been
discovered in the Underworld of Olympus Coliseum that could possibly lead to other

Before this all happens though, Riku gets a nightmare the night before they get the
king's note. In his dream he sees the reoccurring outline of Ansem (the heartless)
heading to Radiant Garden. He's slowly making his way to the center of the city and
types on a computer in the center of the room (if you played Final Mix +, it's that
room where you can fight all XIII member copies), making it look like he was
uploading a virus to the system. The members of Organization XIII are seen before him
and Riku wakes up in a sweat...

That's all we got! >_< All suggestions are appreciated and I would LOVE incorporating
other people's ideas. I think my friends are looking for the more popular ones, but
hey. Anything will do for now. =D 

Many thanks ahead~!!

desu says:   20 May 2008   964198  
.........I like the story so far........*evil smirk*
lol, Ansem....ah..priceless XD
DesolateRoxy says :   10 January 2009   878232  
Heh I cant wait till ish finished,finish it!I'm so excited.


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