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Tuesday, 6 May 2008
10:07:07 PM (GMT)
I'm craving a fill out quiz, so here we go. Stolen from Bootheghost. - ~ - ~ - ~ - [HIGH CLASS] [ ] You go tanning. [ ] You own something from Prada [ ] You own something from Coach [ ] You own something from Juicy Couture [ ] You own something from Louis Vuitton [x] You own an iPod / MP3 [x] You love Starbucks. [ ] You have been called a brat. [ ] You own more than 7 pairs of shoes [ ] You hate buying things that are on sale TOTAL: 2 [GOTH] [x] Black is one of your favorite colors. {It looks good with other colors.} [ ] You wear chains. [ ] You like heavy metal. [x] You understand that Marilyn Manson is not goth... Just crazy. [x] You've shopped at Hot Topic. [ ] You have worn black lipstick . [x] Your hair was/is dark. [ ] You dislike preps. [ ] You have piercings. TOTAL: 4 [PUNK] [ ] You can skateboard. [ ] You wear plaid. [x] You have Converse. [ ] You hate MTV. [x] You have/HAD blue, pink, red, purple, or green hair. [ ] You love skater boys/girls. [ ] You hate preps. [x] You love loud music. [x] You wear tight pants. {Skinny Jeans?} TOTAL: 4 [EMO] [ ] You are depressed sometimes [ ] You have black-rimmed glasses. [ ] You like the band Thursday [ ] You cry easily. [ ] You hate being called emo. [x] You have written a sad poem TOTAL : 1 [GHETTO/GANGSTA] [x] You like rap [ ] You are in a gang/ rep [ ] You wear rubber bands on your pants. [x] You swear a lot. [ ] You have worn a grill. [ ] You have had a free styling contest. [ ] You have worn Converse with the tongue flipped out [ ] You use slang so much its hard to understand you TOTAL : 2 [STRAIGHTEDGE] [x] You like loud music [ ] You loved the Ninja Turtles [ ] You never walk anywhere. [ ] You wear slip-on shoes. [ ] You love Norma Jean. [x] You wear band T-shirts. [ ] People have called you a freak and meant it [x] Your hair has been dyed more than one color. TOTAL: 3 [PREP] [x] You love The OC. {Well no shit, it's an awesome show.} [ ] Your usual outfits consist of pink. [ ] You like buying shoes. [x] You shop at AE, HOLLISTER, A&F.ETC. {Just a few things at AE.} [ ] You love to shop. [x] You love jeans. [ ] Getting your nails done is a fun thing. [ ] You wear big sunglasses. TOTAL : 3 Athletic [x] You own track shoes or cleats other sports related shoes. [ ] You collect your jerseys [ ] You have/had a special shelf for trophies and awards. [ ] You have/had posters or plaques of famous athletes. [x] Your garage/shed consists of sports equipment. [x] You belong/belonged to a school team. [ ] You are going/did go to a sports summer program. [ ] You have/had a specific number preferred for your jersey. TOTAL : 3 [SCENE] [ ] You wear bows in your hair [x] You like mardi gras beads, pearls and plastic beads [x] You have at least 3 shirts with tiny designs all through the shirt [x] You part your hair to the side [x] You think polka dots are cute. [ ] You have shopped at Charlotte Russe [x] You have done a peace sign while you pose for a picture [ ] You've been called scene before TOTAL: 5 [REDNECK] [ ] You've gone four wheeling [ ] You've gone hunting [ ] You owned a four wheeler or dirt bike [ ] Ate/Eat deer [ ] Ever said GIT-R-DONE [ ] Ever owned or rented a blue collar comedy movie [ ] You have drove a four-wheeler in to a tree [ ] Have listened to the song redneck woman TOTAL: 0 - - - Scene? Alright then.

xExotic says:   6 May 2008   359166  
Redneck woman is a FKIN SEXY SONG.
No. It's not actually.
But it's 'kay.
ParisBANGBANG says:   6 May 2008   375455  
Olive: Never heard it. o_o"
mewmewichigo says:   7 May 2008   357132  
I'm goth o_o
xExotic says:   7 May 2008   726568  
Meh... I find Scenes cool to look at *^*
‹ShutUpOrIllEatYou› says:   7 May 2008   617469  
I'm Scene too apparently ^^
ParisBANGBANG says :   7 May 2008   186977  
Mai Little Ichigo: You... are not gothic at all. xD
Olive: 'Scene hair' is pretty. : )
Katteh: Whoot!


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