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Mine and Lexxie's Crazy IM-ing.Category: (general)
Thursday, 3 April 2008
12:41:12 AM (GMT)
Me and Lexx 

 10:01:12 PM    omgjessy911: Haii.
 10:01:30 PM    sherlocklex: Hiya :D
 10:02:44 PM    omgjessy911: I am now a Tokio Hotel fanactic. I have been listening
to Scream fer 30 minutes and dancing in my mirror dancing like a crazy drunk
 10:02:56 PM    sherlocklex: ..Alright then.
 10:03:22 PM    omgjessy911: Have yew ever heard the song Scream by Tokio Hotel?
 10:03:50 PM    sherlocklex: Nope. I don't like Tokio Hotel.
 10:04:06 PM    omgjessy911: O.O Yew crazy? I keel yew!
 10:04:22 PM    sherlocklex: Sorry, I just don't like them.
 10:04:53 PM    omgjessy911: Bill is ze sexiiest man on earth, though. MY opinion.
 10:05:35 PM    omgjessy911: I know zat yooh love Dane.
 10:06:02 PM    sherlocklex: ..I love a lot of guys, but Bill isn't even on the list
xD; SoZ.
 10:06:28 PM    omgjessy911: He's fisrt on my listy. xD
 10:06:49 PM    omgjessy911: *first
 10:07:00 PM    sherlocklex: You'll grow tired of him soon. .___.
 10:07:11 PM    omgjessy911: Nah...
 10:07:50 PM    omgjessy911: This time I won't. I have been obsessed with celebs a
lot of times. This time it's fer real. xD
 10:07:55 PM    omgjessy911: Hopefully.
 10:08:16 PM    sherlocklex: Eh.
 10:08:48 PM    omgjessy911: You commented on my diary and said he's kinda sexii.
 10:09:15 PM    sherlocklex: Yus, but just because I say someone's sexy don't mean I
like them. xD; Hell, I think Justin Timberlake is sexy, but I hate him.
 10:09:43 PM    omgjessy911: Justin T is ugly. I kinda like his music, tho.
 10:10:10 PM    sherlocklex: I think he WAS sexy like back in his Nsync days. The
only song I like by him is "Sexyback".
 10:10:38 PM    omgjessy911: Yesh, that is true. You've made a point.
 10:10:56 PM    sherlocklex: I loved Joey back then, tho. .___.;
 10:11:26 PM    omgjessy911: Blehh...:-$
 10:12:03 PM    sherlocklex: Lmao xD What? I have a weird taste in guys. You can tell
that from the fact I'm dating Alex. J/k.
 10:12:29 PM    omgjessy911: I've seen Alex's pic. What's so weird 'bout him?
 10:12:50 PM    sherlocklex: ..His personality. o.o We really DO make the perfect
 10:13:24 PM    omgjessy911: I wanna be a vampninja~
 10:13:52 PM    sherlocklex: Now I miss Alex. .__.; I wonder if he'll let me call him
 10:14:09 PM    omgjessy911: Isn't Aley a girl name?
 10:14:18 PM    omgjessy911: Hmm, make meh wonder...
 10:14:36 PM    sherlocklex: Aley is short for Alex. xD; Yus, it's usually for a
 10:15:00 PM    omgjessy911: I think I'm gonna put this chat as a diary entry on
Kupika. xD
 10:15:29 PM    sherlocklex: Orly nao?xD
 10:15:46 PM    omgjessy911: Ch'yeah.
 10:16:07 PM    sherlocklex: Yay :'D I must say something interesting xD....But
 10:16:37 PM    omgjessy911: Idk, um how about "hello" That's really interesting.
 10:16:40 PM    omgjessy911: Lmao~
 10:16:54 PM    sherlocklex: HELLO! I'm drawing nakie peoples. o.o; Yikes.
 10:17:14 PM    omgjessy911: O.O That's really disturbing. x]
 10:17:31 PM    sherlocklex: Sorry. But they were doll bases. Dx
 10:18:21 PM    omgjessy911: Oh really, prove it.....
 10:18:30 PM    sherlocklex: I'll screenshot it. .___.;
 10:18:40 PM    sherlocklex: Wait, my picture or the picture I was copying from?
 10:19:02 PM    sherlocklex: The poses I mean xD
 10:19:28 PM    omgjessy911: Your picture, er...no both!
 10:19:50 PM    sherlocklex: I'm not done with picture yet tho... ;x;
 10:21:36 PM    omgjessy911: Mkay.
 10:21:46 PM    sherlocklex: ..It's so stupid looking xD
 10:22:15 PM    omgjessy911: So, I wanna see it.
 10:22:58 PM    sherlocklex: SO?: o Yer not gonna put this in yer diary are yew?xD
 10:23:21 PM    omgjessy911: Maybe...
 10:23:32 PM    omgjessy911: Just email the screenshot to meh, then.
 10:24:02 PM    sherlocklex: Noo
 10:24:14 PM    omgjessy911: Whyy?
 10:24:22 PM    sherlocklex: It looks stupid.
 10:24:53 PM    omgjessy911: So, I don't care. I draw even stupider things.
 10:25:22 PM    omgjessy911: Like meh robot/lady thing. Barbie body, robot head.
 10:25:55 PM    sherlocklex: ...It's Alex&I and it looks stupid Dx
 10:26:29 PM    omgjessy911: Aw, fine don't show meh. I wont show yew my robot/lady
 10:26:42 PM    sherlocklex: ....But it's rly stupid. Dx
 10:27:01 PM    omgjessy911: Fine, don't show meh.
 10:27:25 PM    omgjessy911: I have to go anyway because...HOLY CRAP, I missed Family
 10:27:32 PM    sherlocklex: damn..
 10:27:56 PM    omgjessy911: Eh, I'll watch George Lopez instead.
 10:28:00 PM    sherlocklex: IT GOT DELETED!
 10:28:12 PM    omgjessy911: SRSLY?
 10:28:16 PM    sherlocklex: YUS!
 10:28:35 PM    omgjessy911: Dx
 10:28:40 PM    sherlocklex: ..*Cries&
 10:28:42 PM    sherlocklex: **
 10:28:46 PM    omgjessy911: -pats shoulder-
 10:29:04 PM    omgjessy911: It'll be alright, yew can always draw another one.
 10:29:10 PM    sherlocklex: No, I can't.
 10:29:46 PM    omgjessy911: Well, um...I have to go.
 10:29:48 PM    omgjessy911: Byee~
 10:29:59 PM    omgjessy911: This is going right on Kupika.
 10:30:05 PM    sherlocklex: Damn.
 10:30:14 PM    omgjessy911: Bye?
 10:31:10 PM    omgjessy911: I'm gonna log off now...

We were messanging on Yahoo.
Lexx got her picture deleted. Dx
Last edited: 3 April 2008

‹voiceofageneration.› says:   3 April 2008   811279  
*Deletes the nakie people part* xD
I wanna call Alex Aley really badly!
I'll ask him for realz. xD;
JessyZeDoomThing says :   3 April 2008   696553  
Then call him Aley, don't let meh ruin your relationship.


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