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my first story.Category: (general)
Thursday, 20 March 2008
09:33:08 PM (GMT)
Hi every one im just going to tell you a story i rote at my aunts . I was ther for
the week lol

Meagyan is a 14 year old elf. She has been taking care of herselffor abour 5 years.
When she was younge ther was a terinle acident and her perants were killed and ther
was nothing she could do. So since she was bout 9 she has learned how to take care of
herself. When she was younge she jained powers. But she didnt know how to control
them and when she got nad or upset she would loos control and do teranle things with
them. She has been known to burn downbuilding s or freeze intire rivers. Or one time
a boy was insulting her and she got so mad he just exploded into a million pieces and
another sorsere had to put him back together so they could hald the funeral. She felt
so bad.

She cryed for weeks . And eversince kids wouldnt even dare get near her. Even some of
the teachers were scareed of her. Even some of her own family was scared of her . But
her perants never gave up on her. So her perants got her a spevial tutor. Hopfuly
that this enchantris coudl help her control these unone powers. But on day when she
got home her perants were arguing and she got mad and tryed to end it. THEN they
ended up yellin at her then they all were in this bigh argumin tso she just yelled
and screemed her head off. Ran up the stares and startedf chanting to herself (  i
wish they woudl just dissaper) over and over she said this. Then finally ther was a
big burst of lite . So she went down the stairs and the they were GONE.

She didnt know what to do. So she started  to freek out. She ran all over the elf
kingdom. But even though she searched all nigh she never foun them. She went  home
and cralled up in her perants bed. And cryed all night and the next day. She didnt go
to her leasom that day so her teacher came to her. SHE came to see what was wrong but
couldnt find her perants or her. SO she checked outside in the garden and ther she
was just sitting ther. She went to her and asked what was wrong. So she told her that
she killed her own perants. THE teacher was terified. Neather of htm know what to do.
So the teacher said dont worry hunny you can come live with me we can bring all your
stuff. I can teach you how to control you powers and together we can find you
perants. What do you say hunny? SHE Just looked at her and shook her head and said no
mam.Im leaving . All i do is kill people or hurt some one. Its best that i just leave
and learn how to control my self. So that was all and she was gone. 

Ever since she has been taking care of herself. WHAT she did was build her self a
house up in the trees and has stayed ther ever since .She tryed not to use her powerw
to much. For fear that she would do somthing stuped. But now that is one of the ways
she has taken care of herself fo these past years. She would travel all the time to
so many dfferint plaves and tryed to find her perants. But so far she has had no luck
in finding them . Ther are cery few plaves she can go to look for her peranst. so she
sends out animal with magic letters just in case she is close to them hopin g they
would see ie. But everday so that her tutor and friend doesnt get worryed she would
send her a letter everyweek on a white dove.

That is how she has lived for these long years . Send th whole time she has had no
contact with any tipe of human. The only friends she has out in the wild would  be
the animal amd magical creaturs. They help her  with alot of things she has trouble
Like her powers .

purpleprincess says:   21 March 2008   563452  
Hey its courtney. U told me to read this and tell u wat i think. I
think that it is very interesting.....i was gonna stop readin it for a
wile but i just couldnt so i liked it 
Genieinabottle says:   22 March 2008   266288  
ow thank god. Im trying to cumup with more. But so many differint
ideas are poping up i cant choose one. lol
XxShanolaCashxX says:   16 April 2008   173559  
very interesting indeed
Genieinabottle says :   17 April 2008   921922  
ow thank you. im glad you like it . lol 


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