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Tokio Road Chapter One; Part 2Category: (general)
Monday, 17 March 2008
04:21:24 PM (GMT)
I'm really sorry. I just noticed now that part of the chapter got cut off when I
posted it XD

Here's where you left off :3 -

He turned back to her with a red face and was now more ticked than ever. "Why you
little weasel..." He walked back over to the edge with Shan'ni still in his grip.
"Let's see how this feels!" He put her over the railing, and began to let go.
"SHAN'NI!" Kino burst threw the door and ran full speed to the edge, just to see the
huge man let go of Shan'ni's shirt. Hearing Shan'ni's scream, he did what he had to
do. "Hold on!" He immediately leapt over the railing as well, reaching for Shan'ni as
he fell head first. Shan'ni saw this, and reached her hand out as well. As they
reached the top floor window, Kino got a hold of her, and held her tight against his
body. "Shan'ni, just do as I say, and maybe we'll both get through this." He felt her
nod as they fell closer and closer to the ground, while everyone watched in fear.
"Now, Shan'ni, grab the street light and thrust forward!" Shan'ni had no choice but
to do what he said. She wanted to live. In a second, she saw the street light,
grabbed it, and thrust herself forward with all her might following Kino. His plan
now made sense, and Shan'ni looked, their bodies were heading straight for the pond.
"Brace yourself!" She heard him yell. Being in touching distance, she grabbed onto
Kino's body, and he put his arms around her to shield her as the both fell into the
pond. There was a big splash, but no one came up.
"Kino, Shan'ni!-" The rest of the group had gotten their just in time to see their
companions hit the water. The gang that had done that to them sat there laughing
their heads off. "Hey, two birds with one stone!" Sai looked over, and noticed that
they had dropped their guns. Quick as a flash, he got over there and pinned them all
against the wall. "Hey, what do you think you're doing, big guy?!" Realizing that
their guns were gone they stayed quiet. The twins now held their guns to them, and
they held their hands in the air. "How dare you!-" Toemi had clicked the gun, and was
ready to shoot, but he was interrupted. "Freeze!-" The cops had just now arrived, and
they bared guns of their own. One of them put a hand on Toemi's shoulder, and he
looked up. "We'll take it from here, boys, but nice job keeping them here." They went
up and cuffed the gang, and half of the cops went back down to the campus. The other
half stayed up when the heard Toemi scream. "What about Kino and Shan'ni?! Those
bastards threw them off the roof!" He threw the gun aside and pointed to where they
landed. "Well, I don't see any corpses in the concrete; at least they landed in
water." Kumi was now crying. "But, they didn't come out of the water yet! They landed
in there a minute ago!" He sobbed and Sai bent down to comfort and embrace him. The
police officer sighed, "We can only do what we can…I can't guarantee on anything."
Kino's eyes opened up in the water, he thought: We made it, Shan'ni! Wait, Shan'ni,
where is she? He frantically looked around in the water for a sight of her. There! He
spotted Shan'ni floating, but her pants were stuck to a twig and he could tell she
was loosing breathe. He quickly swam over to her, and got her unstuck. He looked up
at Shan'ni's face and one last bubble came out of it. He grimaced, and swam as
quickly as he could to the surface with Shan'ni against him. As they both reached the
surface, you heard two loud gasps for breathe, and many more after that. Everyone was
gathered around the pond, including the cops and paramedics. Kino caught his breathe
once more and swam to shore still holding Shan'ni. As he walked onto the ground, his
legs wobbled, and he held Shan'ni in his arms. When he reached the crowd, all he
heard around him was cheering and rooting. "Look, look, they're alive!" Even people
from off of the campus came to see what the fuss was about, including families, and
boys and girls from other schools close by. "Amazing!-" They all cheered and roared
until they saw Kino's face as he looked at Shan'ni. "Young man, let us help you.
We'll take your friend…he doesn't seem to be responding." Kino let the paramedic
rap a towel around his body. But he wouldn't let them take him to a hospital, not
yet. "I need to see Shan'ni…to see if he's going to be ok." The paramedics
understood and let him watch as they gave Shan'ni CPR. "One. Two. Three!" At the
third try, Shan'ni finally coughed up all the water and began breathing again." When
she regained vision, she saw many paramedics surrounding her. But one stood out.
Kino… He smiled at her and said, "Knew no friend of mine was going to push up
daisies." He winked at her, and then Shan'ni noticed all the paramedic faces were
being replaced by ones she was glad to see.  Kumi, Kauru, Toemi, Koemi, Sai… She
then smiled too, and got up to see everyone. One by one people were coming and
greeting Kino and Shan'ni. They both smiled, but just couldn't wait for all the
publicity to be over. Kino and Shan'ni looked up at the roof to see just how close to
death they really were. But, all in all, the most affected was Shan'ni. She'll never
forget how Kino risked his own life to save hers.
	Finally, all of them got to leave the campus and go home. It was sunset, and the
whole group was standing at the gate with Shan'ni. They all just gazed at each other
for a moment, but Shan'ni cut the silence. "Thank you, all of you." She gave them a
simple smile that had so many words to it. They smiled back. Shan'ni laughed softly a
bit. "Well, I'll be going home now, I suppose." She was turning around when she felt
someone grab her shoulder. She turned around. "Kino!" He gave a sweet smile. "How
about I walk you home, princess?" Shan'ni laughed at his attempt at Prince Charming,
but she agreed to it anyway. "Hey, I want to go too!" Toemi and Koemi said at the
same time. They turned to each other angrily for saying the exact same thing the
other had. Then Kumi protested. "Me too, me too!-" He skipped up to Shan'ni and
grabbed her hand. He started leading her away, and everyone had ended up following.
Kino got caught up in his self again and whined, "Kumi, you took my move!" 
	They had all got into Shan'ni's neighborhood. It was dark; no one was out when the
street lights were on. The boys looked around. Shan'ni swore she heard one of them
make the remark, "Hmm, commoner neighborhood. Interesting..."  She rolled her eyes at
that, but just kept walking. Finally, they reached a small two member family home. It
had a white picket fence with a garden that was all too welcoming. But something was
strange; the front door was wide open. It wasn't supposed to be that way. Shan'ni
stopped in her tracks, and started to get that same frightening feeling as when she
was falling off of a three story building. The guys stopped as well, and looked at
Shan'ni. She slowly started to move towards her home. "Shan'ni, did you leave the
door open?" Kauru asked. She didn't answer. As she reached the door way, and looked
into her home, everything seemed normal. She was relived, all until she stepped into
the living room. "No..."
Last edited: 27 April 2008

music_lova says:   17 March 2008   847349  
yeah awesome! :D
no what? tell me!
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   17 March 2008   314817  
XD Haha, you shall have to wait and seeeee~ ;3
‹~[Athazagoraphobia]~› says:   18 March 2008   166565  
write more thats all i can say its so good! and you stopped at a
really good point!
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   18 March 2008   434321  
Thank you so much, really :3
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   18 March 2008   621559  
oh my gosh! Please write more. I love this so much!
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   18 March 2008   256964  
Thank you >w<

You guys make me feel like this is all worth it :3
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   24 March 2008   189154  
I order you to finish it. Do it or else. Nahh, just kidding.
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   24 March 2008   794114  
Haha xD
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   26 March 2008   289338  
You stopped at a cliff-hanger! I must find out what's next. *-*
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says :   27 March 2008   781686  
Buwaha >D


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