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Wednesday, 12 March 2008
03:58:08 PM (GMT)
Stealed from ParisBANGBANG 

= About Me =

Name: Katia.
Nicknames: Katteh, Katteh-Munsta, The Munster, Rainbow Pac Man. xD
Eye colour: Bluey Greeny. xD
Hair colour: Blonde with neon green and hot pink streaks. xD
Favourite colours: Black, silver, hot pink, neon colours, rainbowesc. ^^
Favourite music: Rock?
Current Favourite band: Erm, old rock bands. xD
Current Favourite Film: ??
Favourite show: Doctor Who Series 2. ^^
Birthday: Feb 27th.
Birth Town: Liverpool.
Present Town: Liverpool.
Screenname: Katia14.

= Random =

 = Do you =

Own your house: No. 	
Have any pets: No.
Have any siblings: Little and twin sister.
Have a Boyfriend: Yesh.
Have a crush: Duh. ^
Have a Best Friend: Yes.
Own a TV: In my room, Oui.
Have Boobs: Err, yesh.
Sleep naked: No.
Sleep walk/talk: Talk. xD

= Have you ever =

Sat in gum: No. xD
Been kissed in the rain: Yeppers.	
Danced in public: Uh yeahhh!.
Smiled for no reason: Yeah.
Laughed so hard you cried: Yep. ^^	
Pee'd your pants: Nope.
Written a song: Yeah.
Sung in the shower: Uhh huh.
Performed on stage: Yes. 	
Talked on the phone for more than 6 hours: Probably. xD	
Gone out of your way to make a new friend: Yeah.	
Made out in a Theatre: Cinema's...
Gone rollerskating since 8th grade: Uh no.
Been in love: Yeah.
Looked in the mirror every time you passed it: Erm, yeah.
Kissed your mum in public: Yes.	
Held your dad's hand when you were scared: No.
Tripped someone right after you helped them off of the floor: Yep. :D
= Who was the last person who =
Said hi to you: My cousin. 	
Kissed you: My little sister.
Hugged you: Emma.
Told you they loved you: My mum. 	
Said Fuck You, Bitch: Noone. xD
Wrote you a note: My friend from school.
Took your picture: Me. ^^
You called: Sara.
Called you: Lucie.
Went to the cinema with you: Sara & Lucie & Emma & Josie & Katie	
Sang to you: Katie... in the cinema XD	
IMed you: Sara
You wrote a poem to: I don't write poems.
= What's the last... =
Time you cried: Today.
Time you laughed: Dunno, today though. xD
Book you read: New Moon by Stephenie Meyer.
Food you ate: Choco chip cookies.
Flavour of gum you chewed: Minty Fresh. ^^	
Shoes your wore: Converse.
Store you went in: ASDA. :D	
Thing you said: ASDA. xD
Time you looked at the time: 19:53.
Film you watched: Bring It On 3.
Joke you told: I dunno. 
Song you sang: Erm, IDK.

= Can you =

Write with both hands: Yes. 	
Whistle: Yes.	
Blow a bubble with gum: Yes. 	
Cross your eyes: Yep.	
Touch your tongue to your nose: No. 	
Dance: Yes.	
Stay up all night without any sleep: Yes.
Speak a different language: Uh huh.
Impersonate someone: Yes.	
Prank call people: Eurrrh, No Comment ^^	
Make a card house: No.
Sing: Yes.	
Love: Yes.
Say your ABC's backwards: No.
Hop on one foot & keep your balance: Yeah.

= Finish the line =
If i were a: Pink Panda Bear	
-- I'd: Hide Behind A Pink Tree
My Best Friend is: Upside Down
So many people don't know that: I have a little sister.
My Boyfriend is: Eurgh ^^ Only joking. He's... nice xD

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