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Weird Story (SO RANDOM - You've Been Warned)Category: Story
Wednesday, 5 March 2008
01:00:45 PM (GMT)
Short, random story.
Characters = Anna, Danii, Katie and Louise (Teenage girls)

"What cha doing after school today?" asked Danii, picking up her school bag and
starting to walk. Anna, Katie and Louise followed her.
"Nothing, I don't think," Louise said. "Hey, shall we take a shortcut through the
woods today?"
The others shrugged but agreed. It would be quicker that way.
As they were halfway through, they heard some faint music in the background. It was a
really old pop song. It started to get louder and the girls recognised it - Cheeky
Girls. Anna sniggered. "Oh my God, who listens to that kind of music anymore?"
The other girls laughed.
Suddenly, a man jumped in front of them. All the girls screamed.
"Oi, don't be scared," said the man in a really chavvy voice. He was wearing a
leopard skin tarzan-like outfit that only just covered his parts.
Katie was trying not to laugh.
"What the f*** are you meant to be?" asked Louise, putting her hands on her hips.
The man just laughed. "No questions! Just DANCE!"
The music was really loud now. Disco lights shone through the trees and the man
started dancing and singing really crazily.
"VE ARE ZE CHEEKY GIRLS!" the man sung, in a German accent.
"Woah, let's get out of here," said Danii, backing up. The girls followed her.
They tried to run but lots of people jumped down from the trees in a circle around
them. They were wearing leopard skin underwear and nothing else. They were all
dancing to the music.
Some of the people from school (like the cheerleaders) came through the circle in
leopard skin cheerleading uniform and started dancing too. They tried to make the
girls dance too but they just pulled away.
"DANCE VIV US!" screamed the most popular cheerleader. It wasn't her normal voice.
"No thanks," said Louise, backing away. The cheerleaders got scissors and started
cutting at the girls' outfits. Suddenly, their school uniform turned to leopard skin
underwear and the cheerleaders purred like cats.
The man and the dancers laughed. "BRING IN MORE DANSERS!" he shouted, and more men in
exactly the same outfits as him came into the circle. They were all singing loudly.
The cheerleaders purred like cats again and moved in closer to the girls. Anna,
Danii, Katie and Louise screamed. The cheerleaders pulled at their new leopard skin
underwear, trying to get it off. Louise's top ripped and she slapped the cheerleader,
causing her to fall back against a tree. She just giggled, purred again and got back
up to try and rip the clothes off.
The cheerleaders and dancers suddenly ripped off all their clothes and started
dancing wildly around the girls in a circle. The cheerleaders backed up and joined in
the circle.
Louise, Danii, Anna and Katie blinked at exactly the same time and the second their
eyes were open again - there was nothing.
No sign of any man, dancers or cheerleaders.
"What happened?" asked Louise.
The other girls stared at her. "Huh? Nothing happened."

‹fefexfatality› says:   5 March 2008   837821  
you weren't kidding when you said random
Dragonfly01 says:   6 March 2008   516151  


...Im gonna start thinking about that in Math, and start
laughing...out loud.
Omg, i can picture it now )))
Haha :D
‹yeahitsLEIGH♥› says:   9 March 2008   788921  
Lol thanks x
cornelia_101 says:   13 March 2008   383166  
OMG!! this stoory is cool! actually!
better than random!!!
Ashleighxx says:   11 May 2008   263571  
You Really Like Writing Stories..
Ashleighxx says :   15 May 2008   755949  
And your good at it


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