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Huge huge survey DX my fingers hurt soooo badlyCategory: (general)
Saturday, 2 February 2008
07:29:17 PM (GMT)
The Basics 


Pumpkin, Orange chocolate, Hol (only to close friends and family) and Finger-Toy-Boy
(Superhero name XD)

22nd april

Eye Color  
Light blue/grey :| People always get confused apprently they look really bright in
the shade o__o

Hair Color  
When my hair is straightened, it looks blonde
Normally...i'd say copper coloured, red-ish according to Emma ^ ^ 

5ft 4

English wait is this your blood as well...o.o
Um, Italian, German, Irish and English then...^_^;

Catholic BLEHH

Single or Taken?  

I'd love 2 little biteholes on my neck XD that'd be fun to explain to anyone who
attemped kissing my neck


1, Jobo hobo

T_T Dead on my 10th birthday

Righty or Lefty?  
I happen to know a very good fact about males according to which hand they use

Best Friend  
Emma Emmie Emica :D

Zodiac Sign  
Taurus ze bull o_o

How would you describe yourself?  
Uh...quiet-ish, sarcastic,

What is your Dream Job?  
Mother can be a job XD And midwife

Do you play any instruments?  
*nods* trumbone, i tried to learn how ot play guitar a year or 2 ago, but since iwas
left-handed they turned me away ¬_¬

XD Hobbies....none i do whatever i feel like

To make other people happy and be a good person! X3

What types of books/magazines do you read?  
Romance, comedy, sci-fi, manga, one or 2 action and horror here and there...

Some of Your Favorite Stuff 
Friends, animals, music, laughter, the rain

Blue, orange or black 8D

Sport to Play  

Sport to Watch  
NONE >_<

School Subject (if any)  
Art, or Food Technology or English if we get to write stories (Highest in class
boo-yah X3)

Type of Music  
Rock, classical, punk all good ^ ^ 

Place to Visit  
...Babies clothes shop >_>; i just like the SMELL ok?!

Ghost perfume for women i wear it sometimes.
And's perfume makes my nose twitch.

Chocolate milkshake, coffee, cranberry juice or hot chocolate 

Chicken pasta pesto X3 (Mum's cooking is so good)

The lion king, The incredibles, Bridget Jones' Diary.

TV Show  
Friends or Mock the week (I'm Phobe XD Smelly cat smelly catttttt)
Phobe is the one singing and playing the guitar

Hm...Um...Matthew Perry, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Reese Witherspoon...i got more
but i just can't think of them

Autumn or spring X3 ooooooooooooh all the flowers and then changes in the trees it's

Day day of the week to dream X3

Holy inferiority complex!!!

Green day, Nightwish, Simple plan, porcelain and the tramps


hm...too tough, i'm your favourite drug, Planet hell, The hell song...too many...@_@

Vanentines day sucks so badly i wanna marry it to its cousins or an underage child

RUSSEL HOWARD X3 lalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa he's so cute and funny

Have You Ever... 

Been Drunk?  
Nope, i don't like to drink it's illegal also unless your in a house and not outside
with your parents

Tried Drugs?  
._.; I thought my dad's pills were skittles....once or twice...

Smoking will kill my dad, i will not let it kill me!

Been on a Plane?  
alllllll the time

Seen Snow?  
Of course X3 and a dead rat smushed in the road in the many shades of

Kissed Someone?  
-////- No 

Had Sex?  
o___O Of course not 

If not, done anything Sexual?  
*Sigh* like i'd spill that on a a close friend maybe but not to you
little survey...

Skipped School?  
Nope education is circular 8D

Been Out of the Country?  
CI 8D It's not fun getting proposed to by dozens of old men let me tell you...

Been in a Fight?  
Yup ^__^ Only with boy though, boy that boy can punch


Shy or Outgoing?  
Outgoing more fun XD

Spender or Saver?  
Sver i hate people who spend stuff for no reason -___-

Books or Movies?  
Oh...D: bu...but i love both!!

Cats or Dogs?  
...T___T Too hard to choose...

Beach or Mountains?  

Soda or Water?  
Water woooooooooooooooooooooosh H2O

Legs or Arms?  
Arms so i could link with them holding an umbrella XD (mine always break)


Do you believe in True Love?  
Hell no, it's a pathetic thing and i look down on anyone who does ¬_¬

What about Love at First Sight?  
No, it's called attraction -___-

If not, why?  
Attraction little survey... like a ar owner buying his car

Is it better to have loved and lost or to not have loved at all?  
Hm...heartbreak or nothing....not to have loved at all, any type of heartbreak is
terrible and i would only wish it on a unlucky few ^ ^ 

Describe True Love in your own words  
*sigh* Not true love...just plain love. Ugh....
It's like...i dont know a sacred flower that only blooms in the most special sun...

What is key in a romantic relationship?  
Laughter XD I'll love anybody friend or lover if they make me laugh

Laughter is...well i can't say... ^_^;

Is Physical Love important in a relationship?  
Physical...o.o OOOOOOH um...i suppose

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?  
Yup, one man's *holds in bitchy comment* let's leave it there 0_e


Do you believe in God?  
Hell no :| It's ridiculous!

Why or why not?  
One man/women/differents Gods creating the earth and ruling upon it?
*Sarcastic laughter*
And who is he to judge upon us when it's all just evolution

Do you have beliefs that are different from your reliigion?  
Yes, Catholics are supposed to be all 'Praise Jesus!!! D:" 
I prefer a little bit of impersonating Father Ted

Are you more spiritual or religious?  

Is there a right religion?  
No and there never will be, the dead don't talk so there's nobody to us the truth.


Do you have a lot of friends?  
Average, some are closer to me than others though 

What is a friend?  
In my opinion a friend is someone who believe's in the other, and will no abandon
them even at the most dire times.

What makes a good friend?  
Laughter, listening skills, level of drama, (preferably low) kind-ness, music taste.

Do friends look after one another?  
Yes, of course they mend the others heart in places others cant or don't understand ^

Is respect and acceptance necessary?  
Hm...well i respect all my friends and accept them all so me thinks, ci

Is trust necessary?  
Yup ^ ^ If you can't trust a friend and be honest than you're no better of than a

Do you consider yourself a good friend?  
Umm ^ ^; 
You'd have to ask someone, i just try to be a good friend


How do you cope with your anger and saddness?  
^__^ I don't talk, i cry, i listen to music, i try not to insult those who anger me,
i write it down.

Do you get angry easily?  
Oh yes ^__^ It's like the wind XD

What/Who do you hate?  
Heh...:3 Much as i'd LOVE and believe me i would love to what down Who
i hate, i'll only tell Emma XD
As for what i hate...People who have stuff like "Do u think i'm sexy/naughty or
nice/an angel" 
Changes, lying, 
talking about me behind their back and then talking to me 'nicely' as if "Hey
don't tell anybody ok?! :D I'll be nice but i think you're a total angry bitch for
ignoring me!"

Do you regret?  
Yes, but there's nothing i can do. I can't be braver, or smarter etc so i just carry
on ^__^

Can you (and do you) feel guilt?  
All the time... people say i shouldn't apologize adn be guilty but i can't feel as if
i'm doing something wrong all the time...

Are you a bitter person?  
With certain people :3 of course 

Do you live in a real or imaginary world?  
Both, i only go to my imagionary world when i'm upset/angry/crying...It feels good

Do you cry easily?  
Only to certain things

Where/What do you find comfort in?  
I find comfert in music, touching makes me squirm -///-

Do you feel at ease with yourself?  
Most of the time, i'm quite calm believe it or not

Do you have low self-esteem? low as you could get

Describe yourself in one word  

Would other people agree with this?  
*Shrugs* for me the wind has it's won special meanings... so i'm not sure


Do you have certain morals that you prize more than others?  
Yup ^ ^ 

If so, what are they?  
Creativity, kindness, generosity 

Why are they so important?  
They're the basics of being a good person in my eyes >_>;

Do you consider yourself virtuous?  
...Um... i suppose o.o;

If something is slightly impure, would you consider it corrupt?  
Depends... i kinda see the world in a grey/white way

Is there such a thing as purity?  
Nope. Nothing pure even snow ^_^

Do ethics have any meaning to you?  
Hm? ..Not really

What is the best virtue?  
There is none, they're only as good as the others!

What is the worst vice?  
*shrugs* I dont understand you...i'm leaving -_-

Do you believe in revenge?  
Nope. It's pointless XD

Do you offer advice to others?  
*nods* i dont offer, people tell me and i feel i have to smooth things over... like

Do you own up to your own faults?  
I do, but i don't tell anyone i have too many >_<

Do you know or realize all of your faults?  
Yup ^__^ I know very fault in Hollie! ( i like 3rd person X3)

Do you have difficulty apologizing and thanking people?  
No, people tell me to stop thanking them and apologizing XD
I get embaressed, it's just my quirk

Do you help others out often?  
I try...o_o

Do you have empathy, even for those you dislike?  
Yes, it's horrible!!
I hate them but when i see something's wonr i just wanna hug them >________<

How Do You View These Topics? 

No such thing

No such thing

Nice to believe in but no...sadly
*shrugs* ...70% no

Yup ^____^

*shrugs* nothing wrong with it, and all those people are say 'You're killing the
baby!" I pity them...-_-

Just another way of falling in love or being attracted to another human ^__^

*laughs* No XD 

Yes, i know ut's foolish but meh

I hate it and anyone to do with it...

Hard, but fair

The Supernatural  
*shudders* frightens me

They're out there...but i dont like them o_o

It's nice to say XD


A Few Final and Random Questions 

What is your favorite memory?  
XD hahai don't have one to be honest

What clique do you consider yourself in?  
Nemos XD

What are your goals in life?  
Being a good person, and having a long happy life ^__^

What is your greatest weakness?  
Empathy XD

What is your greatest stregnth?  
Empathy, it's strange ^ ^ ;

Do you consider yourself a good person?  
Not really ^__^ I'm too selfish

Do you have a short intention span?  
Yes XD I talk then see a baloon and stop everything to look at it

Do you live in the past or present?  
Future i can only hope i'll be alive XD

You re _______ to be around. (examples- a riot, gloomy, cheerful, etc.) mum said i'm cheerful/very thoughtful to be around o.o;;
Do you live in reality or inside of your head?  
Reality, my head is only a little comfert X3

Final Questions 
How do you feel about your answers to this test?  
Little depressing o_o

How do you think others will feel about your answers? 
I dont care really i was bored
Last edited: 2 February 2008

‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   2 February 2008   958593  
O_O thats long... DX but lol XD
Vampire_WHOREXxx says:   2 February 2008   757824  
That is long....O_O
SithWedgie says:   2 February 2008   337829  
^_^ True love is real.  You'll admit that someday.

o.o *points at the religion question* um...
momo09 says:   3 February 2008   739135  
I dont disrespect your religious beliefs bub -_-
Dont disrespect mine or get me to try and believe in 'God'
Aiden_Princess says:   11 February 2008   246637  
My eyes hurt from reading this O.O
Have you gone mad momo-chan?!
I'm your favourite musician?!
I can't even play properly T.T
And apparently I have a new nickname...
Sweet xD
momo09 says:   11 February 2008   414612  
XD My hands hurt from typing it
Yeeess X3 i ADORE listening to you playing music!
Sweeeet :3 No i like Emmie more... well i call everyody and anybody
anything that comes into my head ^_^;
dan_09 says:   7 December 2008   892921  
thats too long... i usually do surveys when im bored but that ones
tooo long DX
patrickjmccarthy14 says :   10 December 2008   731532  
ok that wsa long and very imformative. it was a good read


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