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Katie Chapter 2Category: horror story
Wednesday, 16 January 2008
12:11:22 PM (GMT)
"Hey, look Katie, it's your boyfriend." Adam teased.
"Oh my god!" Katie gasped. She looked out the window warily. Kent smiled and waved at
her. Katie slumped back and ran her hand through her hair. "Stop this CAR!" She
"What?" Sam asked her.
"Stop it! There's gonna be a huge fire!"
"Yeah, I think someone's nervous as it's their first baseball game." Annie smiled and
touched Sams arm. "Hunny, you do look pale, are you okay?"
"Am I okay, Am I OKAY! No mom I'm not! I'm not fucking okay!"
"Excuse me." Sam said.
"STOP THIS FUCKING CAR!" Katie screamed and pushed past her mother and slammed on the
brake, the car skidded and stopped infront of everyone, the car faced Kents. Katie
got out. So did the drivers, including Sanya and the blonde girl, a short asian
looking guy, Kent and Selena.
"What is your problem!" The blonde girl shouted.
"Leave it Sammii." Sanya told her.
"Everyone you have to listen, this stadium will be alight!"
"Yeah, with stadium lights." Sammii scoffed.
"Excuse me, but I have to go see this game." The asian guy said waddling up to
"Fuck off, Lobo." Sanya said to him.
"No! No one is going anywhere." Katie protested. "If you go in there, you'll be
"Eh huh." Lobo said.
"I'm serious."
"Look Katie hunny-" Annie began.
"Oh shit!" Adam yelled in horror. Katie turned round to see the Boston baseball
stadium on fire. She lookedat Sammii, Sanya, Lobo, Kent and Selena, who was staring
at her in horror. She turned to her family. Annie looked at her with disbeleif. Sam
looked shocked and Adam nearly cried.
"What? Now do you beleive me?" Katie asked.
"You fucking witch!" Sanya screamed at her. Sammii did nothing. Katie turned the
sadium and heard a thud. She turned back, Sammii had fainted.
"How did you know this was gonna happen?" Lobo asked Katie.
"I-i-i had a dream."
"A what!" Lobo screamed. "We were nearly killed because she had a bad fucking dream!"
Lobo waved his hand at her and waddled to his car, started the ignition and drove
away. Katie turned to her mother who was crying.
"I didn't cause it." Katie tried to persuade her. Annie turned away from her. "Mom?"
"Don't talk to me, I don't even know wh you are anymore." And Annie got in the car.
Sam looked at her.
"Get in the car please." He said and hugged Adam who got in the car after her.

Katie stared out the window. She saw several fire trucks heading towards the stadium.
She looked up. Sam was staring at her from the corner of his eye.
"I'm sorry." She said, Annie looked at her.
"How, how did you know? Seriously, no fucking bad dream nonsense, how?" Annie said.
"Erm. Well I fell asleep and I saw Adam teasing me about Kent like when we got to the
stadium." Annie nodded. "Then we get in, I bump into those two girls, Sammii and
Sanya, and see Kent and Selena. Then the scoreboard sends spark which set fire to
several different seats, then you explode mom." Annie looked shocked. "You right or
left arm impales Adam and dad. Your other misses me by a millimetere. I see Kent,
Sammii, Sanya and Selena on fire then the fire rushes towards me."
"Well that's it, beacuse I woke up at that moment." Annie stared at her.
"You're crazy." 
"Mom!" Katie protested.
"She right. Katie, I'm not sure if you're the same Katie that asked me to check for
monsters in your room everynight when you 5. Tell me, where did that Katie go?" Sam
asked her sadly.
"She's still here."
"Well, I didn't see her." He continued driving, not saying another word.

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