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Studying with JpetteCategory: (general)
Thursday, 3 January 2008
01:02:57 PM (GMT)
Jpette- 17
Sarah- 17

I had a huge History test next week, my teacher gave us the option of having partners
to study with for the test. Of course Jpette and I picked each other, we've had this
flirting thing going on between us. We had planned to meet on Thursday, but he had
soccer practice on Thursday, so we moved it to Friday.
I walked over to his house and almost tripped over myself when i saw his giant house,
when I got past the like 25 steps i had to go up to I rang the door bell. He answered
the door after about a 2 minutes, I couldn't get mad it must take a while to navigate
around a house that big. He pulled me in to his house, we headed to the kitchen. We
sat there for about an hour just talking, laughing, and flirting. I was really self
conscious though, the way I usually am with Jpette. We moved upstairs and went into
his room.............
WHen we got to his room we actually pulled out our books and studied, I was feeling
extremely retarded, I miss just about every question. During History I never really
payed attention, I always was talking or staring at Jpette, it seems that Jpette was
not equally affected by my presence, he was getting every single answer correct. 
After we finished studying we sat on his bed and watched TV for about 10 minutes. I
felt really awkward, because we were just sitting there in silence. 
He pulled the bracelet my dad gave me off my wrist, and examined it, he stared at it
for a while smiling. 
"Can I have it ?" he asked flashing once again his amazing smile at me.
"No" I said laughing.
He pulled him self off the bed. "Well how are you gonna get it" he shoved the
bracelet into his back pocket and started walking away.
"Come back here" I called
We ran around his room a few times until I finally tackled him onto his bed, I
reached into his back pocket breathless, he was lying under me and i hadn't noticed
his hands we on my waist until I tried to get up. He was not into that idea. He just
rolled on top of me. He stared into my eyes and gently kissed me. I was surprised but
willing, I kissed him back wrapping my arms around his neck as the kiss grew deeper.
He pulled  away from my mouth and began kissing my neck. As he was I was focusing on
breathing, I was also wondering if i should stop or... I couldn't stop his lips were
so soft and... and he was just so cute... and I've liked him forever.... and- he
interrupted my thought by moving his lips back to mine this time he slipped his
tongue in my mouth but he didn't do the disgusting rotation thing it was sweet just
brushes against my tongue. I had just noticed his hands were under my shirt but were
still on my lower back. His fore finger traced along my spine. It tickled and I
giggled into his mouth. He pulled away and smiled at me I blushed and looked down, he
rolled onto his side but still kept his hands on my waist. I was still controlling my
breathing he rolled onto his back doing the same.
"Sorry" he said when he caught his breath.
" For.... what?" I asked confused
" For getting carried away, you must think I am scum "
" Um.... not really..... I've actually kind of liked you for a while."
" Really?" he asked rolling over wide grin spreading across his face.
" Well... yeah I'm surprised you haven't noticed, I flirt with you everyday in
" Oh... well.... then you wouldn't mind if I........" he leaned over and kissed me
He sat up " Well now I've got something I can put to use against you."
" What's that." i looked up at him warily.
" Your ticklish" he laughed leaning towards me.
" Oh No!" i tried to pull myself up from the bed but he wrapped me in his arms and
began ticking me rapidly. I was trying my best to wrestle out of his arms , but every
time I got close to getting out of his grip  he pulled me back in. It was so much fun
yet tiring. After he was done attacking my ribs with his hands. I lay in his arms 
watching more TV. I actually fell asleep there.
I woke up around 3 am drowsy. I leaned up and looked at the clock and scream. Waking
Jpette up, He jumped up staring at me.
" What is wrong with you?" he rubbed his eyes.
" I am not going to be at school Monday." I said calmly collecting my things.
" Why the hell not?" he asked still confused.
" Because... I won't be alive anymore. My dad is gonna kill me. Yup. well at least I
won't have to take the test" I said I was walking down his stairs.
"Where are you going?" he followed me to his door getting my way of it." It's way to
late go back up stairs there is no use leaving now"
" Oh yes there is a reason to leave now. If I leave now my Dad may give me an hour to
write my will" I smiled at him sarcastically. Trying to move around him.
" Well at least let me drive you home." He looked at me with the most gorgeous eyes.
" Well... ok." I smiled at him.
" Good." He kissed my cheek and grabbed my hand and his keys.
When we got to my house he kissed me sweetly goodbye. I got out of his car slowly and
walked up the path way to my house. All of the light were off, I pulled out my key.
and stepped into my house. The wrath of my father came the next morning

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