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yeah my day (being horny and having sex)Category: (general)
Sunday, 30 December 2007
05:32:32 AM (GMT)
today i was so fun. i went out with my friends it was me my friend jake, tiff, amy,
brittany, sam, and alex.
we all went over to jakes house it was so fun we just hung out in jakes room. jake
and alex put porn on cuz they were horny ass hell
i was just laying on jakes bed with tiff and sam we were all just playing around with
eachother talking giggleing etc.
i noticed that jake and alex were both rubbing there penis' through there jeans. me
and the girls stoped and the started watching the video they had on, it was a guy
with two girls and the guy was screwing on wile the girl was eating the other girl
out. watching the vid got my nipples hard and me so horny and wet that my panties
were just getting drenched in my juices. i was wearing a tight oxford shirt that was
a lil small for me but i didnt care, the buttons were about to bust.amy, tiff and sam
stoped and started watching the video and i could tell that they were getting horny
to. i could see tiffs nipples hard through her pink belly tee shirt. then i looked
over at sam and seen that her nipples were hard and poking through her black tank top
and had her hand down her black baggy sweat pants rubbing her self. i seen amys hard
nipples through her tight tee shirt and her hand up her skirt with her panties pushed
off to the side with two fingers in and her thumb rubbing her little clit. when i
looked back at tiff i seen that her jeans wear unbuttoned and unzipped with her hand
under her panties moving her fingers in and out of her vagina. i looked over at the
desk were jake was sitting and i could see that his pants and boxers were down to his
knees and he was really stroking his penis hard. alex who was sitting next to jake
hand his hand down his shorts and was stroking his penis. then the video went to the
guy getting his penis sucked and licked by the girl he was fucking and the other girl
had a strap on fucking the girl thats sucking the guys penis. all this masturbating
started getting me more horny. i lifted up my tight mini skirt that just covered my
ass and crotch by an inch up and took off my little white panties and started to
finger myself. i looked at tiff and sam, tiffs jeans and sams baggy sweat pants were
off and tiffs panties were dripping wet wile she had taken of sams tank top and
panties. sam was completely naked and tiff was licking and sucking on sams nipples
wile fingering her and sam was starting to take tiffs tee off. i looked at amy and
she was naked with one hand rubbing her tiny little boobs and the other finger
herself i decided to take my skirt off and unbutton my oxford shirt so i could rub my
boobs and nipples. i looked at jake and he was naked with all his clothes under the
desk, he had one hand stroking his penis and the other rubbing his testicales. and
alex was laying on the floor with his penis getting rubbed by both hands. tiff and
sam were both naked and 69ing. amy came over to me and pulled me over to the floor by
the closet. amy fingered me and sat on my face wile i ate her out. jake went for the
chair to were alex was and started stroking alexs penis wile alex sucked on jakes
penis. amy cummed very soon so she got off of me and started to eat me out. tiff and
sam were cumming together and just layed nexted to each other with each others juices
flowing from each others mouths holding each other. alex cummed all over jakes arm
and hand. jake cummed so much in alexs mouth that he started cumming on alexs face.
alex spit out the cum from his mouth and let it drip down his chin, neck, chest and
penis. jake took alexs cum and eat it. jake moved alex onto his stomach and pushed
his dick into alexs ass hole. amy made me cum so hard that i ended up squirting my
juices on her face and chest. it was so good that i started shacking after it amy
just took my shirt off and held me until i stopped. jake humped alex until he was
about to cum, pulled, turned alex back over and cummed on his face and mouth again.
alex had such a hard on that tiff and sam went over and suck alexs penis twice each
alex was so tired that he just passed out on the floor right there. then tiff and sam
went for jake tiff sat on jakes face and sam sucked jakes penis. just the touch of
amys hand against my vagina made me cum and squirt agian. jake cummed but non of his
cum came out of his penis. jake made tiff cum and then he pasted out leaning against
the wall. tiff and sam went back on the bed and were cumming almost every 2 to 3 min.
i wanted amy to cum so i started eating her out and fingering her at the same time,
amy ended up squirted and drenched me with her juices. i crawled up next to her and
we both touched each others vaginas and cummed. i fingered amy and amy fingered me
and we both cumed about 6 more times and i squirted 2 more times. tif and amy finally
just fell asleep. amy and me fell asleep together. tiff and sam dressed and panicing
woke me and amy up cuz jakes older brother was home me and amy rushed to get our
clothes back on i put my panties, skirt and buttoned up my oxford shirt . amy got her
panties, skirt, and shirt on. i got jake up and told him that his bro was home and he
rushed to get his clothes on. alex was just out and jakes cum had dryed and crusted
on him.i finaly got alex up and helped him to the bathroom with his clothes and
locked the door.i helped alex wash off all the cum on him and cleaned him up cuz he
was still really week i dont think he had ever cummed as much as he did today. i
soaped him up and and rinsed him off. i got him dressed and brought him back into
jakes room and lied him down on the bed. jakes brother ended up taking us home he
drop tiff and sam off at tiffs house and me amy and alex at my house. amys mom was
waiting and alexs mom was stuck out of town so he had to spend the night at my house.
we both ate dinner and then it was time for bed. my mom said that me and alex would
have to share the bed cuz he was a guest so i said okay. my mom left the room and
said good night to us. i told alex not to look and i took off my skirt, panties, and
oxford shirt and put on a really long tank top that went down to my knees. alex said
that he normally sleeps naked and asked if that was alright i said yeah but i dont
want to see so he went into the bathroom and stripped wile i went into my bed he came
out naked with all his clothes in one hand and put them in the chair. i was mad cuz i
really didnt want to see his penis again and he said he was sorry but then his penis
started getting hard and he was staring at my boob cuz it was out of my tank top the
way i was laying. i got mad called him a perv and told him to get in bed.he got in
the bed and we layed back to back. i woke up in the middle of the night to the bed
rocking and it was alex masturbating i turned over on my side and he ended up cumming
all over my tank top. i slapped him and got out of bed and took the tank top off i
looked for another one or something else but i had nothing just dress' left so i told
him to stay away and i got back in bed naked. i tryed to go back to bed but i keeped
thinking about alex masturbating and just thinking about it got me horny. i grabbed
alexs penis and started rubbing it up and down until he pulled my hand away and
pushed me over on my back and got on top of me. he took his dick and guided it into
my vagina i was so horny it slipped right in. he humped me hard and thrusted me in
and out until i cummed then he went faster and faster until he pulled out and cummed
all over my face and boobs. he brought his head down and licked all of his cum off of
me and layed next to me for the rest of the night.

coconuthead9 says:   31 December 2007   586769  
that just made me sooooooooooooooooo fucking horney .. i am fingering
my self now and my x-gf  just called me and said she wanted to come
and fuck me.. thx 4 making me horney babe
HornyGirl101 shouts:   31 December 2007   162677  
this is a good horny story!
SeeWilly says:   31 December 2007   525189  
that was awful.

damn wall of text. there's something called a paragraph that you may
not be familiar with. use it.
Tayla says:   31 December 2007   217543  
that story was awesome and now i am so horny rite now!!!
‹->Luzt<-› says:   1 January 2008   564316  
dawm y did that story end
Aero_Chick says:   8 January 2008   773378  
that is hot! send me a message!
Little_Sarah says:   21 January 2008   245246  
oh wow. pervert.
BabyHaily says:   22 January 2008   119781  
damn yo make up so horny ass storys
bigsk8terboy666 says:   28 January 2008   796363  
dam tats all
‹<3+Gumdrop_Queen+<3› says:   28 January 2008   955376  
woooow that is sooo good.
i love it.
‹EmoGothChickThatWillNeverChange› says:   6 February 2008   278238  
You are so wered.
Why don't you keep that to your self?
‹Q79› says:   6 February 2008   565719  
whoa O_O
Christina_Aguilera says:   7 February 2008   867614  
wow did that really happen
sister8583 says:   10 May 2008   727386  
sexycyberbi says:   10 June 2008   433559  
thanx =]
‹Hornyslag;)› says :   23 December 2008   125239  
why did the story have to end so hot

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