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Best Kept Secret[Chapter 1 Part Two]Category: story
Tuesday, 18 December 2007
06:45:50 PM (GMT)

(I was thinking about this one for the banner, but unless I get any volunteers to make one, its gonna be it) "Merlin Academy?What kinda messed up name is that?" Evan snorted. She stood at the door of the car, in front of a tall sign. It read "WELCOME TO MERLIN ACADEMY". Mrs. Beckett walked out of the car, standing beside her daughter. "Hush, Evangeline. This is going to be your home for the next nine months. You dont want to make the wrong impression" She said. Evan just rolled her eyes. She usually was very polite, but she was going to make sure that she would get kicked out of this school. No matter what. When Evan turned to say something to her mother, she found all her bags around her. "What,how did you-" she was about to ask. Her mother wagged afinger at her. "Tsk, Tsk. We`re late" And she picked up one of the bags. Staring at her mother suspisiously, Evan picked up her messenger bag and followed her mother. "Ahhh, Our guest of the hour!" A loud voice startled Evan as they walked into a huge school. More like castle. It was huge!Evan nearly fainted after theyre twenty minute walk to find that this was the place they were heading. Her mother smiled and gave the man her hand, which he kissed softly. He was about Mrs. Becketts age, his hair a weird shade. Almost green. Evan had a weird feeling in her stomach, but merly ignored it. "Its a pleasure to see you again, Professor Helum" Her mother said. The man smiled to her. "Likewise" he then turned to Evan. "And this must be your lovely daughter. Evangeline, is it?" Evan glared at the man. She hated being called by her first name by strangers. It made it seem as if they knew everything about her. Professor Helum chuckled nervously. "Are you excited to start your school year?" He asked her. Evans eyes were now slits. "Why should I be?I was perfectly fine at my other school" She said harshly. Her mother frowned. "Evangeline!" She hit her daughters arm. "Im terribly sorry, Afgastius. Shes not in a very good mood" Evan smiled inside. She was getting closer to being expelled: She knew it. But Professor Hulem simply smiled. "Its quite alright. How about a tour?" When Evan didnt answer, he sighed. "Lavender!" He called out. Seconds later, a young gril with dark hair apeared beside them. "Would you mind showing Evangeline hear around the school?" The girl nodded and motioned Evan to follow her. "Hi" She said happily as they walked threw the halls. "Hey" Evan mumbled back. Lavender frowned a little. "Your not very happy, are you?"

Demonic_angel says:   27 December 2007   892935  
tsk tsk, someone's not very happy are they?
cant wait for the next part!^^
rockstarsupanova says :   30 December 2007   377683  


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