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My yaoi story (Part 3) [Love and Lots of Lust]Category: (general)
Tuesday, 16 October 2007
04:06:35 PM (GMT)
Sasuke jumped around the town untill he discovered something. He walked over to it
and saw it was a locket shaped like a heart. Curiosity overwelmed him and he picked
it up and opened it. The small golden heart locket looked firmialir to him and once
he opened it he saw why. It contained a picture of him and his parents.


Sasuke walked around in hope to find Itachi and he didn't have any luck. He sighed as
he walked into his house and ploped on his bed and fell asleep.

In the morning Sasuke woke up and looked out his window and saw that Naruto was up
and sitting on his steps. Sasuke sighed to himself as he rolled off the bed and fell
to the wooden floor.

"Itai...." Sasuke grumbled to himself and got to his feet.

He got dressed in a new set of clothes and walked outside and looked at the ground
beneith him. Without notaicing he bumped into Naruto and they both fell Sasuke
smirked and got up, dusted himself off and walked away. Naruto looked confused. Why
didn't Sasuke kiss him?

 Heh, where's Lee... He needs to help me with my new plan.... 

Sasuke continued his search for Lee untill he found him sitting on a tree stump
breathing deeply.

"Damn Sensei." Lee hissed and Sasuke looked confused. Why was Lee curssing about his
Sensei? Lee was all sweaty but it didn't look like he'd been fighting.

"Lee." Sasuke said and Lee's head shot up. 

"Yes Sasuke-kun?" Lee asked and Gai walked passed them two.

"See you tomorrow for training Lee." Gai said and Lee clenched his teeth together
while saluting.

"Yes Gai Sensei." Lee spat as he watched the older man walk away.

Sasuke was still confused but decited not to push charges any further. He walked over
closer to Lee and sat in fround of him pulling out a piece of paper drawing Lee's

"What is that for Sasuke?" Lee asked and Sasuke smirked.

"Well you know how Naruto likes Sakura?" Sasuke asked with while wearing the devil's

"Umm yeah." Lee said odded out by Sasuke's expression.

"We need to get that bitch out of the problem, she's destracting Naruto." Sasuke said
and Lee tilted his head in confusion. 

"What do you mean?" Lee asked and Sasuke chuckled. 

"You'll find out Lee." Sasuke said and gave Lee the paper and Lee read it and

"Sasuke do you think this is very wise?" Lee asked and Sasuke knelt down eye to eye
height with the black haired ninja.

"I don't care if it will hurt Sakura's feelings I just want to get Naruto's heart."
Sasuke said and Lee sighed putting the paper and stuffing it behind his hite-ate.

"Okay Sasuke-kun." Lee said and Sasuke smirked and jumped off, Lee had to deliver the

He looked for Sakura and finaly found her standing next to Ino arguing.

"Sakura-chan!" Lee yelled joging up to the pink haired girl.

"What Lee?" Sakura asked boredly and Lee handed Sakura the paper.

"Ew no." She said and threw it at Lee.

"Sakura-chan... I was delivering that for Sasuke-kun." Lee said and her expression
went from shocked to happy.

"SASUKE-KUN ASKED ME OUT!?" Sakura shreiked and Ino looked suprised and pissed. 

"LEMME SEE THAT BUSHY BROW!!" Ino yelled and snached the paper from Lee's grasp."No

"HA TRUE LOVE PREVAILS!!" Sakura shouted and punched the air. 

Lee turned around and sighed. This wouldn't end up very well. He decited to tell
someone about it... Shikamaru.

Lee ran around the town until he bumped into Shikamaru. 

"Hey Shikamaru, can you help me solve something?" Lee asked and Shikamaru sighed. 

"Fine I guess so. How troublesome.." Shikamaru said and they sat on the park bench. 

Lee explained everything from Sasuke liking Naruto to him asking Sakura out and
Shikamaru smirked. 

"Sounds pretty smart to me." Shikamaru said and Lee tilted his head in confusion.
"Well Naruto likes Sakura. But hes very used to Sasuke kissing him all the time so
part of him will miss that. And when he sees Sasuke and Sakura he will freak. He
likes Sakura but it seems he likes Sasuke too. Sasuke is doing the smart thing and
toying with Naruto's emotions and making him love Sasuke and hate Sakura for dating
him. Its pretty obvious."

"... you just made me understand things a lot more now..." Lee said and got up.
"Thank you Shikamaru."

With that Lee jumped off and ran into two people. One was taller than he was and wore
purple face paint, the other had red hair and a kanji tatoo. Lee notaiced they were
holding hands but he didn't think it was weird. Well considering that he a) didn't
know they were related and b) the whole ordeal with Sasuke. Lee stood up and bowed. 

"Sorry." Lee said and continued running.

"Kankuro who was that?" Gaara asked and Kankuro sighed. 

"I don't know." Kankuro said and stood up helping his younger brother up.

Their hands stayed held to eachother when Gaara let go of the grasp and crossed his
arms. Kankuro looked at the red head confused and Gaara sighed.

"If sister finds out about us... she'll eat us both." Gaara said and Kankuro sighed
and nodded. 

"I supposed your right." Kankuro said and looked and his younger shorter brother and
ran his fingers through Gaara's hair once more before keeping his hands to himself.

Sasuke on the other hand was sitting on a bench slightly-- scratch that.. FULLY
discusted about dating Sakura but that was how he would get Naruto. Sakura ran over
right as Sasuke gagged to himself with her huge grin. 

"Sasuke-kun. ^_^" She said happily. 

Just as Sakura ran over and hugged Sasuke Naruto walked by. He stopped to look at the
two and sighed. 

"Yes I'll date you!!!" Sakura yelled and Naruto's eyes widened.


Naruto took off away from the new couple and ran into his room. He punched his
pillow and tears were forming in his eyes. He bit his lower lip as the first tear ran
down his cheek. 

"Damn Sasuke..." Naruto mumbled to himself and curled into a little ball in the
corner of his bed.

He started curssing Sasuke in his mind as a few more tears ran down his face. He
wiped them away and took a deep breath. He got off the bed and walked into the
bathroom and looked at himself for several minutes before turning on the water. He
then washed his face and turned the water off, drying his face with a towel. He
walked out of the bathroom and walked towards the door, opened it and locked it
behind him. He walked around town all gloomy when he saw two people. Gaara and
Kankuro. They were in an alleyway and talking but Naruto didn't really care to
ease-drop so he continued walking instead.

Later that day Naruto finaly walked into his house and turned off all the lights and
plopped onto his bed without changing. Soon he dosed off into his dreamland. Oddly
enough it was with him and Sasuke o_O.


"Oi! Naruto-kun!" Sasuke yelled embracing Naruto in a hug and Naruto smiled.

"Hey Sasuke-kun." Naruto said and Sasuked kissed him lightly. "How are you doing

"I'm okay now that i'm with you." Sasuke said with a grin and hugged Naruto who
blushed. "Super korny moment!"

"Yeah your right Sasuke." Naruto said with a chuckle and Sasuke stroked Naruto's

"I'm a theift and i'm here to steal your heart!" Sasuke said and Naruto looked at him
in the face and smiled.

"Why do you want something you already have?" Naruto asked and Sasuke smirked and
threw Naruto to the floor and kissed him.

But strangely enough in Naruto's dream... he kissed back. Sasuke left a trail of
kisses down Naruto's neck then stopped. He looked up and there was Sakura. Sasuke
stood up not even making contact with Naruto and walked over to Sakura and pushed her
into a wall and kissed her.

"S-sasuke?!" Naruto choked out and Sasuke held in his hands Naruto's heart and
crushed it.

**End dream**

Naruto woke up in a bolt and looked around. 

 What a strange dream... 

He looked at the clock and saw that it was 3 in the morning. That's usualy when Lee
woke up for training before he met his Sensei at 5. Naruto quickly dashed out the
door and ran into the training woods. There was Lee doing push ups.

"LEE!" Naruto yelled and Lee spazzed and hit his head on the ground.

Lee rubbed his head and sat up and smiled at the blonde ninja.

"Hiya Naruto. What can I do ya for?" Lee asked and Naruto sighed.

"Well Lee, your the only one that won't laugh at me." Naruto said with a sigh. "I
need to tell you about a dream I had..."

"Okay Naruto-kun. I'm all ears." Lee said and sat down on a tree stump.

After Naruto explained everything that was going on and his feelings along with his
dream Lee sighed.

"You like Sasuke-kun." Lee said and Naruto's mouth dropped.

"NO I DON'T!!" Naruto yelled and Lee smiled.

"It's okay to like a guy Naruto, honestly." Lee said and blushed as he walked up to
Naruto and whispered in his ear. "I like one myself." 

Naruto laughed a bit and thought for a second.

"Gai Sensei?" Naruto asked and Lee choked on his spit.

"WHAAAAAAAAT!?!?" Lee yelled and Naruto jumped back a bit afraid and Lee pinned
Naruto to the ground. "Do not say that!"

"I'm sorry!" Naruto said freaked out and they heard someone walk over. 

"Odd I thought Naruto and Sasuke were a couple." Shikamaru said and Lee jumped up and

"Oh no Shikamaru! We're not doing anything!" Lee said with a red face.

 Lee likes Shikamaru..?

Naruto shook his head of the thoughts and got up. 

"I'll be going." Naruto said and walked away.

Naruto walked into his house and saw that it was 4 in the morning. He sighed to
himself and decited to sleep for an hour. He woke up to his alarm clock and got up
brushing his hair and sighed to himself. He thought about Sasuke and Sakura and
clutched his heart area.

 Why does this hurt me so much!? I DON'T like Sasuke!!!

Naruto sighed to himself and walked down the road with his gaze on the ground not
looking up at all. Letting his instinks tell him where to go. He finaly made it to
the training grounds and walked to the bridge and looked in the river below him and
let out a big sigh.

"Hey Naruto!" Sakura said happily while jogging over to Naruto. 

"What?" Naruto mumbled not wanting to speak with the pink haired girl at this

"Me and Sasuke are a couple!" Sakura cheered happily and Naruto winced as a stabbing
pain shot through his heart.

"That's great Sakura." Naruto said with a non-hearted smile and walked away.

"Whats wrong?" Sakura asked and Naruto swatted her away and walked into the woods. He
soon met up with Sasuke and glared at him. 

"What the hell is your problem Sasuke!?" Naruto hissed and Sasuke smirked. 

"What do you mean Naruto?" Sasuke asked and then smirked even wider. "Oh me and

Naruto winced again and his glare deepened. 

"Yes you and Sakura. Your dating her you deranged freak!" Naruto yelled and Sasuke
rolled his eyes then smirked again.

He dashed up to Naruto and pinned him to a tree and bent over to his ear.

"Me and Sakura are dating." He said and looked at the hurt in Naruto's eyes and
kissed him lightly on the lips.

Naruto was confused. Sasuke was dating Sakura yet kissing him...? Oh so confusing.
Sasuke's tongue went through Naruto's lips and roamed around Naruto's mouth. Sasuke
felt Naruto's tongue shyly move agenst his and Sasuke smirked as he let go of his pin
of Naruto on the tree and his hands went into Naruto's hair. Sasuke then broke the
kiss and stepped back from Naruto. 

"Sakura has it better than that." Sasuke said and Naruto growled. "And she told me
she loved me."

Naruto got pissed and he jumped over to Sasuke and pinned him to the ground.

"SASUKE I LO--" Naruto started but immediatley stopped and his eyes widened.

He jumped off of Sasuke and Sasuke regained his smirk.

"You what Naruto?" Sasuke asked and Naruto dropped to the floor.

 I did not just almost say that. 

Naruto looked up at Sasuke and glared at him. He pushed him to the ground and turned
his back.

"I .... uhh.... lo...lost my tacos o_O." Naruto said and Sasuke nodded with a smirk.

With that Naruto stormed away from Sasuke.

 He so wants me xD 

Sasuke chuckled to himself as he layed on the ground looking at the dark sky.

‹DasAtem› says:   16 October 2007   635798  
it's good so far :D
‹ikaeros› says:   17 October 2007   391556  
Oh how I love this story XD
I always have at least one favourite line XD
"I .... uhh.... lo...lost my tacos o_O."

Can't wait till the next part ^^
Momo16 says:   20 October 2007   476812  
it gets better and better :}
lostmind98 says:   21 October 2007   713342  
write more it's cool
Emo_Gurl524 says :   3 September 2008   574538  
losing tacos funny


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