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Elliot says ... again? D8Category: (general)
Monday, 10 September 2007
01:08:58 PM (GMT)
:| I felt the need to bore you all with mah unnecessary crap again.
And I found another ... thingy. :
One of those things ... that you fill out? x)
I suck with words.

How Arty are You/

[X] you doodle in class. All the time. x) Teachers love meh
[X] you look at something and see what no one else sees in it.  I scare people
with my random observations. :| 
[X] loves to paint/draw in your spare time. Harhar, I drew Danny. xD Don't tell
[X] see not clouds in the sky, but a fish eating another fish. OMG FISH! XD
[] wears clothes with paint stains on it.  I like mah clothes. :| I wear an apron
when I paint. xD 
[x] likes to say "wee wee I'm a great artist mua look at my masterpiece."  People
walk away from me. 

[X] you are a dreamer. My mind is blocked by a wall of fluffy clouds and prancing
unicorns. :3
[x] wears extravagant clothes.  Hahah. ]/b]
[X] when you look at a painting there is more meaning to it than just a beach
setting. OMG, there are people in the painting toooo!
[X] you like abstract things. My brain is abstract. xD 
[] you turn old stuff into art.  My old stuff gets thrown out or adopted by Becky.
[] when you paint you make a mess (even if you really try not to)  I'm quite
clean, actually.
[]you always have a pencil in your hand.  I lose all my pencils. xD [/b[

[X] have a great imagination sometimes. Heh, random comments.
[] think out side the box  I get stuck in boxes. :
[] you over analysis on stuff sometimes. I'm lazeh. 
[X] your sketchbooks are filled to the very last page with your drawings. And
scattered throughout the house. :3
[] you have art supplies in your closet Danny sleeps in the closet. XD
[X] you hang up what you create on your bedroom wall I drew on the wall. :D

[] your a perfectionist. Lazy. :D
[X] you draw stuff you like (around you or what you see on t.v)I drew Danny. xD I
already said. 
[X] you like to draw anime. Anime ish sho pretty. 
[] you slept on your sketch book once working hard on a masterpiece.  I might
crease it. :
[] you are called the artistic in the family. I'm called the weird one of the
[X] you love doing posters projects instead of essays for school  I go off topic
though. :|


0-5 Anti-art person
6-11 I guess I can draw
12-15- Art is good
16-20- Art is my life
20-26 -I am an art freak

:| Art is mah life... sort of. The quiz ish WRONG! ~sobs~

Harhar, I have cookies. :3
xD I wore mah new hat to college today.
It has kitty ears on it!
Be jealous. x)

x] Elliot

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