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Wednesday, 5 September 2007
09:10:04 PM (GMT)





"What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"It's not my fault, Anna! You know if I had a choice I wouldn't be leaving you!"

"Well you coul dhave at least told me sooner, not two days prior to when you're
actually going! I know you knew before!" I shouted, trying not to let my temper get
the best of me but having it happen anyway.

"Come on Anna, don't be that way. You're my best friend, don't be mad." He whispered,
taking my hand in a pleading matter.

Best friend. Best friend. That's all we ever were. That's also all we ever would be,
since he ewas moving to a different state in two days. Sure, he'd only be a state
away, but it wouldn't be the same as him sitting next to me on my bed, like right

"Sorry." I whispered. It's probably harder on him anyway, he's the one that is
leaving everyone.

"Don't be, seriously. Just...promise me you won't forget about me?" He asked shyly,
pouting slightly.

Like I could. "Awww Sonny, I won't." I squealed, leaning forward and hugging him

"Yay." He replied happily, sitting back and running his hands through my hair, a
sweet gesture he's always done to calm me down or soothe me.

"I'll miss you." I said, putting my hand on his cheek, trying to keep my voice from
cracking and trying to keep the tears in my eyes from leaking.

"I know. But I'm sure we'll see eachother again...um, sometime?" He questioned more
than stated. I know he was trying to make me feel better, but it just wasn't working.
I kept thinking that we wouldn't be able to go to eachothers houses when we were
bored, or he wouldn't be able to call me at 3 in the morning when he couldn't stay
asleep or something was on his mind, and I wouldn't be able to sneak in through the
living room window of his house when I got scared at night or when my brother was
causing trouble.

I would have no one to laugh with at the stupid things our other friends did. And no
one to skip down the street with, or no one to play in the ball pic at McDonalds
with. Life would be unexpectedly different, and not for the best.

"Yeah, but it's not the same." I whined, clingng on to him tighter, feeling him do
the same to me.

"I know. I understand."

"No you fucking don't! You and I, we aren't as similar as I'd like to t hink. People
like you, Sonny. You'll make new friends in a flash. And yeah, I know I have some
friends here but none of them are like you."

"I get that."

"No you don't, Sonny. I'm going to be so lost without you." I whined again, calming
down and letting a few tears leak out of my eyes.

"I'll never forget you." He whispered, pulling me to face him.

"Sonny?" I asked, preparing myself mentally.

"Don't hate me." I whispered.

"Why would I--?" He managed to get out before I cut him off, placing my lips on his.

The first word that came to my mind was magical. There was passion, there was love,
and there was sincerity--from both sides.

"Anna..." Sonny said, surprised more than anything, onceI collected my senses and
pulled away. It was perfect, but the circumstances weren't right.

"I said don't hate me." I reminded him, pulling my hands out of his grasp and leaving
my room, leaving him sitting there, his face void of expression.

Tears blinded my vision, I couldn't see far in either direction as I walked on to the
road in front of my house. I could only see blurry streetlights in either direction.

The next thing I knew, there was a loud screeching of tires and a blaring of a car
horn. I looked fastly to my left and noticed a car speeding towrads me as I sat in
the middle of the road, frozen. In that moment I felt entirely aware of everything
that was going on around me.

I could hsense Sonny's eyes drilling holes in my back, his mouth opened in a scream
that would never surface. As the car approached me faster and faster, I could hear
children calling in the yeard adjacent to mine, playing and overall happy. I could
see the face of the young man driving the car--pure terror, eyes widened in shock as
he tried to stop his car in time. But he was unsuccessful.

I barely felt the impact of the car, glass shards embedding themselves in my skin,
metal tearing it open. I heard Sonny scream, and the driver of the vehicle shout
something unintelligible.

And then my world went black, and I knew nothing more.

‹Your.Fatal.Attraction› says:   6 September 2007   934119  
wow plz write more
BFF5 says:   6 September 2007   559357  
wow thats sad at the end i hope shes alright and i hope u wright more
Muffin_FM says :   6 September 2007   354715  
heheheheheee i didnt write it i found it on a website but i still <3

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