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Rawrzz.. omggz.. survey? nerdy survey D:Category: (general)
Tuesday, 21 August 2007
12:53:57 AM (GMT)
Stolen From urboo* or it was something like that..

[xgotta prob with that? what.. I watched too much tv last summer..] You own/owned a
pair of glasses
[] You've played some sort of video game 5 hours straight 
[ ] You have GI Joe or toy dinosaur (No, but I have Playmobile!)
[] You pack your lunch to school 
[xdepends? wtf is wrong with books? DICKHEAD] Reading books is fun 

[ ] You go to the library to hang out 
[x its fun xD] You correct people's grammar 
[x sort of?-cough when i sleep that is-] Math class is fun 
[LMAO no wayy D:] Told someone a joke and nobody laughed 
[x mhmmz Algebra D: damn.. teacher] Took high school courses in middle school 

[xya know there are other foods you eat with chopsticks..? ._.] You like eating
chinese/japanese food with chopsticks 
[mmhmmz the won i won was like.. the bestest spelling bee everz ;D] You've won a
spelling bee 
[..what are you.. 1? ] Girls/boys have cooties!
[x-sigh- longer.. try bout 12 hours ><> Spiderman)

[x who hasnt?] You've corrected the teacher
[dude i have no idea what I wanna be.. but im actually taking a art seriously for a
job a bit..YAY FOR THE TABLET PC'S AWESOMENESS] You want to be a lawyer or
surgeon/doctor when you grow up 
[lol.. that movie was.. kinda.. gay dude ] You have a napoleon dynamite t-shirt (No,
but a shirt that says: "You're dumb"
is binary code!)
[not really xP they get stolen D: damn poor people?so i go..-pokepoke- Tommy.. can i
borrow a lead pencil? xD] You almost always have a pen or pencil for
[I have been at least once] You're an honor student 

8 x's mmhmmz.. that.. isnt really nerdy.. its cooler than normal xP thashh cuzz m
popz-ul-arr yess I mean in real life, dont really go on kupika.. just "using" it for
the shi-painter xP rawrzz.. check out my chibi art ;D

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