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Fly High Chapter 13Category: fantasy story
Saturday, 18 August 2007
09:51:17 AM (GMT)
"Come on guys!" Monique called over from the house.
"Coming!" I stared at River. "I'm sorry."
"I knew I couldn't keep someone as beautiful as you..." He sobbed.
"Oh, River, you're really handsome, but, I."
"Used me, I know."
"No! I would never use you River." I kissed his cheek.

"Hey." Seth poked my softly in the back. "I heard you and River broke up."
"When did you hear this?" I had my hands on my hips.
"Oh, never mind." He moved closer, sliding his arm around my waist.
"SETH!" River yelled switching on the lights. Everyone gasped. Me and Seth was a
centimetre away from kissing. "Every girl! Every girl! Willow, Monique, Rose, now
"Dude." Too late a flash of green appered and Seth flew backwards. "Wanna play rough.
Huh?" Flashes of blue and green. Both Seth and River were fighting to the death. I
had to stop it.
"Guys." I stood ing the middle and flashes of pink flew hitting them both. "Stop
fighting! Fighting isn't the way to win a girl over!"
"River, man, just back off, I saw Chika first."
"Seth, man, you gotta learn to get the girl faster. I won her."
"Sorry." River said face down.
"Yeah, sorry." Seth said blushing.
"River! You're a really sweet guy, but I like Seth." I hugged him. And went over to
"Seth! You're really cute,  but i'm just not ready for boys to fight over me." I
hugged him and left the room.
"Chika, you ok?" Seth asked knocking on my bedroom.
"Yeah, Seth." I shouted.
"Can I come in? Or are you comign out to dinner with me?"
"Sure i'll come!" I slipped a jacket on and ran off with Seth.

"Thanks Seth." I said resting my head on his shoulder.
"Chika." Seth began. "I really like you."
"Same here." We moved closer.. Our lips touched. Rose walked out of the diner and
gasped to see me and Seth kissing on the hood of his car.
I guess you never live life until you find all about love...
The End

AnimeFanOVGY says:   18 August 2007   976169  
woooooooh a whole story finshed on a kiss litterary!!!!!
Watch out for my pole!
RobinScorpio says:   19 August 2007   273166  
what??? is that the end??? you didnt even get to the part where she
finds out WHY she has wings. i mean, seriously, i dont think she wuold
just be like," oh, cool , i got wings and powers, and my entire
childood was a lie, nothing serious, i guess" and actually move on
with life! i would think a real adventurer would wany to find the
source of er powers, why this crisis appened to her, monique, and her
mom. se would probably venture out on a life-death deciding journey,
take near-death-experiences thruogh caves, climbing mountains, nearly
drowning , just to find out the truth: of who her real father is, why
she was meant to have her powers?, to fight evil, save the world,  or
decide her destiny! why is she meant to live???
AnimeFanOVGY says :   19 August 2007   427839  
oh next story i promise! i'm working on Fly High 2 i'm adding new
characters and old enemies and trust me she will find out all those
questions!!! please stay with me, i'm having a rough time too. my
oldest sister is pregnant!so we have to give her an abortion i'm
really sorry but that's life...


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