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Fourty SecretsCategory: Secrets XD
Thursday, 2 August 2007
09:46:26 PM (GMT)
40 secrets about yourself.
Be honest no matter what.

[one] have you ever been asked out?
...Yeah XD

[two] where is your default picture taken?
My cellphone

[three] what's your middle name?
O.o....fine, Maria

[four] your current relationship status?
Single! Guy are just fun to make fun of XD JK

[five] does your crush like you back?
I don't have a crush....well if its Endrance or Haseo yeah XD 

[six] what is your current mood?

[seven]what color underwear are you wearing?
O_O....No comment XD fine...actually I dont know XD

[eight] what color bra are you wearing?
WTF?! its black >_> 

What happened to #9? O.O; <>_>

[twenty-one] what do you usually order from Starbucks?
Black Ice Tea :D

[twenty-two] what's your biggest secret?
.......That..... I like.......HASEO...ENDRANCE...KUHN....and SILABUS XD

[twenty-three] favorite color?

[twenty-four] favorite scent?
 after rain

[twenty-five] do you still watch kiddy movies or tv shows? I hardly watch tv...buuuut I watch the Power Rangers if Johnny Yong Bosch is

[twenty-six] what are you eating or drinking at the moment?
NOTHING because....

[twenty-seven] do you speak any other language?

[twenty-eight] what's your favorite smell?
Haseo....XD Endrance...XD Im just being stupid. Uh....after rain! :D

[twenty-nine] if you could describe your life in one word, what word would it be?

[thirty] when was the last time you gave/received a hug?
.....idk a week ago? it was from Endrance/Kuhn XD ...I mean Kuhndrance! XD 

[thirty-one] have you ever kissed in the rain?
No, O.o

[thirty-two] what are you thinking about right now?
.hack//G.U....Kuhn....Silabus....Redemption.....Haseo....Endrance in Returner XD

[thirty-three] what should you be doing?
talking to random peeps what else?

[thirty-four] who was the last person that made you upset/angry?
another dude who was insulting/harrassing my friends

[thirty-five] how often do you pray?
Ah once in a while

[thirty-six] do you like working in the yard?
 not really but whatever needs done i do. XD

[thirty-seven] if you could have any last name in the world, what would it be?
Misaki <<<I so totally wanted that because thats Ryou Misaki's last name and thats
Haseo RL player ^^;;; ....buuuut My last name would be Ichinose....XD Endrance's
player's last name! LMAO! Endrance = Kaoru Ichinose....he's a total Bish too....for a
20 year old! LMAO XDDDD

[thirty-eight] do you act differently around the person you like?
Yeah.....I give Haseo all my rare items...XD JK ...i dont like any one...well Except
for Haseo and Endrance XD man I gotta shut up!

[thirty-nine]what is your naturally hair color?
Dark brown it almost looks black << same

[forty] who was the last person to make you cry?
a friend...

‹DasAtem› says:   2 August 2007   426571  
*gasp* thats now 40 questions, it's only 28 questions ;_____;
shinigami119 says:   2 August 2007   643979  
I just realized endrance's last name is kinda funny
Alkaid says :   2 August 2007   175433  
XD I know your Fourty Secrets too shinigami119! XD Ichinose...XD yeah
when you read it like an american would ichy nose...XD if a japanese
would read it: Ichi-no-sei LOL


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