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Rendez-Vous - Chapter 7Category: Teen Stories, Love Stories
Wednesday, 1 August 2007
09:28:35 PM (GMT)
Its been a long time but here goes!: Its a wee bit short but enjoy 

As I walked in my steps became slow, and my eyes widened in shock. There was my
mother and father, but surprisingly instead of looking angry my mother's eyes were
red and slightly puffy. My heart sunk with guilt and sympathy, I knew I had really
crossed the line at this point.

 As I was about to part my lips I knew there was no excuse for what I did, my father
looking furious, his brow furrowed shook his head and sat on our old wooden kitchen
table, whilst my mother looking frail and tired padded upstairs slow and steady
ignoring my presence completely. As I seated myself on the table I knew I was in for
a lecture when my father began to speak

      ‘ I thought you would’ve understood our reasons for keeping you in Astrid.
You’ve not only upset your mother, but disappointed me.’

      ‘ I can-’ 

But the words wouldn’t come out, I felt that any excuse at this moment would be a
lie, out of pity for my parents and slightly out of pity for me salty, wet tears
began to run down my face. Instead of comfort my father slammed his hands on the
table before ordering me to bed and pouring himself a whisky. My eyes became wide and
scared and as I attempted to once again approach my father, he screamed 

‘ GO !’ 

My pace quickened and I ran into bed clutching my covers and positioning my body into
a hunched up ball. It seemed so strange that I could return from such a high, to such
a low in such a short period of time. The shock of my return still shuddered in my
inner self so much that I became short of breath, but slowly through the night the
soothing coolness of the breeze from my open window hushed my distraught sobs. 

The next morning I found my neat hunched position was ruined by my bad nights sleep
my legs and arms dashed around the bed. My head felt strangely clear considering I
had drunk so much and as I began to worry about my parent’s reaction I smoothed
down my hair in a lazy manner. Somehow when the sun was out and the birds were
singing the threat of punishment didn’t seem so sorrowful. Just at that moment my
mother walked in and sat on my bed, her face solumn and serious.

‘We decided that we would ground you for a further 2 months and cut off your money
supply, and you will from now on have to find work in the town’ 

There was a silence which seemed to last forever, until I became brave enough to
break it,

‘ I’m sorry mum. So Sorry.’

As I gripped her in a warm embrace, I felt her soft hands stroking my hair in
motherly affection. I knew it was going to be alright.
Days seemed to pass quite quickly, as I started a new routine. Wake up, School, work
at the hairdressers, go to sleep. My Saturdays were boring, filled with homework
sessions and visits from Milene. Although she visited me often, I still sensed that
she had an acute feeling of guilt herself for encouraging me to drink and sneak out,
but it was covered by smiles and movie sessions. 
  I used my time wisely, working out when I could and I almost forgot about James.
Almost. I had not even thought about the window in a week or two by now, not even the
passionate kiss we had shared was fresh in my mind. It was almost like a distant
memory destined to linger like a scene from a movie.

  That evening after a hard day’s work at school, I realised that I would have to
go to my shift at the hairdresser’s and my shoulders weakened. The money was good,
but by god did the job require energy. My chores included brushing away and disposing
of hair, the cleaning the utensils and making the staff coffee whenever they felt the
need for a break. It seemed like little effort was required but It exhausted every
fibre of me.

 It seemed like just an ordinary day when I put on my white shirt and red overall
when the doorbell chingled in a brisk fashion, my eyes were then attracted to the
customer standing in the door. It was none other than James. His skin seemed darker,
his eyes brighter and hair longer but It was the same boy I had been lusting after
all this time.
My usual butterflies followed, along with my sense of embarrassment as I walked over
to say hello.

Dragonfly01 says:   1 August 2007   397126  
you said the next ch. would come next week, and what took you so
What happend
BrazilianBonBon says:   10 August 2007   741841  
boarding school! sorry
Dragonfly01 says:   10 August 2007   536235  
ohh wow, well write the next ch. soon plz!
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   11 August 2007   565661  
boarding school i always wanted 2go


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