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I'm back o_o; 30 kisses as well D=Category: (general)
Monday, 30 July 2007
01:16:55 AM (GMT)
Wow, that was the first time somebody hasn't stopped when I told them to o_o
Mike wanted to talk to me, so I went along with it D=>
He grabbed me by my shoulders and kissed me, and he wouldn't stop o_o;
Eventually, I had to resort to drastic measures, so I kneed him in his groin D=>
I feel guilty now..

Anyways, here is my thirty kisses for Envy and Winry D=>

1. look over here 
 Ever since Winry and Envy's relationship had started, Envy wanted Winry to see him
as, well, him. He was always in his original form. The form he was born into.
But Winry didn't like that form. no, she wanted him to look Like Edward. When
they had sex, he had to look like Edward. Dinner with Edward. Walks
with Edward. So one day, Envy said, "Hey, Winry, look over here." When Winry
looked at him, he asked, "Who do you see?" Winry paused, smiled, and then said, "I
see you."

2. news; letter 
 "Envy, look what I got in the mail!" An excited automail mechanic called. Envy
sighed and wandered over to Winry. Winry could still be so excited despite her
serious nature. "Yes, love?" He asked, dreading what the letter was, knowing it
probably had to do with automail. "There's a new brand of automail out! Look look
look!" Envy hated being right sometimes. He looked at the picture and forced a smile.
"Eh heh heh, yeah, that's nice.." "Isn't it!? Oh, buy it for me! Pleasssseee? Maybe I
could give it to Edward!" Envy growled and held in the urge to kill something.
"Yup..Maybe you could."

3. jolt! 
 It was fun to watch Winry work on Automail. She was always so giddy and excited,
and, well, cute. Envy heard the phone go off, and walked into the other room,
picking it up. "Hello, Rockbell residence... Uh-huh. Yeah, I'm the man of the hou-"
Envy was interrupted by a loud buzz noise and a girly scream. Quickly hanging up the
phone, Envy ran into Winry's room. "W-Winry, are you okay?" "J-Just peachy.." Said a
rather fried looking Winry, hair frizzy, skin burnt. Envy paused. "Whatever you say."
He then left to go get a chocolate parfait.

4. our distance and that person 
 The relationship had a long way to go. Winry's heart still held a place in it for
him. "He's just like a brother to me, that's all!" She'd say, growling in
frustration soon after. "If he's like a brother to you, why do you want me to look
like him during sex?! Or are you just into Incest?" Winry threw her
wrench at Envy, nailing him square in the forehead, causing him to grunt. "What was
that for?!" He asked, rubbing the mark. "You don't understand anything!" She
cried, running out of the room, leaving Envy there to review what had been said.

5. "ano sa" ("hey, you know....")
 "Hey, you know..." Envy started, wrapping his arms around Winry's waist, nuzzling
her neck, inhaling her scent. "We haven't done it in quite a while..." Winry rolled
her eyes. "I thought you didn't want to do it." Envy scoffed. "I didn't want
to do it as Edward. Why can't I do it in this form?" Winry sighed and
looked at the floor. "Because... No matter what you do, you still remind me of him.."
Envy grunted and stormed off.

6. the space between dream and reality 
 Envy had wonderful dreams. Dreams that seemed so real.. But there was a gap. A gap
between the dream and reality. He'd once heard the saying, "A dream is a dream
because it's fantasy, and if it were to ever come true, then it was never a dream at
all." But he wanted these dreams to be real. He wanted to start a
family with Winry. He wanted Winry to start seeing him as him and not Edward.
He... He wanted to be accepted as a son by Hoenheim. But the gap wouldn't
allow it. It stayed firmly put. And Envy just had to get on with life.

7. superstar 
 Winry had become a superstar in the automail world. Her designs were even more
up-to-date than new models, and were ten times better, so much more efficient.
Finally, Envy could be proud, knowing he was banging a superstar.

8. our own world
 "Winry," Envy began as he stared up at the night sky, sneaking a glance at Winry
before resuming his gaze at the stars. "Yes, Envy?" Winry responded, looking at him,
smiling. "Do you ever wish you and I could have our own little world..?" He asked,
sitting up, looking at her. "Sometimes." Winry said, thinking. "But it'd be
bad." "Why?" Envy questioned, frowning slightly. "Because who would defend
us from the legions of aliens?" At that moment Envy questioned Winry's sanity.

9. dash
 Races were held every Saturday between Edward, Envy, Winry, and Alphonse. Whoever
won got to make the other three do whatever they wanted. Winry had
always won, and forced Envy and Edward to spend quality time together, and
Alphonse to stare at a wet kitten for hours on end. But today had been
different. Envy had won, and he had the perfect punishment in store for
the other three. Well, mostly Edward and Alphonse. He made out with Winry, right in
front of the two shocked and angry boys. And it had worked like a charm. The boys
were steaming with rage as they left Risembool, just like planned.

10. #10
 Winry wasn't exactly great at talent competitions. Her only talent was automail.
And, well, her other talents were kept strictly between her and Envy... But
enough about that. Winry stared at the judges, eager to see her score. "In
last place, at #10, Winry Rockbell!" The first judge said. There were claps, probably
forced. Winry sighed and went home to a rather energetic Envy. "What did you rank?"
He asked as soon as she got in the door. "#10.." Winry groaned, kicking off her
shoes." Envy smiled. "You'll always be #1 in my book." Winry smiled happily.
"Really?" "Yeah. #1 at screwing, stripping, talking dirty, ki- OW!" That night Envy
slept on the couch with a massive lump on his forehead.

11. gardenia
 Envy remembered the first time he and Winry had made love. They'd been walking
through a field, and in a rather heat of the moment kind of thing, they kissed. The
kiss led to touches, and the touches led to the actual sex. They'd made love, right
there, in a field of gardenia. Envy smiled at the memory and looked over at the
sleeping girl. They'd have to go take another walk there soon.

12. in a good mood
 Winry was in a good mood today. A very good mood. Too good a mood.
Envy was rather suspicious of her, wondering what she had planned. That's when he
heard a call from the bedroom. "Oh Envy dear..." She called, her tone rather
husky. Envy wandered over to the room, and gasped. On the bed was a naked Winry,
eating a chocolate parfait. Envy couldn't tell what looked tastier. Her or that
chocolate parfait that was slowly drizzling onto her chest. Unable to control
himself, he leapt at her. The next day, they were so sore they couldn't move.

13. excessive chain
 One day Envy asked Winry if they could try something new in bed. Winry agreed, and
that night, Envy put a collar on her. Somehow, the next day, he woke up on the floor
rather sore, the collar around his neck, the large chain wrapped around his body
quite tightly. He needed to get healthier fetishes.

14. radio-cassette player
 Winry was obsessed with the radio Envy had gotten her for her birthday. She was
constantly listening to it, singing to the songs. He figured it was the best gift
he'd ever gotten her, because he got to hear her beautiful voice sing. "On the day
that you left, I waved goodbye as usual..." She sang softly, working on Den's
automail. Envy smiled from behind the door and sighed. "Envy, you scored big time."
He mumbled to himself.

15. perfect blue
 The sky was such a perfect blue. But it wasn't as perfect as Winry's eyes. Nothing
rivaled them. They were so amazing, Envy could stare into them forever.
Until his eyes got sore from not blinking. Then he had to take a break. Then he could
continue staring.

16. invincible; unrivaled
 "I'm invincible." Envy said to a group of thugs who had been trying to hurt
Winry. "You honestly think you can hurt me with a pipe and some bats? Go
ahead. Try it." When the thugs went at Envy, she closed her eyes and turned
away. She couldn't watch. As Envy walked past her, he said, "Let's go. And watch once
in a while. You're going to see this at some point in time.." Winry knew that was
true. It was just, she didn't want to see it yet. No, just a bit longer.

17. kHz (kilohertz) 
 "Envy, how do you figure out kilohertz?" Winry asked the homunculus, whom was
lounging on the couch. "Easy." He said, smiling. Winry smiled brightly. "Really?"
"Yeah. You do stuff." Winry sighed in annoyance and stormed off. "But it's
true!" Envy said, sitting up. God, women. He'd never understand them.

18. "say ahh...."*
 Winry sighed in anger as Envy transformed into her. He brushed back his newly
acquired sunny hair and smiled smugly. "I look pretty hot, ahn?" He said, winking at
her. "You just like turning into me so you can touch your breasts." "True as that
is.." "Ugh, pervert.." Winry walked away, and Envy gave himself a quick feel
before turning back. She could never take a joke. 

19. red
 Red was Envy's favorite color, and Winry's most hated color. Envy liked
blood, Winry hated blood. But then again, opposites did attract. And if
that was truly the case, they were destined for eachother.

20. the road home
 Envy had once figured he had no home. But now, now he had one. Everyday, when he was
done with his newly acquired job in Central, he would walk the road home, heading to
the place he knew he truly belonged, where the woman he truly belonged resided. Life
was good.

21. violence; pillage/plunder; extortion
 Violence was such a turn-on for Envy. There was a day in central where he saw
the Flame Alchemist burn up some men who tried to make a move on his little
lieutenant. Upon returning home, as soon as Winry opened the door, he jumped at her
and ravished her on the carpet. The rug burn was vicious.

22. cradle
 Winry wanted a child she could cradle in her arms. But she couldn't have a child.
Envy explained to her that he couldn't get her pregnant. The only homunculus with the
ability to impregnate somebody was Pride, considering Dante had made him to be the
most human-like of all her creations. Winry sighed and crossed her arms over her
chest. She could always have Envy turn into a baby. Yeah, that would work nicely.

23. candy
 Candy was fun to have in bed. Very fun. Especially chocolate. Envy loved chocolate,
and he loved Winry, so putting the two together created a rather tasty treat.

24. good night
 He didn't know what he'd done that night to get on her bad side. It couldve been the
comment about Edward he'd made, saying everything would be better if he didn't exist.
Winry stood up suddenly from the dinner table, and bit her lip. "Good night Envy."
She said, before running to her room. Envy sighed and leaned back in his chair. He
had to start watching what he said. 

25. fence
 The fence had to be repainted. That was something Envy would get on later. He had
better things to do right now. Like ravish the sexy mechanic before him. Maybe he
could do her against the fence so he wouldn't have to walk outside after.. Hm.

26. if only I could make you mine
 When Envy first met Winry, the first thing he thought was, "If Only I could make you
mine." And now look where they were. Heh heh heh, Envy: 1, Edward: 0 Envy
though happily.

27. overflow
 Envy and Winry never had sex in the bath for one simple reason: The water would
overflow. From the rapid movement and all that. Sigh. Well, there was always the
river, wasn't there?

28. Wada Calcium CD3 
 Winry made the mistake of giving Envy her pills one day. The entire day, he was all
over the place, hyper. "SothenIbeatuptheseguys," he started, talking so fast his
words were getting grouped together.
"CausetheyaskedwhatgenderIwassoIhadtocheathemalessheyWinryareyoulistening?" Winry had
to take twice the aspirin that day.

29. the sound of waves
 The two of them went to the beach quite often, just to listen to the waves. The
sound was just marvelous. And it was just so romantic. Winry smiled and rested her
head on Envy's shoulder, who blushed. "I love the beach, don't you?" "Y-Yeah." The
two then watched the sunset.

30. kiss 
 The day before that final battle, the day before Edward died in the Alchemical world
and went to the Scientific world and the day Envy went through the gate never to
return, Winry said, "I love you. Not Edward, not Alphonse, you. Please, come home
safe. Promise me." Envy frowned. He couldn't promise anything, but he did anyways. "I
promise." He then kissed Winry, putting every ounce of his being into that kiss,
before walking away, waving. "Bye." Winry smiled gently, and held back the tears.


Gaoh.. That was terrible D=>

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