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Harry Potter --(spoilers)--Category: Warning for anyone who hasn't finished book 7
Sunday, 22 July 2007
10:38:50 AM (GMT)
In case you didn't understand the title and category, this post includes info
about the plot of the latest Harry Potter book. If you intend to read Harry Potter
and the Deathly Hallows or are reading it and haven't finished, and don't want the
ending to be spoiled TURN AWAY NOW!!!


I finished book 7/Deathly Hallows yesterday afternoon, after spending four solid
hours reading early saturday morning (from 1 till 5), then finishing the last few
chapters off (just less than an hour, I think) later on. Let it be known, going
shopping on less than four hours sleep is evil.

Anyway, my thoughts:
-Snape got redeemed! I had a soft spot for Snape, even if he was a bit of a git, so
I'm glad it turns out that he was good all along.
-The whole Dumbledore plot. Very nice touch, showing that in the end, Dumbledore
was only human. Yeah, it was shown at the end of Order of the Pheonix but this time
it was blatantly obvious. Added much to Dumbledore's character, in my opinion.
-Lupin and Tonks marry!!
-Lupin and Tonks have a kid!!
-Lupin and Tonks die. Okay, so I could've condensed the last three points into one
but they deserve their own points. I was really upset about Lupin and Tonks dying -
they're my two favourite characters and so, understandably, I was calling JK every
name under the sun when they were revealed as dead.
-Lily, James, Sirius and Lupin walking Harry to his 'death'. Touching isn't in
-Ron/Hermione FTW! In your face Harry/Hermione shippers!! XD
-No, seriously, about the above point: took your time! Very sweet little moment,
and a nice dose of lightness when things had gotten heavy.
-Dobby's death. It shouldn't have been so sad, and it certainly shouldn't have been
as saddening as losing Mad-Eye, but it was...
-Kretcher finally being happy. I didn't like him before but as soon as he went
...'nicer', he was so endearing. Shame that it was hinted about Kretcher dying. No
seriously - it was a big shame.
-The epilouge. Harry and Ginny, with three darling kiddies (Albus Severus Potter
FTW!), Hermione and Ron with their little children, Ted Tonks being treated as one of
Harry's own (well, Harry -is- his Godfather), Draco and his son...seriously, the
whole thing is so Made Of Win it is contagious.
-Was Ted Tonks living with his grandparents? I presume so, as he wasn't living
with Harry, but...eh, I don't know.
-The last word not being scar, but being fourth-to-last word. I don't know why, but
that made me happy for some reason.
-So....it really was set in the early 90s? Harry would've been 11 in
93.............or earlier.............................cannon time makes my brain
hurt..... (this is basically going off Harry's parents' gravestones, and the fact
that I never understood when -exactly- the series was set in terms of years/1991,
1992 etc.)

Overall opinion: good, but not my favourite. Nice to have some closure and see
everything tied up, and to see Voldie dead at last but still........Still very good
indeed, far better than a lot of stuff.

In other news, I have to read Tom Brown's School Days as part of my college English
Language and Literature course. Oh the joys...not.
Last edited: 22 July 2007

blindwonder says:   22 July 2007   572452  
What do you mean walking him in to his death?
featherlightdreamz says:   22 July 2007   627472  
well you see, from the beginging harry was the last horcrux, and in
like, the second to last chapter, harry goes in yo the pensive thing
again and realizes that snape had been on their side all along,and
that they( snape and dumbledoor...i  will finish this later, have to
eat brealfast
featherlightdreamz says:   22 July 2007   958593  
ok...finished breakfast, and OMG! i was soo sad when fred died, i
really liked him...he was a really big character, i didn't really like
 the ending cause i was sortof expecting him to die, ya know?
featherlightdreamz says:   22 July 2007   748992  
does anyone know what that creature was when dumbledore and harry
where talkin'?
blindwonder says:   22 July 2007   697817  
A phoenix?
LunaSakura says:   23 July 2007   614616  
Blindwonder, I mean Harry used the ressurection stone to bring them
back temporarily and they walked with him went he went to face
Voldemort in the forest.

Featherlightdreamz....well, I thought it sounded a bit like Voldemort
as a baby, you know, like when he was brought back in Goblet of Fire.
That's what I think anyways.
‹DeliriousNightingale♥› says:   6 August 2007   245385  
I pretty much had the same opinion too. At first, I was kinda mad
that Dobby died.  But that's how he would have wanted to die, to
protect Harry. The only death I am EXTREMELY pissed about is Hedwig.
ecstasy says :   26 October 2011   822058  
amen to that. 


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