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Broken SwordsCategory: One of My wacked up Poems
Wednesday, 18 July 2007
09:43:56 PM (GMT)

Broken Sword
Randdom Naruto Fanfiction

Chapter 1. Kidnaps And Mettings

It was a stormy night by the akatsuki hideout.
"Kazazu did you steal my money i was saveing up agian hmmm?"
asked a blone haired male that had a boyish face and a mouth of his hand.
"No i didn't deidara-san" said a male that was clearly hiding something behind his
back. The male had masks all over his body and you could barely see his skin or any
trace of fleash. Another male male soon walked over he has silver hair and a torn up
Akatsuki alfit "Kazaku took the money." the male said as he fell onto the couch and
motioned the two males infront of him whitch are Kazaku and Deidara to move out of
the way.The men Did as Told. 

/Infront of Akatsuki hideout
Two Females walked in a deep woods infront of akatsuki hideout. One was whereing a
blue robe and a akatsuki hat  to cover her face. The other was wearing a Red Robe and
an Akatsuki Hat Witch was also covering her face
The two walked though the woods to the front of akatsuki hideout  The female wearing
The red Robe Simply Poked the HUGE boulder blocking the entrance of the Akatsuki
Hideout And It Shattered into Millions of Pieces

/Back inside the hideout
Deidara Heard the Movement and the boulder Breaking "We have Guests Hmmmmm" Deidara
Said as all of the Akatsuki Mebers Made they Way out into the Main Room and Sat down
Deidara Though Stood at The other side of the Entrance waiting to Greet There Guests

/Back out side of the Entrance
The Two Girls Made there Way Into the Akatsuki Hideout To See The akatsuki Waiting
for them. A single Sigh Escaped From the Girl With the Blue Robe. "Wow Shes So cute I
say we kidnap This One Hmmmm" Deidara said while putting his hand on her shoulder.
The girl with the blue robe just stared at him. "This one is ok i guess " Sasori said
looking at the other newcomer "But guys what about that other girl we Kidnaped last
week?" The leader Said still hidden in the shadows.Soon a Short Female Walked out
From the back room Her hair Was Firetruck Red  And was Neatly Placed In a Very long
Pony tail She had very Kind Green Eyes (Don't Be fooled she is Not Kind...AT ALL) A
Smile Placed on Her face She was Wearing a Olive Green Robe That looked just like The
two other Girls Robes But in Stead of Just a normal Robe She was Wearing a Belt
(Hopefully i'm being Clear You know how when you put a robe on you tie the stringy
thingy well this girl doesn't have that she has a Belt)Her headband Was Looped Onto
her Belt she was A ninja From The Waterfall Village The headband Had a Deep Crossout
(I Bet she Used a Chainsaw ^_^) "You know Mr. Leader Person I Have a Name Say it With
me ok" Said the Girl "" They Both said. the leader Rolled His eyes
"Yes We Kidnaped The Annoying Runt" Just after The remark 
(For all the People who Don't Get it the Leader got Slaped By itachi.....Because
Itachi Likes Catalyna~
I'll shut up )
Itachi Glared at the Leader "But Leader Itachi got to keep that One i want a play
thing to Hmmmmm"
(Deidara Got slaped By Catalyna AND itachi Lol)
"OOOOOWWWW THAT HURT" Deidara Screamed Holding both of his Cheeks Hiding the Red
marks That were Scared on Them "But.....Anyway What are You girls Names?" Deidara
Asked Trying to act Cool "I'm Riveranna Manichi From the Village Of Mist" said the
I'M USEING THERE REAL NAMES FROM NOW ON) "And I'm Sora From the Sand Village" Said
the Other Girl with the Red Robe "What No last Name" Said Hidan "No You don't Get a
last Name"
(Thats Because Sand_Ninja Didn't Give me a Last Name and I'm WAY to Lazy To ask ^_^)
Deidara Took off Riveranna's and sora's Hats To Reveal The faces Of the Girls
riveranna Had Raven Black Hair That was Just Hanging Messy Riveranna had Silver Eyes
and Pale Pale PALE Skin (Almost White O.O) Sora Had Short Green Hair That was Hanging
Over her Headband That was Placed On her fourhead(WOW I would of never
guessed...-_-)She had Tan skin and DARK green Eyes "Shes Cute But Weak" Said Sasori 
Screamed Sasori He was Now afraid Yet Had very Good Chrisma With Sora
"But why kidnap these two?" Asked Hidan. "Thats right why do we want them they don't
have a Jiiikurii" said Kisame "And there poor" Stated Kazaku Riveranna Was Frightend
By How he Knew That (He has Rich people Senses) "AWWWWWWW But There Cute Can We
PLEASE We keep Them?" Deidara Said in a very cute Voice "As long as you take care of
them" The leader Said looking at Catalyna Who was not Pleased With this. 'If Either
of them Land a hand on Itachi i'll kill them' Catalyna face was Glareing at them
'Hehehehehe The one With Red hair is cute' Sora Thought and silently Giggled 'What
are we pets God' Riveranna Thought with a rage "I want this one" Deidara Said With
his 'Hyper' Voice and huged Riveranna From the back Riveranna was still from shock 'I
have some random Guy hugging me' She thought And Blinked From Confusion "Awwwww How
Cute Deidara Gots a Girl Friend" Catalyna Said in a baby Voice Sora Just sighed and
Watched her Friend look like a complete Fool infront of a Cute guy
"Sasori-Danna Take that one shes cute and you are looking for a a Cute one
RRRIIIGGGHHHT" Deidara Said huging Riveranna Tighter Riveranna still was in shock
'Sasori That one must be......OMG ITS THE RED HEAD' Sora Thought this and started
Blushing from the sight of him looking at her with his kind gentle Eyes 
"Ok then its settled Deidara gets Riveranna and Sasori gets Broccoli Head...Uhhhhh i
mean Sora" The leader said backing away before Sora kills him
"So Itachi What do you wanna do Today?" Catalyyna Asked "Tobi Wants To Go to Dinner!"
Tobi Shouting As he randomly Stood in the middle of Catalyna and Itachi "Tobi won't
be Comeing to Dinner with us" Catalyna Said Shaking her head as a 'No' sigh to Tobi
"But Tobi is a Good Boy" Tobi Said Frowning "Ok Be a Good boy Tobi and Go jump off a
Clift " Riveranna Randomly Said And 
 She Smiled Like Four Year old With that Huge Silly Grin "Ok Tobi Will be a Good boy"
Tobi Said and ran Off to find the Nearst Clif In the River village"Oh My good Friend
i Won't Let you get away With not Thanking Me for getting tobi away" Riveranna said
with that same Grin  "Thanks Then" Catalyna Said alittle afraid of That scary look on
Riveranna's Face but Still alittle Amused at the same time. "Hmmmmm what Do i Want
From you..." Riveranna Said With the Same Grin But a More Evil look to her now
"Money" a Random Chibi Kazaku  Head Said (Scary O.O) "How About....You take Me Sora
Deidara Sasori and Itachi Out for dinner"
"Its never About Money" The Chibi Head Said Sighing "You pay the Bill" Riveranna Said
In a Very Serious/Funny Tone "Yayz Money" The Chibi Head Said then It Go 'Poof' And
Magicly Disapperd "I'll Treat You all To dinner But Can i Invite Some Friends Along
Too?" Catalyna Said in a Cheerful Voice "As Long as its Not Mr. I Smell Like Dog and
To Lazy to Talk Man" Itachi Said Annoyed "Hehehehehehehe Itachi I can't Promise That"
Catalyna Said In a Very Happy/Scary Voice. "Ok I'll tell the Leader That we are going
then i'll meet you in the car kk?" Sasori Asked They all Nodded And Sasori Walked
Away Into Many Very Confusing Hallways Riveranna,Catalyna,Deidara,Itachi And Sora All
Made there way Into The car Itachi Driving Catalyna In Passenger Deidara And
Riveranna Sitting In The First Row of Seats and Sora Sitting in the Very Back two
Person Seat. Soon Sasori came Out into The car and Sat Next to Sora In the Back Back
Seat. "So Riveranna What do you Think of Art un?" Asked Deidara
"art is Fun I guess" Riveranna Said smiling -----> ^_^ <------- "Art is a Dieing
Potion That in The end Explodes In the End From The Artists Crativity and Skill Un"
Deidara Said sounding Really Smart (Surprise!) "You Idiot You Know Nothing Of Art is
a Never Ending Act Thats Lets out Your Crativity and Lets it Be shown" Sasori Said
Rather Annoyed "Hehehehe Yay i'm Gonna Peretnd I Know what Your Talking Bout"
Riveranna Said In a Very Funny Voice Everyone Started Laughing Soon They Pulled Up at
The Sushi Store They Pulled Up and Got out of the Car Catalyna Was looking around for
Someone Intill She saw Him She ran Right Through The Road And Into The Mans Arms The
Minute She hugged Him a Whiteish Dog Jumped On Catalyna's Shoulder This Went on For
three Seconds Intill
The Man She was Hugging Cut her Skin On your Shoulder Right Open and The Dog Bit her
on the neck The whole Team of Akatsuki ran over to her ANd helped her Up Itachi Held
her So She was Fall "Thats Not Kiba Thats....Thats....."

I'm Gonna End it Right here For this Chapter ^_^ Hope you Liked It Hehehehehe I Know

Riveranna:Hehehehehe See you Next Time on Broken Swords ^_^
Last edited: 18 July 2007

Disaster says:   19 July 2007   452435  
It's very nice.
 I love writing. <3
sand_ninja says:   19 July 2007   655176  
Haha. im those kool people with no lastname! ^^
*is being like itachi* ::::SMACK::::: gosh...please right more if u
dont i'll kill u with my sword.
and how dare the leader call me broccoli...why can't i kill him
~Im gunna read it again.That was so kool!^^~
SoraChan says:   19 July 2007   523823  
Meh hair is WAAYY lighter then broccoli Mr. leader guy.
~oh yeah..this is like meh 5th time reading this.^^~
riveranna says:   19 July 2007   154546  
 Oh Ya Catalyna is Based On my Sister So.......Hehehehe
sand_ninja says :   15 August 2007   634125  
i think i finally lost a few I.Q points


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