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~Memeries~Chapter Five0:Blinded By Anger And A New bandCategory: Roxas Love story
Monday, 2 July 2007
01:08:01 AM (GMT)
  You opened your eyes a little to see Roxas holding you."R-roxas?"
  "Aya!" He looked down on you. "Are you alrite?" He asked.
  "Yeah i'm ok.It's just that my head hurts alot...."
  "Riku!" Some yelled. You looked over and saw a boy with black wearing a jacet like
roxas is.
  "Whose that?" You asked roxas,still in his arms.
  Roxas looked down at you surprisingly "You..you don't know him?"
  "No..but i remember fight him...and i lost.He's my enemy."
~Still your POV~
  "What did he do to you?" Roxas asked
  "He.." You lifted up your brokin wrist. "He Broke my hand...and it still hurts."
  "I can take care of that." Roxas put his hand over your wrist and bandeges appered
on it."it will heal." He let you down then stared at riku. "RIKU!!!!" Roxas screamed
at the top of his lungs.
  "Hahahahahaha!!Ahahahaha!!" He laughed. The Barrier vanished.
~Josh's POV~
  A tear can to your eyes,relizing who aya thinks the barrier. You looked towards
Roxas and Aya who vanished in a portal.
  Riku walked up to you. "She thinks your the enemy now....the one you love hates
you...heartbreaking isn't it?" You heard him over your own thoughtsShe's my
enemy...because of him..Roxas a part of your mind whispered.It's
because of him..IT'S ALL HIS FAULT....your heart filled with anger and
hate as Riku laughed.
  "Wanna get revenge?Wanna MAKE her remember?" He shifted around you. He opened a
dark portal and you stepped threw it along with riku.
~Your(Aya's) point of view~
  You were back in twilight town with snow...Roxas holding your hand.You turned your
head and looked at him.He was wearing black long jacket with long baggy tan
shorts(wering his original shoes.)You were wearing a black and white neko-eared
hat.Your hair way shorter.And wearing nothing but a black long sleeve shirt andblack
  "Where are we going?" You asked
  "It's a surprise." He told you with a smile. "Close your eyes.I'll guide you." 
  "Ok.Don't let me trip." You closed your eyes.
  A few minutes later Roxas told you to open your eyes.You were on a stage...but 2
people ran to you and gave you a huge. Next thing you know you were on the ground
being tackled. "Hey get off you goof balls!" You said but couldn't help but smile.The
mullet boy helped you up.
  "Sorry!" He apologized."I hadn't seen you in a long time!"
  "I tackled you for fun." The person that was axel said.
  You stared at him with I'll-get-you-later look."Where are we anyway."
  "Well..just in case you don't remember me,I'm Demyx." The mullet boy said. "And
where practicing our song." He tossed you some drum sticks. "Just start
playing....you'll know the song." He said.
  You walked over to the drum set and started druming the tune to 'What I've Done' by
Linkin Park. You stopped druming it. "Nice choice of song" you told them.
  "Then let's rock!" Roxas,Axel, and Demyx said together.
  "In this farwell There's no blood There's no alibi cause i've drawn regret from
the truth of a thousand lies...So let mercy come and wash away What I've done."
By then everyone was rocking on there instruments.Roxas sounded prttey good singing
that song too. "I'll face myself to cross out what i've become..Erase myself and
let go of what i've done.." Then Roxas's voice got softer. "Put to rest what
you thought of me..While I clean this slate with the hands of uncertainty..So let
mercy come and wash away..What I've done i'll face myself to cross out what i've
become Erase myself and let go of what i've done...For what i've done i start again
and whatever pain my come Today this ends i'm forgiving what i've
done(nanananananananana)Forgiving what i've done(nanananananananana)Forgiving what
i've done.."
  After ya'll where done with the song, you heard claping from the seats.All of you
looked up with sweat on your heads and saw Hayner, Pence, and Olette.

SoraTomoshibi says:   2 July 2007   824475  
please ingnor the 0 in the name..my computer had tons of pop-ups
while i was writing down the story
sand_ninja says:   2 July 2007   461139  
 I really enjoyed it Sora-Chan!!!
SoraTomoshibi says :   2 July 2007   934145  


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