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Monday, 25 June 2007
05:16:29 PM (GMT)
Death is a word, and it is the word, the image, that creates fear. So can you look
at death without the image of death? As long as the image exists from which springs
thought, thought must always create fear. Then you either rationalize your fear of
death and build a risistance against the inevitable or you invent innumerable beliefs
to protect you from the fear of death. Hence there is a gap between you and the thing
of which you are afraid. In this time-space interval there must be conflict which is
fear, anxiety and self-pity. Thought, which breeds the fear of death, says, 'Let's
postpone it, let's avoid it, keep it as far away as possible, let's not think about
it'- but you are thinking about it. When you say, 'I won't think about it', you have
already thought out how to avoid it. You are frightened of death because you have
postponed it.

We have separated living from dying, and the interval between the living and the
dying is fear. That interval, that time, is created by fear. Living is our daily
torture, daily insult, sorrow and confusion, with occasional opening of a window over
enchanted seas. That is what we call living, and we are afraid to die, which is to
end this misery. We would rather cling to the known than face the unknown - the known
being our house, our furniture, our family, our character, our work, our knowledge,
our fame, our loneliness, our gods - that little thing that moves around incessantly
within itself with its own limited pattern of embittered existence.

We think that living is always in the present and that dying is something that awaits
us at a distant time. But we have never questioned whether this battle of everyday
life is living at all. We want to know the truth about reincarnation, we want proof
of the survival of the soul, we listen to the assertion of clairvoyants and to the
conclusions of psychical research, but we never ask, never, how to live - to live
with delight, with enchantment, with beauty every day. We have accepted life as it is
with all its agony and despair and have got used to it, and think of death as
something to be carefully avoided. But death is extraordinarily like the life we know
how to live. You cannot live without dying. You cannot live if you do not die
psychologically every minute. This is not an intellectual paradox. To live
completely, wholly, every day as if it were a new loveliness, there must be dying to
everything of yesterday, otherwise you live mechanically, and a mechanical mind can
never know what love is or what freedom is.

Most of us are frightened of dying because we don't know what it means to live. We
don't know how to live, therefore we don't know how to die. As long as we are
frightened of life we shall be frightened of death. The man who is not frightened of
life is not frightened of being completely insecure for he understands that inwardly,
psychologically, there is no security. When there is no security there is an endless
movement and then life and death are the same. The man who lives without conflict,
who lives with beauty and love, is not frightened of death because to love is to die.

bailey2005 says:   25 June 2007   733811  
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats cool
bailey2005 says:   25 June 2007   818188  
i am not afraid to die my grandpa died and i miss him
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and i cant even remember what his
voice sounds like 
bailey2005 says:   25 June 2007   684469  
i am ok with dying
Thingie456 says:   25 June 2007   474894  
Princess_Retard says :   5 September 2007   176516  
stong word this is amsome


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