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TartarusCategory: Meanings of life and things
Thursday, 21 June 2007
05:33:20 PM (GMT)
Tartarus is the lowest region of the world, as far below earth as earth is from
heaven. According to the Greek poet Hesiod, a bronze anvil falling from heaven would
take nine days and nights to reach earth, and an object would take the same amount of
time to fall from earth into Tartarus. Tartarus is described as a dank, gloomy pit,
surrounded by a wall of bronze, and beyond that a three-fold layer of night. Along
with Chaos, Earth, and Eros, it is one of the first entities to exist in the

While Hades is the main realm of the dead in Greek mythology, Tartarus also contains
a number of characters. In early stories, it is primarily the prison for defeated
gods; the Titans were condemned to Tartarus after losing their battle against the
Olympian gods, and the hecatoncheires stood over them as guards at the bronze gates.
When Zeus overcomes the monster Typhus, born from Tartarus and Gaia, he hurls it too
into the same abyss.

However, in later myths Tartarus becomes a place of punishment for sinners. It
resembles Hell and is the opposite of Elysium, the afterlife for the blessed.

Kisame32 says:   21 June 2007   969322  
y do u write these no one reads them you r not populer on kupika
MoonFireFox says:   22 June 2007   194315  
Tartarus is benath the underworld.....so its a hell for its
hell.....i think.
Thingie456 says:   24 June 2007   731419  
Tartarus is a place were people hoo deserve worse than the most
horrible punishment possible in hell go
MoonFireFox says:   25 June 2007   884343  
yeah..."A hell's hell"
Thingie456 says:   25 June 2007   767747  
MoonFireFox says:   25 June 2007   442589  
Thingie456 says:   25 June 2007   481671  
MoonFireFox says:   25 June 2007   614962  
what? its funny.
Thingie456 says:   25 June 2007   964786  
MoonFireFox says:   26 June 2007   439155  
Crud! *gets knife* DIE CLOWN!!>.<
Thingie456 says:   26 June 2007   277423  
*points at MoonFireFox* 
MoonFireFox says:   27 June 2007   176911  
Thingie456 says:   29 June 2007   166545  
Neither shall I!!!!
MoonFireFox says:   29 June 2007   571139  
die clown! >.<
Thingie456 says :   29 June 2007   816984  
i dont care


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