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scary storieCategory: a scary storie
Thursday, 21 June 2007
10:46:17 AM (GMT)
One day there was a man his name  was Cody and one day he met the perfect woman her
name was Annemarie they started urchin they got married and they had a wonderful life
and they had two beautiful twins and sadly one day while the twins were off at
college  Annemarie was sleeping and her heart died out and it was told to her that
she had cancer and she had a awful death the husbusband came home and though she was
sleeping and then he shook her and she didn’t move he checked her pulse and there
wasn’t one so he called the police when the abluce came it was pronounced that she
was dead.
 It was sad that she shad died an awful seat hurt the father the most it hurt him bad
one day he was looking for a t-shirt and he found the ring the wedding ring that he
had given her it was sad to find the ring after her death that was 6 years married
now this lady was so much prettier than the other wife  she was rich and one night
when they were sleeping a storm came into the room it was his old wife now his wife
was really freaked out about it and didn’t know what to do and so when she started
talking she noticed who it was and said nothing and listen to her talk now she
didn’t know that she would talk about her so she still kept her mouth shut and she
said that she couldn’t believe that she said that I can’t believe that you would
pick her to be your wife I was the perfect wife for u be mine and I will be your wife
again no the man said we can’t be togher anymore your dead and that’s all that
she tried but didn’t succeed but anyway with the story they went to sleep with the
nightmare of the wife coming back to life and they feared when she would pay anthor
vist to the lovely couple but little did they know that she would appear the next day
she came in at a time when they were actually sleeping this time and tried to  take
him away but she didn’t succeed cause the husband was  able to hear her but when
she came she locked them up in the house for a month they had no contact and ever
since then the old wife started dropping in over and over again now you would think
that the wife couldn’t put up with it but she didn’t care cause one night the
husband was ready to face her but that night she didn’t appear I  the gust of wind
she usually did it turned out the next day that the wife  was sick and one day they
went to doctor and the doctor confirmed she has cancer the guy was so mad but it had
turned out that it was the ex-wife’s doing see she had powers to make something
like that happen  so that night that they came back from the doctor the ex wife told
them that she did it the man wasn’t scared at all he stood up to her and tried to
have her stop the   cancer she refused to listen so the wife lived with the cancer
for five months and when it was almost the wife’s time to die she came back and
broke down then the old husband told her of and she went down in a huff once she was
gone  the new wife was feeling  so much better she could walk again the doctor
thought she wouldn’t make it but was so surprised when she was up and walking the
kids were happy that there step mom was okay and the mom was happy that she
successfully to go to there kids wedding actually both of them were so happy that
they were going to live happily without the evil wife but what they don’t know is
that every day of every month she checks on how they are doing and how there health
is she also checks on her old kids to make sure that there doing something good with
there life and that’s the end of the wife comes back to life but he will be back to
haunt in there peace

hotchick96 says:   21 June 2007   476857  
this is me the athour sry that it has some spell erros and it dosen't
make alot of snece but i'm gonna re postit again and it's gonna be
better so please don't get mad at me if you could just bare with it if
you can make sence of it good cause it's a good movie
hotchick96 says:   21 June 2007   259439  
and that i have to usernames and that hotchick96&JamicanBabe23 are
both my username
nicky7127 says:   21 June 2007   363567  
Dis Is A Gd Story..x
jeniferbui says:   22 June 2007   551874  
hello this is good
jeniferbui says :   13 July 2007   677538  
super good story


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