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Gemini:Chapter One: FireCategory: Stories
Monday, 21 May 2007
09:04:41 AM (GMT)
Chapter One

	Silently I waited in the ally way. It was the murderers I was after. Quietly I
planned every step to my attack, plotting the over due revenge. Swiftly he brought
his host into the ally way. This wasn’t Castor or Pollux, my heart skipped. I had
to wait for the girl this vampire had in his arms to go still. As soon and he was
done feeding he lifted his knife, and cut her throat. I jumped out from my hiding
spot, almost as graceful as a vampiress would. I plunged my steal dagger into his
heart. He fell, with a low screech. I had too flee before more came listening to his
last plight.
	When I was safely away I cleaned my blade, against my jeans. I breathed a sigh of
relief. This killing was easier then the first. Finally I may be perfecting my
hunting techniques. I smiled and marked the tally mark on my arm of tonight’s kill.
I felt for the girl, but she couldn’t be saved. 
	Now my search for the Gemini brothers has continued. That’s what I called them,
the Gemini brothers. The Deadly Duo. They were the most powerful vampires in this
state. Pennsylvania has no hope if I can’t annihilate them. They have terrorized
Philadelphia for twelve years. Since was three, they’ve been destroying my life.
Starting with my twin brother. Isn’t that a coincidence? That a twin would be
hunting twins.
	“Geffy stop following me.” I growled. Geffy was a Dalmatian that follows me all
the time. I have no time for a dog, and he would end up getting hurt. He looked up at
me with his sad puppy eyes. He was so tiny, and homeless. “Fine.” I lifted him up
and carried him home.

	I dropped my house keys on the end table and carried Geffy into the bathroom. He
gladly pounced into the bath tub and I cleaned him, his white fur actually becoming
white. His tail pounded against the tub, making a thud sound. 
I tied my bandanna around his neck once he was dry. He trotted and circled around me
in the bathroom then placed his two front paws on my legs.
“Geffy, you be a good boy.” I said petting his head. He looked into my eyes in
mock acknowledgement. I carried him down the steps and into my kitchen, setting him
on the table. I had a metal bowl that could serve as a food dish for him. I placed
some chicken and gravy into the bowl and let him eat.
“I’ll get you some dog food tomorrow.” I promised. 

My eyes closed as I worked on my laptop. My face hit the key board then I woke
	A new instant message popped up on my screen. I didn’t know the screen name but I
accepted any way.
	DEVILSong666: Do you want to be one of us?
	CondutrOfTheDead: I’m presuming vampire?
	DEVILSong666: Its not a difficult question. Do you wish to be one of us?
	CondutrOfTheDead: It’s a question of damnation…..
	DEVILSong666: You are very smart…
 	CondutrOfTheDead: I know this.
DEVILSong666: and you’re a smart ass.
CondutrOfTheDead: This I know as well.
 	DEVILSong666: You’re a skilled fighter, I saw you kill Tripp.
CondutrOfTheDead: he’s not my only victim.
DEVILSong666: I’ve been watching you Rose.
CondutrOfTheDead: Then you are quiet, or you too would be dead.
DEVILSong666: you are so sure of yourself?
CondutrOfTheDead: I am.
DEVILSong666: Back to my question…..
CondutrOfTheDead: Let me meet you first.
DEVILSong666: What says you won’t kill me?
CondutrOfTheDead: My word as a hunter.
DEVILSong666: Leave your blade home….
CondutrOfTheDead: Then I’ll be defenseless of the others.
DEVILSong666: I’ll protect you, you have my word
CondutrOfTheDead: When? Where?
DEVILSong666: Tomorrow, place of your choice. And bring Geffy I love dogs.
CondutrOfTheDead: Fine St. Helena’s in Olney.
DEVILSong666: As you wish. Good night.
Last edited: 23 May 2007

‹yeahitsLEIGH♥› says:   21 May 2007   867559  
Did you copy my name from my story Gemini's Curse?
abc_ cries:   21 May 2007   544819  
............ but the girl was lost....... you should have saved her
‹*=ForgottenInNothingness=*› says:   21 May 2007   839656  
loulougal no its vampires and there twins, so the two main stars of
the constelation Gemini works
‹*=ForgottenInNothingness=*› says:   22 May 2007   475441  
jake, she had to be killed before the main charater could act....
‹Music_Lover_121091_<3› says:   22 May 2007   636369  
hehehe are u riting this 1 now?
‹*=ForgottenInNothingness=*› says:   22 May 2007   121531  
yea jenn
pinkypincessz says:   10 December 2008   871461  
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‹*=ForgottenInNothingness=*› says :   10 December 2008   665522  
please don't put spam or links to other websites on my diary entries.
Thank you


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