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TEEN STORIES: Thinking of you - Chapter 2Category: Teen Stories, Love Stories
Monday, 9 April 2007
08:07:34 PM (GMT)
Here goes the second chapter, hope you like guys 

After my strange encounter with the handsome boy, It was almost as if my whole life
was a play, and I was witnessing all of it- instead of living it. Oh, his beautiful
eyes, his masculine physique, his intent stare. The next morning I woke up to a very
kranky mother.


This wasn't unusual as It usually happened when she had had a mega fight with my
father. I went to the mirror and looked at my unruly hair, i brushed it down so it
hung straight and after taming the beast which was my hair I was quite happy with my
appearance. Usually I didn't wear makeup to school, but I didn't 'Usually' see guys
such as the window guy and therefore made an effort with my mascara and applied a
sweet smelling floral perfume to the nape of my neck. 
  My heart thudded after breakfast as I walked down my drive, maybe I will see him, I
thought as I tried to concoct reasons for hanging around in the drive.

 ' Astrid, stop diddly dalliling, and lets go! I'm going to be late for work' said my
dad slightly irritated, 

I was fond of my father especially and didn't want to displease him so sighing with
disappointment I got into the car watching his house as I drove away. School was
boring as ever, I found myself day dreaming all the time. What would his touch feel
like, what would his lips taste like? I didn't know, but I wanted to find out.
Numerous times I was told off for my lack of concentration, then I scalded myself. I
only saw him for what, 2 seconds, how could I think about one boy so much? So
shrugging off the idea all together I walked into the courtyard for lunch.
   There next to the willow tree was my friend Milene. 

         ' Hey Astrid' she said winking at me and taking a huge bite out of her
         ' What's new?' I said smiling back

         'Uh' her face fell, I knew the news wasn't good.  ' I have something to tell
you, but don't be angry.. promise?'

         'Ok' I replied, 'Promise'
         'I'm moving away in a week, to the country.' her lip started to tremble in a
nervous manner
         'I..' I was speechless. I didn't know what to say, my eyes started to burn
and the light around me was just too bright, here I was being shallow thinking about
this mistery boy when my best and only friend and confidante was leaving. For good. 

         As I was waiting with her for the school bus, we held hands, we knew that we
may not see eachother often and It was a very sad moment. I risked the bus, I risked
the chance of seeing the mean bullies and sat at the front with Milene. I was in luck
as I scanned the bus, no sign of the bullies, or the 'Uglies' as we used to call them
and so I enjoyed what few moments I had with my friend.

         I walked to my house alone. I didn't feel like speaking to anyone, let alone
mistery boys. That night I looked in my vanity mirror, I had no motivation to do
anything and as I was about to open my closet, there he was, again. 
        This time he didn't even flinch at seeing me, nor did he wave or smile. I
took time to stare back and look at his facial features, his jaw line, oh ,
everything about him made my stomach and groin tighten. I smiled nervously,
forgetting about my sad news earlier. His mouth opened, as if to say something. Then
I saw the returned smile. My heart flew as I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, then feeling
naughty I closed the curtains. That was enough. For now.

Thesportygirl100 asks:   9 April 2007   612154  
I missed the begiinningt
Can you mail it to me
BrazilianBonBon says:   9 April 2007   125258  
You will find the first entry of my Diary for the first part:


then look up my diary.. have fun  x x
comingtosave says :   9 June 2007   685194  
i like this! l0lz
 cmnt my story idea


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