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Le French Pussy Cat and Le French Moose: Adventures in Paris Part1Category: French Pussy Cat Story Part 1
Wednesday, 21 March 2007
03:42:15 PM (GMT)
Le French Pussy Cat and Le French Moose: Adventures in Paris   Part 1

"So this is Paris, huh?" Bruce the Moose said showing no signs of interest
"Oui, You think it is boring huh?" Replied Jean-Pierre the Cat, "You have not seen it
yet! Taxi!"
The two animals climbed into the black cab, Jean-Pierre tapping on the drivers window
to grab his attention. "Driver! Take us to Le Grand Royale Hotel!" The cab set off
driving through the busy roads of Paris. Bruce began to admire the scenery. "See that
there?" Jean-Pierre pointed to a large, grand building with stone columns, "That is
Le Grand Galleria, the art gallery. I am sure we will have MANY adventures there,
no?" Bruce nodded along, but couldn't think of anythign more BORING. He mentally blew
up the gallery.
at the door of the hotel they were both greeted by a great dane dressed in a smart
black suit and top hat. He pulled a huge cheesy grin at them both as they walked into
the foyer. Bruce retorted with a pitying look.
While Jean-Pierre went to check in, Bruce decided to explore. His hooves squeaked on
the marble floor, much to the annoyance of the pish-posh guests in the lobby. Bruce
decided to go somewhere more adventurous, and so he entered a door marked PRIVATE:
NO ENTRY The sudden change in light and overpowering bleach scent soon made him
change his mind. He turned to go back, but suddenly heard a voice coming from
somewhere nearby.
"No You fool! I told you the plan, no last-minute changes!"
"But sir-"
"No buts! It will take place in TWO days, and we will be entering at the agreed time.
Now get out of my sight!"
Bruce heard the creature moving towards him. He darted back into a corner- just in
time. The creature padded out of the room, dragging it's tail behind it. Bruce
breathed a sigh of relief and slid down to a sitting position. What had that been
about? Probably some kind of silly arrangement. But why would they plan it in the
dark? Bruce began to wonder, but hearing the frantic voice of Jean-Pierre, he
dismissed the idea and ran back out into the lobby.
"Ah, Bruce! I would like you to meet a friend of mine! This is Monsieur Gerard
A grey possum turned and shook Bruce's hand. He somehow seemed familiar.....

‹Push the Button› says:   21 March 2007   321772  
LOL YAY!! CAN'T WAIT TILL THE NEXT BIT...They are plotting something
watermelon says:   6 April 2007   285935  
Write more!!
Bootheghost says :   10 May 2007   675587  
yay! u must write more! asplode!

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