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Life on Lunar Street; Chapter 4: Teams and Mission AssignmentCategory: (general)
Friday, 9 February 2007
06:33:26 PM (GMT)
It was the next day now, and Kaylee immedeatly jumped out of bed. Today is going
to be great! Kaylee was perticulary ecstatic today, because today was the day she
and Seth would bascically spend the hole day together. After last night,
Kaylee realized how sweet, cute, and kind Seth was. You could say she had a crush.
She quickly got changed into the clothes she believed she looked best in. While at
her vanity, brushing her long brown hair to perfection, she heard her mother call
her. "Kaylee! There's someone at the door for you!" Kaylee's stomach suddenly
tightened. Her face got extremely red. "I-I'll be right there!" She quickly checked
her outfit again and raced downstairs, quickly grabbing her string book-bag. When she
got down stairs, she saw no one at the door. Her mother was now driving away in their
Derango, waving goodbye to Kaylee. She made a puzzled face and closed the door. Just
then, she felt a hand touch ehr shoulder. She shrieked and spun around in surprise.
When she turned around, she saw Seth with the same face she had on; startled. "Oh,
Seth, it's you." She took a breath of relief and smiled at him. Seth chuckled a bit
and said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." He also started to catch his
breath a bit. After a minute they both laughed at the moment. "So, you ready?" Seth
said anxiously. "Yup, let's go." As they walked out the door, Kaylee remembered
something. "Oh, I just remembered! I got you something, Seth." She took out a bag
from her book-bag. "You did? Man, you didn't have to." He blushed a bit. "Ofcourse I
did! After yesterday, it'd be horrible not to get you something." Kaylee gave a big
smile and handed Seth the bag. He smiled back and opened the bag. Inside there was
another box. He opened that and took out a a necklace with a dog tag. "Wow Kaylee,
I-" Kaylee put her hand on his arm to stop him and said, "Read the inscription." Seth
immediatly put his attention back to the dog tag and read the cursive inscription on
it. "You're the best! Friends forever, Kaylee." His face lit up. Kaylee was in front
of him blushing. "Im sorry if it's a little cheesy i just-" Before she finished her
sentence, she was in a tight hug with Seth. Her face was now the color of a lobster,
and her heart was at hyper speed. At first, her arms were just hanging there, but she
soon did as Seth and put her arms tightly around him. When Seth let go he said,
"Kaylee, you are definetly the best too." All she could find to say was "Thanks."
After that, they were halfway to school. They talked the hole way. This is
definetly turning out great! Yes, yes, it was all turning out great. But Kaylee
had never had a second thought about Tara, Mya, and Ash. What was she supposed to do?
They were all in the same class. Plus, even though she didn't know it, Kaylee was in
for a bigger problem. As Kaylee and Seth approched the front of the school, a voice
called out "Oh, Seth! There you are!" Kaylee turned around and saw a blond girl
running over to them. Seth spun around and let out a suddle groan. With a miserable
face he said, "Oh, Leena, hi." Kaylee could already tell Seth was not happy to see
this "Leena" girl. She pranced over and gave Seth a big hug. Kaylee could see Seth
role his eyes. He lightly pushed her off of him. Leena turned to Kaylee, and gave a
fake smile. "Who's this?" Seth stepped more towards Kaylee and said, "This is
Kaylee, she's one of my good friends." Kaylee smiled innocently while giving a
friendly hello. "Ya, hi." She gave her a eye roll and asked her something. "Hey, how
come I've never seen you before?" Kaylee twidled her thumbs and said "Well, I'm new
here." Leena was just about to say something when the morning start bell rang. Like
an alarm, Seth immediatly took Kaylee's arm and led her to their class, far
away from Leena. To Kaylee's surprise, Seth was running. She almost tripped trying to
catch up to Seth, who still had her arm. Only he lowered his grip to Kaylee's hand.
Even though their first classroom was all the way across the school, they were
already there. When they opened the door, Seth let go of Kaylee's hand. She could
already see Tara, Mya, and Ash sitting in a group. Kaylee quickly turned her head and
followed Seth too their seats. For some reason, the class was particulary quiet
today. Even Mrs. Willington was looking more serious than usual. Kaylee could tell
today was the say of something improtant. Just as she was about to ask Seth what was
going on, Mrs. Willington began to speak. "Alright class, you all know what today
is." She paused for a moment. "Today is the day we assign the teams and missions."
Everyone in the class was in deep attention, as well as Kaylee. But she still had
questions running through her mind. What does she mean "teams and missions"? What
are we supposed to do?" She shoved the questions away and turned her attention
back to the teacher. Maybe her questions will all be answered, maybe not. "Ok, now
all of you line up by the windows, and I'll assign you to your place. On que, the
whole class got up and gathered in a zig-zag line by the windows. Kaylee stood by
Seth and didn't bother asking any questions. She figured she'd just go with it.
Kaylee expected noise, but everyone was dead quiet, with anxious faces. Mrs.
Willington walked over to her desk and took out a clipboard. Alright, Team 1. Roody
Moore, Alexandrea Shooman, Tyler Shnup, Theresa Garcia, and Harley Jordan." She
directed them to the seats in the front of the class. When she got to team 10, she
paused for a moment. "Now for Team 10. And Team 10 members all know how important
this team is, so be proud of your position." She was now announcing the Team 10
members. "First, Tara Dorin." Tara's face lit up and she did a quick happy dance. She
then sat at the back of the room where Team 10 members are to sit. "Second, Ash
Stewart." He laughed and gave his friends a high five. He then headed to the back of
the room, and sat with Tara. "Third, Mya Thriston." Mya didn't do much, she just
headed to her friends with a big smile. "Fourth, Seth Casper." He wished Kaylee good
luck on her team pick, then headed to the other Team 10 members. "And last but not
least, Kaylee Carason." The other kids looked shocked. How could the new girl get on
such a high rank team? Kaylee didn't know either, she just walked slowly to the back
of the room. To her surprise all of them were smiling. Kaylee took a seat
between Tara and Seth. When all of the other teams were called, the bell rang. The
convorstaions immediatly began. The first that started was with Seth. "This is great!
We're on the same team, and we're on the highest ranked one!" Kaylee was thinking
different, but she didn't want to ruin the moment for Seth. So she acted equally as
happy. For the next three periods, it was all free day. Wich gave Seth and Kaylee
more time to bond. As they headed out into the hallway Seth said "Ah, hey Kaylee, I
have to go talk to a teacher about something, I'll catch you in the lunch room."
Kaylee had something in mind to say, but all she did say was "Ok, see you there." He
smiled and dissapeared down the hall. As Kaylee entered the lunch room, she looked
for a place to sit. When she looked around, she saw someone waving to her. It was
Tara. She actually wanted Kaylee to come sit with her. This is going to be
trouble. She'll probably tell me off or something. But, to her surprise, Tara
welcomed her cheerfully. Kaylee felt a little more comfortable and gave a little
smile. "Hey, Kaylee. It's good to have to back." Tara said happily. "But what about-"
Tara shushed her and said "We'll talk about that at recess, lets just eat now."
Everyone at the table was perky. From the hole in the wall, down came meat and cheese
nachos, the usual soda and milk, and utensils. Through that lunch, she was actually
laughing and having fun with everyone. Then she remembered Seth. Didn't he say
he'd see me here? Kaylee turned around in her seat and looked for Seth. She
didn't see him. Maybe he's still with the teacher. "What's wrong, Kaylee?" One
of the kids at the table asked. "Oh nothing, hey I'll be right back." She got up from
her table and pressed the button under her table to dispose of the food. "Hey, where
ya going?" Tara asked curiously. Kaylee didn't answer though, she just walked out of
the cafeteria. I'll just go look for him. As Kaylee walked down the empty
hallway, she started to hear voices. When she got closer to the end of the hall, the
voices became clear. They were coming from Mrs. Willington's room. She could here
Mrs. Willington, but who was the other person? Kaylee stood next to the door and
listened closely. It was Seth. They were talking about the assignments. "Mrs.
Willington, why did you put Kaylee on such a difficult team?" Mrs. Willington sighed
and said "Seth, I know that you have questions. We all do. But this one will be
answered soon enough." There was a dead pause. "But, I want to know now. The
last thing I want is for Kaylee to get hurt on one of these missions!" Kaylee was
begining to get a little scared. "I put Kaylee on this team for a reason, Seth. Now
if you'll excuse me, I have to leave. Have a good lunch." Oh crap, I gotta
hide! Luckily for Kaylee, the bathroom was right there. So she quickly opened the
doot and shut it. Kaylee heard Mrs. Willingtons footsteps go down the hall. She let
out a sigh of relief. As Kaylee came out of the bathroom, she saw Seth walking down
the hall to the lunch room. She ran down to him and said hi. "Hey, Kaylee. I thought
you were in the lunchroom." Seth got confused. "Well, I was. I just got out of the
bathroom." He lost his puzzled look and nodded. "Well, sorry I took so long. I was
just talking to Mrs. Willington." Right then the half bell rang for recess. Kaylee
and Seth walked out the door to the back of the school. When Kaylee looked over at
the court, she saw that the boulder from yesterday was gone. Only leaving an indent
in the ground. Her stomach filled with butterflies at the thought of it, so she
pushed it away. She then saw Tara and the gang running up to Kaylee. She and Seth
stopped dead in their tracks and stared at the others. "Hey Kaylee, we just wanted to
appologize for yesterday." Tara said. "Yah, that was totally wrong of us. We felt
horrible the whole day." Ash added in. "If you don't want to be friends anymore, we
understand." When Tara said that, Kaylee broke down. She sighed. "Nah, I knew you
were doing it for the good of me. I need powers to survive here." She said with a
smile. Seth smiled at her decision and said "So I guess we're all friends now."
"Yay!" Tara automaticaly hugged Kaylee, then Mya and Ash hugged her too. For the heck
of it, Seth hugged Kaylee as well. After a while, they all got on the subject of
their team. "So, we all know what being on this team means, right?" Tara asked. All
of them said yes, except Kaylee. "Truth be told, I have no idea what any of
this means." Seth decided to explain. "Well, being on Team 10, we have the most
important missions. Wich means, that we have to stay at the school." He paused for a
moment. "What to mean, 'stay at school'" Kaylee was all too confused with this whole
thing. "I mean that we have to bacically live at school. We sleep here and
everything." Kaylee was stunned. "But where are we supposed to stay?" There were so
amny questions, so little time. "We stay in a special room at the top of the school.
It's kind of like a hotel suite, but bigger. It was made just for Team 10. So we have
to tell our parents about it." Everyone figured that Kaylee got that part so Tara
asked "Any more questions?" She was beggining to tease Kaylee. Kaylee playfully stuck
out her tounge at Tara and said "Yes, I do." They all giggled and then Kaylee
resumed to her sonvorsation. "What are these mission things?" This time, Tara
expalined things. "Missions are what we are to do to keep this town safe. Sometimes
it's retrieving stuff, sometimes it's gathering information. Anything you can think
of." She waited for Kaylee to reply. "Keep safe from what?" Tara sighed and said "The
bad people, duh!" She giggled again, and Kaylee caught her joke. "Alright, I can get
that." Ash looked down at his watch. "Guys, lets get to what we want to say before
the bell rings. "Right." Tara replied. "This is our first mission, it starts
She handed the piece of paper to Kaylee and Seth, she and the others had already read
it. Kaylee and Seth read the paper in anxiety. It said "RETRIEVE THE STOLEN POWER
the paper, their looks were completely different. Seth seemed pretty content with it.
Kaylee couldn't believe her eyes. Right as she was about to say something, the bell
rang. Everyone started to pile through the doors. At the end of the day, the
principla announced that all Team 10 member's parents have been notified, and they
were to report to the top of the school where they would be staying. After Kaylee
left her locker, she met up with Seth and the others to walk upstairs. As they were
walking up the many stair cases, Kaylee saw Seth carrying something. It was huge.
"Hey Seth, whats that strapped to your back?" He looked over his shoulder. "Oh, that?
That's my sword. I always use it on missions." He smiled and continued walking. When
they reached the top of the steps, Seth, Tara, Mya, and Ash all threw their stuff
down on their selected bed and looked around. Kaylee took the bed between Tara and
Seth. She too looked around. "Wow!" The room was huge. It had anything you'd ever
need. A plasma TV, microwave, refrigerator, stove, two bathrooms, and a computer
room. As the day passed, they were all enjoying their new suite. Kaylee just let it
all sink in. She eventually joined in with Seth in a multi-player video game. She was
having the time of her life. But it ended quickly. Night came faster than they
expected, it was already 11:00 pm, and they had to get some sleep for tomarrows
mission. Everyone said goodnight to eachother and went to sleep. Kaylee just lay
there, pondering on the mission. How am I supposed to do this? I have no "powers"!
And what was Mrs. Willington talking about at lunch?! And, and- An image suddenly
popped in her head. It was such a relaxing image. It was the image of her and her
father. Her eyes loosened up from being so tight. She smiled, a tear rolled down her
face, and she fell into a deep sleep.

Miaka says:   9 February 2007   469777  
floridagirl101 says:   9 February 2007   824663  
omg!! how can you right so much
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says :   10 February 2007   942475  
well i dont know, it just comes to me and i cant stop


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