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Seeking prt1Category: my story
Wednesday, 17 January 2007
03:24:14 PM (GMT)
This is the begining of my story it isn't real though!!

Carla was walking home from a friends house when she realised her bracelet had
slipped off she went back a couple of steps and bent down to pick it up she turned
her head to the left and there she saw some one watching her it wasn't one of those
normal people the body was lightly built as if this person wasn't strong but that was
enough to scare CArla she ran all the way home without stopping or turning aruond she
knew it was following her but she didn't want to believe it as soon as she got home
she ran straight into her Mum "Carla sweetie you look like you've just seen a ghost!"
Carla whispered "maybe I have". 

Carla went to her room she felt pretty tired so she went straight to sleep... but in
the miidle of the night 1:00 she heard a whisper she woke up to find that someone was
staring her in the face she tried screaming but no sound came out of her mouth the...
Carla sat up "Who are you and what do u want?"  " My name is Gretchen and I'm from a
group called Company 6 and I'm looking for someone by the name of Carla Jones.. CArla
just sat there taking it in but as soon as Gretchen said her name she froze she
sturtter " hhhow dooo you kkkoonw myy name?" well "It looks like I've found you" The
reason I'm looking for you is because you are part of a special group call Enternity
7 were there is 7 of you special kids"   "you mean there are others"  "Yes and I'm
here to teach you your special power...... Water have you noticed anything happen
with water when your scared, mad, sad or happy?"  Carla stopped to think um.. yes
actually weird things happen like the water boils or freezes or it swirl up like a
whilrpool and some other things .. "well thats cos' u were granted a special power
from your mother the power of water and to read minds and other stuff"   I'm here to
ask you if you want to train your abilites to maybe one day use them for the good of
the world?" Carla again stopped to think " does it have to start tomorrow?" "Yes" 
well then come back in the morning about 6:30 I'll have my desicion by then... (6:30
in morning)
  Carla wakes up and sit to wait and then Gretchan appears "sooo"  Yes I want to
train"  "GREAT!" we start now well now I must teach you to freeze now just breathe on
the the water in this bucket O.K Carla does as she's told imagine it freeze and it
does "Well done!" "now whirlpools focus on the whirpool and blow!" Carla blow and
suddenly a whirlpool apears it gets bigger and bigger "how do I it stop!?" now
boiling water as Gretchen said that a mist of darkness appears Carla chokes back a
word OMG!!
Part2 Seeking you'll just have to wait

BLEACHBLONDETRAMP shouts:   17 January 2007   226748  
dude that was awesome...... i LOVED it!!!
guggley says:   17 January 2007   563843  
really thanks!!! lolol
Sexy_babe22 says:   17 January 2007   166578  
hey thats soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool a second prt coming out
guggley says:   17 January 2007   181558  
yep u bet
Jatammy says:   17 January 2007   112678  
guggley says :   17 January 2007   195915  
thanks and stay tuned for the 2nd prt


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