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Wednesday, 10 January 2007
11:33:39 AM (GMT)
Lucy got up realising she had black bruises down her arms and legs.She opened up her
wardrobe. shabby clothes. she picke out the ones that looked the newest.She
redecorated her clothes since she wasn't aoud any new ones. she picked out a pink
long sleeved top and a black skirt with black tights to hide her bruises. she looked
iin the mirror. her head was slighly bruised on the side. she hid kit with her
As lucy came out her room she grabbed some money off the side. she slid it in her
poket then tiptoed out the door. then she wrote a note on  scrap piece of paper.
'might be late see you at 5'o clock at my curfew time.' 
she slipped it under the door then ran for her friend lisa's house. 
Lisa: hey i'm cumin let me just do my hair. 
Lucy: okay. 
Lisa: by the way i like what you've done with yours! 
Lucy: oh thanks. 
They rushed out the door. lisa's mum gave hetr a kiss on the head and her dad  gave
her a pat on the back. 
Lisa's dad: see ya soon princess. 
Lucy was so envious of her she had a perfect family.Aperfect mum and a perfect dad.
who cared about being popular Lucy wanted to be loved. 
That dfay it wnormal agin once again last lesson was with Andrew. 
Andrew: hey whats up? 
lucy: well the ceiling and some cobwebs otherwise nothing much.  
Andrew: you know what i mean. 
Lucy: hety so did you do your homework? 
Andrew: what homework? 
Lucy : you know the one thta counts for more than 1/3 0f our grade. 
Andrew: WHAT! no! 
lucy:i'm only playin we have no homework. 
Mr Jahbr: Now today i'm going to set homework first so we can work on it in th
lesson. You will be writing about the person next to you. so write down some
questions so then you can swap over and answer some. 
Lucy(joking): so what could i ask you ? what are the name sof yur barbies! 
Andrew:oh thats easy BAR and B 
they laughed through the lesson. 
As it came to answering the questios lucy was stuck. the questions were: 
1.How many peole live in your house how would you describe them? 
2. who do you love the most in the world? why? 
3. Who is your best friend? why? 
4.What is your earlest memorie? 
She ddin't know how to answer them to be truthful shee would answer. 
1. my mum and dad both are cruel and horrible. 
2.No one i hate evertything because of my stupid parents! 
3.Andrew because he is the only one i trust with this! 
4.My earlest memorie is my mum beating me! 
Instead she lied wells he kept the best friend bit! 
1.My mum and dad they are kind and hard working. 
2.My mum sheis o kind we have a very special bond. 
3.Andrew because he is o kind and sweet to me and he doesn't care when iam moody. 
4.Me playing on the swings with my family. 
She brushe dher hair back into place. 
Andrew: heyhow did you get that bump? 
lucy what ? what bump? 
Andrew: that one there! 
Lucy: oh that one yah hit my head last night on my bed! doh stupid me! 
Andrew: hey want o come to my house tonighht you know work on this. 
Lucy: sure buit i will have to leave at 4:30 okay/ 
Andrew: okay 
they left together. at first they really did some work then they started to watch
News man: today headlines are a girl abused since she was born was killed after
recieving blows to the head with a bowlng trophy. 
Andrew: she sould of ranaway to a friendas house her parents didn't know about. 
Lucy just sat noding. maybe andrew was right maybehe should tell.

Pinkwink9 says:   10 January 2007   854322  
plz plz plz write more, dat is awsome!
loopyloo1995 says :   11 January 2007   547476  
thank you! 


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