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Emothic GeekCategory: (general)
Sunday, 31 December 2006
04:26:16 PM (GMT)
Hi! This is my diary entry about emothic geeks!
Ok. As you can tell by my pic I am an emo type person. I am an emothic geek! Emothic
means emo/gothic.It's a mix of the two. I am also a geek. So when you mix up
emo,gothic and geek you get emothic geek! Emo,emothic,goth and gothic are all slang
words that everyone has their own definiton of. Here are my defintions of those
Emo-A slightly gothic person. Some slit their wrists.(I don't! It's too
primitive!)They also hate themselves
Emothic-A person who is half goth,half emo
Goth-A person who hates everyone,even themselfs
Gothic-An adjective meaning goth
So there are my defintions!If you have diffrent defintions to those words I seriously
dont care. I am what I think an emothic geek is and I'm proud to be one! I
mean...come on! By being me (the emothic geek I am) I got a boyfriend! Not being
me...I would've never have gotten my boyfriend,Joel!(and that would be very sad!)

The moral of this entry is,Be yourself and don't care what others think.

paranoia says:   3 January 2007   315588  
yea right ......
1Bitch101 suggests:   27 January 2007   246823  
shut up paranoia ,thats my homey , soo you need to shut the fuck up
if ya dont like it dont fucking read it (wat a ASS-HOLE)!!!!!
chaco_macaco says:   30 January 2007   316594  
you have some pretty lame definitions

Emo - A person who wears tight streight legged pants, and feels sorry
for themselves. The world is centered around them, and noone lieks
them... they also all die their hair black and put it infront of their
faces... they all look the same.

Gothic - Dark Glam. Openly accepts anything socially unaceptable due
to sadism, creepyness, and darkness. Like evil type things, and pointy
things, and the color black. Very glamorous.

Emothic - stupid made up word that will never catch on despite your
best attempts.
zomg911 says:   9 February 2007   888661  
All of your definitions are wrong, sakurakiro.
And I don't know about your made up word. -.-
‹<3+Gumdrop_Queen+<3› says:   25 March 2007   254348  
thts really dumb....
ur a dumbshit. 
emo are EMOTIONAL!!! im emo. i dont slit my wrists.
there is no such thing as emothic.
there is a such thing as a HAPPY goth u stereotyper!

geez u fucker.
neveragainxx says:   7 June 2007   615378  
Katilix says:   24 November 2007   713927  
Girls, would you just freakin' lay off her? I mean, just because you
don't share the same views doesn't mean you have to shoot her down
with a torpedo.

I personally think that emos are just teens that are lost in the
world, unable to fully understand their fluet emotions.

Gothics are a bit more proud of what they do, and make their own
fashion statement of it.

Emothic is actually a pretty cool word.
Vampire_WHOREXxx says:   30 November 2007   155859  
Emo does NOT mean emotional...
It means Emotive...
If you don't know what it is,
look it up...
'Sides, everyone has different opinions about things.
Just leave her alone!
candee3t says:   19 December 2007   457835  
ah hun, your all wrong- emo is a cheap form of goth
_Toby_ says:   14 March 2008   635486  
Leave her alone, you girls obviously are pretty stupid if you have
nothing better to do than argue with her opinions. Also, I like that
word, emothic.
This_is_how_I_disappear shouts:   3 May 2008   962219  
ok first off,all gothic people dont hate themselves. Not all emo
people hate themselves either. Goths dont hate everyone, and neither
do emo people.
an emo and gothic person is an EMO-GOTH. Which is what I am. So before
you go posting some lame and completely wrong stuff, get your facts
emo means emotional. Emo people are NOT gothic, unless they are
emo-goths. Gothic people are basically just people that live the
colour black, and are somewhat like emo people. Not all emo kids cut
So you REALLY need to get your facts straight.
rockey117 says:   27 May 2008   857521  
u r soo right
MassDestruction says:   22 December 2008   731731  
How original.
EmoTigrGrl says:   5 June 2009   888539  
Cool word,emothic...I like it...I'm emothic!LOL!!!But still,I think
that This Is How I Dissapear is right about emo-goth...
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   11 September 2009   448725  
You really got emo and goth mixed up...(apart from the cutting of
tabbytail says :   27 June 2010   827667  
there is no way you can be both emo and gothic im gothic im friends
with alot of goths and goths and emos hate each other as far as i care
all emos are just osers and nothing else you imbecile


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