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Finding the book (part 1)Category: (general)
Sunday, 24 December 2006
08:22:07 AM (GMT)
"OMG! SHUT UP Hazel!" i screamed "AND STOPPIT!!!!" I also added as she taunted and
prodded me. "Kill yourself first!" she said "Ohh....very nice comeback." I said
sarcasticaly. God........I had to make her stop. The Library!!! Restricted section! i
was the only 1 allowed to go there because the librarian liked me.......alot.
Although i never went there to get a book it was a good place to hide from Hazel's
taunting and poking. I covered my head and ran down the gravel pathway to the
library. Hazel started throwing rocks at me. "Do YOU NOT UNDERSTAND WHEN SOMEONE SAYS
STOP??" Hazel ran after me still throwing rocks. I ran through the open door of the
library. When I went in no one execpt the librarian. I ran down the rows of books
Hazel hot on my heels while the librarian mostly yelling at Hazel told her to stop
running in the library. I got to the gate that said 'Restricted' and ran through and
shut the door in Hazels face while the librarian came and told Hazel to bug off. I
laughed to myself. I loved being a librarians pet! Even if it caused me extra teasing
from my worst enemy. Hazel left the gate to the restricted section but still stayed
in the library. I wandered down the rows to the spot I made with my blanket and
snacks and less adult books. I made that little place there a while ago so that when
Hazel decided to still stay in the library i could go there and read and snack until
she left. Nobady knew since not even the teachers went in these sections. But
wait......lets stop the story for a sec. My name is Kendall and I live in an
orphanige outside of america in Zanphry. (Made up place) I had long brown strait hair
and light skin. My teachers where mean and the owner of Sides Way Orphanige Ms.
Applerot. (Back to the story I have to go soon) Well I was about to lay on me blanket
and read when a title with big golden letters caught my eye. "The book Of revealed' it said. MY MOUTH hung open 'WOW' I thought I looked out
behind the bookshelves......Hazel was gone. I slipped the book under my jacket and
smuggled it out with me to my room and hid it under my matress. Then Ms. Applerot
came in. "You cut math........your punishment is cleaning all the girls toilets with
your toothbrush....and this time no new one" she left and I made a discusted face
after her. Well, I thought to myself Soon i'd show her, and i hurried off to my
science class not wanting to get in anymore trouble. 
               To be continued in part 2

Hope you liked it!!!!

lissy29 says:   24 December 2006   783823  
Ill continue it its sorta short but i havta go
‹JustMe,Tiffani(:› says:   26 December 2006   851974  
Well, I enjoyed reading it and can't wait until part 2. and did you
make this up yourself?
lissy29 says:   27 December 2006   977354  
mewmewichigo says :   20 March 2007   535936  
oh! That reminds me of the book series "Molly Moon"

and it has a Hazel in it! AND HYPNOTISM!

Did you REALLY make it up?!  DONT LIE!


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