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Saturday, 6 July 2019
03:20:40 PM (GMT)
Angel; Do you have a nickname?
Beau/Bo, Ish (pronounced "ee-sh").

Awe; How old are you?
I'm a 23-year old lady.

Baby; Favourite colour?
Likely (millennial) pink. Everything I buy seems to be pink or have pink on it
nowadays. Don't know when I turned into such a girly-girl.

Bloop; Spirit animal?
Probably a house cat. I pretty much just sleep and eat.

Blossom; Favourite book/movie/song?
Favourite book(s): Harry Potter series.
Favourite movie(s): Wanted, Hot Fuzz, Pulp Fiction, the Nightmare Before Christmas.
Favourite song: Right now, it has to be SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK by Joji.

Blush; What was your stuffed animal as a child?
My favourite one was Pepper (that was literally his factory name). He was a Ty Plush
Beanie Dog and he looked exactly like this:

I loved him. 
Look at him. He's adorable.
I don't know where he is now though since we moved.

Breeze; Most precious childhood memory?
Ugh, I have a lot. The one that's most prominent was when my dad used to take us to
the Forks (hard to explain if you don't live in Winnipeg, but you can Google it if
you care for some reason) and there were (and still are) spots with a lot of trees
and if you go in them, it kind of feels like you're in the middle of a forest.
Anyway, my dad would bring me, my sister and my brother in there, we'd walk in line
and sing African songs. My dad would sing a part and then we'd repeat it back to him.
I don't know--makes me feel like a little kid again and reminds me of how much my dad
put an effort into forming good memories with us.

Bright; Mermaids or fairies?
Mermaids, definitely. There are real life professional mermaids and those women are

Bubbles; Do you have a best friend?
Can't forget my girl, Helen. She's, like, the one person in the world who makes me
feel like I can 100% be myself. And we can talk for hours.

Buttercup; Showers or baths?
Showers. I don't like laying around in my own filth.

Butterfly; Dream destination?
Trinidad. I've always wanted to go there. I just feel more "connected," I guess, to
that side of my family. Unfortunately, there's a lot of crime going on there at the
moment, so my parents don't feel comfortable bringing me there for the time being.

Buttons; Are you religious or spiritual?
Leaning more religious, I guess? But, that's in the loosest of terms. I'm pretty much
an agnostic atheist. 

Calm; Favourite scent?
In terms of a standard perfume, whatever my brother's fiancée puts on. I know that
sounds very weird, but she smells great, dude. I would ask her what she wears and buy
it, but I'd feel strange smelling like my brother's fiancée, lol.
In terms of general scents, freshly baked bread.

Candlelight; What did you dream about last night?
Bruh, I have no clue. I have to write down the dream immediately after waking up for
me to remember it. Otherwise, it's lost within minutes.
The last dream I can very vaguely remember was set back in middle
school/junior high, which is very common for me.

Charming; have you ever been in love?
Maybe? I don't know. I can't say for sure, but I did have strong feelings for someone
at one point.

Cozy; Eye/hair colour?
Eye colour: BLACK, effectively. I think it's actually dark, dark, DARK brown, but it
essentially feels like you're looking into an abyss anyway.
Hair colour: BLACK, effectively. Again, probably dark, dark, DARK brown, but it looks
black anyway.

Cuddly; What’s your favourite time period?
Current one, I guess? Black people don't think about being in the past much, lmao.

Cupcake; Favourite flower/plant?
I don't know much about plants, but there were these little tiny white flowers that
used to grow in the field every summer when I was kid in middle school, and I
remember picking them up and making a little bouquet. I'm sure they must've been a
weed, but they were cute and bring back good memories.

Cute; What did you get on your last birthday?
Money and a delicious moist chocolate cake.

Cutie pie; Most precious item you own?
I'm going to take the sentimental route on this one and say this necklace my mom
bought me and my siblings one year. They were all personally customized and it was
really sweet.

Cutsie; What makes you happy?
Sleeping, Seinfeld, singing and watching the little animals on Animal Crossing do
cute things.

Daisies; Describe a moment when you felt free.
Going on late night drives with the window open in the summer.

Daydream; How do you want to be remembered?
As just a nice, good person who enriched at least one person's life. I know I'm not
going to accomplish much in this life, so I'm comfortable with that.

Daylight; Favourite album of all time?
The Marshall Mathers LP. Many songs on there that I know word for word.

Dear; Zodiac sign?
I'm an Aries. I don't think I'm very similar to how my sign is described at all, but
y'know, astrology is bullshit anyway, so why am I surprised?

Delightful; Concerts or museums?
Concerts. Museums are very interesting, don't get me wrong, but I went to see a local
band once and it was fantastic.

Dimples; Have you ever written a letter?
Maybe sometime in middle school as an assignment, but otherwise? No.

Dobby; Dream job?
Something based on my real interests or something that makes me a lot of money.

Doll; How do you like to dress?
I really like the dresses and thigh-high combo. I don't like to wear pants.

Dovey; Any paranormal/magical experiences?
No, not personally and I honestly don't really believe in that kind of stuff, but I
still get a lot of enjoyment listening to stories from my mom and dad when they lived
in their respective countries of origin.

Dreams; Do you want or have any tattoos?
I don't have tattoos, but I do want one. The issue is that I want something colourful
(possibly Sailor Moon themed), but I'm dark-skinned, so I don't think the colours
would be as vibrant as I would like it to be. So, one day I'd probably get a
full-black one, but I don't have a design in mind at the moment.

Drizzle; Do you believe in aliens?
Not really. Like, obviously, there has to be other life form out there, but I don't
think they have visited us, and I don't think they look like what they're usually
depicted as in films and literature.

Euphoric; Talk about someone you love.
She's the sweetest little old lady. She's unexpectedly hilarious at times and has the
cutest little smile.

Fairy; Do you have a pet?
I do! My cat. ♥ Her name is Princess and I love her dearly. She has a foot fetish
and routinely hangs around my shoes when she misses me, lmao. She's my little old
girl, and she loves being outdoors and hunting rabbits.

Fluffy; Ocean or mountain?
Ocean, definitely. The water is so blue in Jamaica. It's amazing.

Forever; Where do you feel time stop?
When I'm lying down in bed in the dark and listening to music, preferably something
really mellow.

Froglet; Are you a good plant owner?
Nah, man. I think I watered a plant once in the past 5 years and that's only after
express orders.

Garden; How many languages do you know?
English and French. I can read French better than I can speak/write it.

Gem; Who are your favourite Kupikans?
Ffion, of course. She knows she's lovely.

Giggles; What is your aesthetic of choice?
Anything soft, feminine and pastel.

Glittery; Do you like anons? Why/why not?
I honestly don't care either way.

Glow; List the top 5 things you like about yourself.
You're asking a lot from me.
1) I care about people whole-heartedly
2) I like to make people feel special
3) My laugh is contagious
4) My dimples
5) My lips

Heart; Silk or lace?
Silk. I've laid in silk sheets before and girl... that shit feels good.

Honey; Coffee or tea? How do you take it?
Tea. And I take it with a lot of sugar.

Hugsy; Do you enjoy people watching or bird watching more? Why?
People watching. People can be very interesting.

Hunnybunch; What sounds help you sleep?
The sound of a fan. It almost feels like you're laying down near the ocean.
Also, I think it's partially because I have mild tinnitus.

Jewel; What’s your favourite kind of weather?
When it's warm outside and there's a gentle breeze. Those days are the best.

Jiggly; What do you usually like to do on weekends?
Sleep, lol.

Joy; Do you laugh loudly or giggle more?
Laugh loudly. I had to catch myself today because I literally guffawed.

Kinky; Do you blush easily?
Not at all. And even if I did, I wouldn't know, lol.
I can only remember two instances where I could feel my cheeks actually get hot from
pure emotions.

Kisses; What romantic cliché do you wish for most?
I want to kiss someone in the rain.

Kitty; What’s your favourite time of the day?
Early evening.

Ladybug; What’s your favourite artist to listen to when you’re sad?
I know I've listened to songs when I've been sad in the past, but I don't remember a
single artist or even the genre. I think it's because I don't really do that anymore?
I usually try to avoid feelings of sadness, so I'll distract myself with a funny TV
show or something.

Love; What is your favourite season and why?
Probably summer or late spring? I just like warm weather and winter lasts too fucking
long here.

Lovey; What is your favourite flavor of macaron and ice cream?
I've never had a macaron before because they never really looked appetizing to me?
They're too perfect-looking, like they're made of plastic or something. I just have a
feeling I'd be disappointed by them, lmao.
As for ice cream, it's 100% Breyers Heavenly Hash. I literally only had that ice
cream once (or for however long we had the ice cream tub for) and it will forever
stick with me. It was fucking delicious and I'll never forget it.

Magic; What are five flaws you have?
1) Procrastinator
2) Antisocial
3) Impulsive
4) Lazy
5) Self-centered

Moonlight; Do you prefer soft pastels, warm neutrals, or cool darks?
Soft pastels, definitely.

Munchkin; What do you look for in your significant other?
Funny, intelligent, kind, ambitious, does their part.

Paddywack; How would you describe a perfect date?
I don't know--just having a long conversation with someone about anything and
everything, to the point where everything around us disappears and it's just me and

Pebbles; How do you spend free time by yourself?
I sleep... a lot. Watch YouTube vids, movies, TV shows. Listen to podcasts. Listen to
music. And I recently got back into reading.

Precious; What is something valuable that you learned in your life?
Reality is often disappointing.

Pretty; Do you like to cook or bake more?
Bake--y'know, during those very infrequent times I decide to do that.

Prince; How would you describe your handwriting?
Illegible. It leans heavily to the left, a lot of letters are connected and it's very
Here's an example:

Princess; Do you play any instruments? If not, are there any you wish you could
I can play piano, but only ever do so when I'm feeling inspired that day. And after
that, I don't play for another several months.

Prinky; How do you relieve stress?
Laughing (so, watching funny videos).

Pumpkin; What is your favourite kind of fruit/vegetable?
Favourite fruit: Cherries.
Favourite vegetable: Carrots.

Rainbow; What was the last line of the last book you read?
"And because those words are really all I've ever wanted to hear, I nod."

Roses; What is the most significant event in your life so far?
Meeting Ryan.

Smile; What is one thing that has greatly affected you?
How people treated me in the early stages of my development.

Shine; Art or music?
Music. Art doesn't really do it for me.

Shimmer; Do animals tend to like you?
Not really. Probably because I'm usually terrified of them, lol.

Smitten; Do you collect anything?
Pens. Pens that effortlessly glide over the paper are nearly orgasmic, I swear.

Smoochies; How many pillows do you sleep with?
5, but only two are under my head and I cuddle with the smallest one.

Snuggle; What is your favourite candy?
Maynards Juicy Squirts Berry.

Snuggly; Do you have a camera? If so, what kind?
I have a shitty outdated one that takes worse photos than my phone camera. Pentax
Optio M60.

Sparkle; Do you wear jewellery?
I wear a choker and hoop earrings sometimes.

Spooky; Sunrise or sunset?
Both are pretty good, but I'd say sunset.

Sprinkles; Do you like to listen to music with headphones or no headphones?
No headphones. I don't really like both those buds in my ears. They always seem to be
falling out or something.

Starlight; What was your favourite show as a child?
Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. I need to find those episodes online and
see if it still holds up.

Soft; Describe your favourite spot in your house.
My room. I'm in there nearly 24/7, tbh.

Soothe; Digital or vinyl?

Squeezed; Who do you miss right now?
No one. Except maybe my cat, lol.

Sugary; What traits do you value most in friends?
Easy to talk to, trust-worthy, kind, funny.

Sunshine; Do you prefer for things to be practical or aesthetically pleasing?

Sweet; Do you find it easy to open up?
Not at all. I tend to keep things to myself unless I really feel the urge to open up,
which is not often. I'm more of a listener.

Sweetie; Do you like kids? If so, do you ever want to have any?
Not really. I find a lot of kids annoying, but quiet, sweet ones are absolutely
adorable. I mostly like little babies though. They look so cuddly when they're calm.
I think I want kids? But, I go back and forth.

Thimble; Is there somebody you look up to? Who are they?
No, not really.

Toot; What is something you find unique about yourself?
I talk to myself a lot. I know I'm not the only person to do that, but I think if I
recorded myself and let you listen in, you'd think I was crazy--even if you talked to
yourself a lot too. But, maybe I'm normal, who knows, lol.

Tootsie; What kind of friend are you?
The bubbly one who laughs at all of your jokes.

Treasure; What was something that made you smile today?
Jenna Marbles becoming a disco ball and a TMG music video.

Velvet; Are you an early bird or a night owl?
Night owl.

Whiffle; If you could have a magical power, what would it be?
Reading minds, but only when I want to.

Whimsical; Do you prefer doing stuff at home or going out?
Doing stuff at home.

Whiskers; Do you usually wear makeup?
If I'm going somewhere that's not my workplace, yes.

Wiggly; Are you a messy or tidy person?
Used to be tidy, but I'm messy as fuck now. You should see my room right now.

Wispy; Do you like the place where you grew up? Do you think you will live there when
you get older?
I like it in the sense that it's familiar to me, but I think it's quite boring here.
I will probably stay here forever because I'm too much of a pussy to move provinces,
but if I wasn't a pussy, I would leave 100%.

Wobbly; Have you ever wished upon a star?
Yes. I vividly remember wishing to get a particular doll for Christmas when I was

SanstheSkeledemon2034 says:   11 July 2019   753305  
i read the whole thing!!!
IntelligentBeauty says:   12 July 2019   111121  
I appreciate you, Sans. 
SanstheSkeledemon2034 says :   12 July 2019   715804  
i appreciate ya too Sailor Scout 



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