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Sunday, 9 July 2017
05:01:50 AM (GMT)
One night I was feeling really depressed, sad, anxious, and overall a bunch of
downer emotions over my relationship. So, I went on a forum on this site I use to use
a bunch (not anymore because it's kind of toxic, and my bf doesn't want me to use it
lol). Anyways, a person created a thread for people to post haiku's. I've never done
a haiku before leading up to that thread. I didn't even know the proper format to
make a haiku. After a quick 10 second google search I figured out how to make one,
and it was quite easy to my surprise.

Anyways, with this newly found information... I began just creating haiku after haiku
without hesitation. It was super easy to me (as it is for most people), and to my
surprise my haiku's were actually really good. Each haiku I made, one after the
other, back to back.. under like 15 minutes, carried the same emotion. I ended up
making like 10 of them. The feelings I had at that time of distress kind of poured
out of me into poetry, and it was a great feeling. When I was done and reading over
what I had created, I felt a sense of relief. I was really proud of myself for what I
had done, and I realized that it was an enjoyable way to express myself. I've never
really had any sort of outlet to do that. Poetry has never totally been my thing. I'm
not artistic, but I guess I'm slightly creative. I can't draw or make up silly
fictional stories, but I'm good at knowing how I feel, and verbally it's easy for me
to express my feelings. The kind of difficult part about being verbally good at
expressing your feelings is.. there's not always someone there to talk to, and
talking to myself has never really been my thing. Well, I do talk to myself
sometimes, but never any sort of deep shit like that. So basically, I realized...
fuck, whenever I'm alone and feeling completely miserable or like I'm about to lose
my mind, I can just fucking haiku it out. Not only that, but sometimes my feelings
aren't always verbally understanding. Sometimes my feelings are super complex, and
only I know how it personally feels to me. It's just a feeling.. it's not something
that I can draw for you, or talk to you about in a way that's easy for you to
understand, or actually feel what I'm feeling for that matter. The only way for me to
give you a slight idea of what I COULD be feeling is through 3 lines of words. And
what's cool about that is from there on what those 3 lines mean to you could mean
something completely different to the other person reading. It's all about
interpretation, one's could be completely different from the other. And out of
everything you understood from the poem, and out of all of the feelings you could
have grasped, there's at least one similar feeling that you just shared with the
person reading it right beside you... and that feeling is the basis. That feeling is
the starting point that I felt that urged me to create that haiku in the first

Remember how I said talking to myself has never really been my thing? Well, thinking
more deeply into that... writing in itself is like talking to myself. Creating poetry
is like talking to myself. It's quite amazing being able to share that.

ANYWAYS, I have no idea where this diary has lead to. I was going to make a bunch of
haiku's based off how I was feeling right now, but I ended up just rambling on about
I don't even know..

Right now I'm feeling kind of paranoid and anxious. I'm not sure what's causing my
paranoia, but it's there. 

I was also going to ask for you guys to post some haiku's of your own in the
comments, but I'll just make another diary for that.

Also, If you actually took the time to read everything and you've made it this far..
congrats. I've just wasted your time with nonsense. I don't even know the point of

What do you take from this?

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