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Ret Gone Chapter 1:IntroductionsCategory: (general)
Friday, 30 September 2016
01:02:21 PM (GMT)
It's my first year of high school and I'm honestly not sure what to expect, I'm sure
this isn't an unusual sentiment for a fifteen year old freshman but I honestly feel
intimidated by what this year might be like. I've never really been a whiz in my
social life and the last time I had a best friend was probably in sixth grade, so now
that I've established to you that I'm a loner, I really don't think this year will be
much different but I'm still not sure what to expect. Sitting here in my homeroom
class, I quietly listen to the music that is on the playlist of my smartphone and
draw simple sketches of wildlife that I have seen in documentaries or photographs.
Just then the bell rings and everybody who had been lingering outside the classroom
start to shuffle in, soon we should all be standing for the Pledge of Allegiance and
the national anthem. Five minutes go by and I finally put my smartphone and sketch
pad away, the voice that announces the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem
comes over the intercom and we all stand while the two run over the intercom, then
finally we sit and the morning chatter amongst everyone continues to go on. Our new
homeroom teacher for the year, stands up and introduces herself to us as
Mrs.Roundtree and gives us all the typical well wishes for the year and also
expresses hope that we all make a lot friends, of course she does, it's not like
that's something I'll be doing though. 

''I actually need to make a quick trip to the bathroom but I trust you all don't need
me around just to get to your first period class'', she said with a smile before she
left presumably to go to the women's restroom.

Finally, the next bell rings and I start to grab my bag, slinging it over my shoulder
as I start to walk out the classroom. Then something unexpected happens, as I turn
away from my desk to leave the classroom I bump into some random guy with blond hair
who towers over me by at least a foot, the collision causes my bag to fall to the
floor and the contents of said bag to come tumbling out onto the floor as well. The
only thing the guy has is a back pack that's half draped over his shoulder and of
course it is still there after the unexpected collision. I've never been one to have
good experiences with the people I attend school with so I wouldn't have been
surprised if he chose to ignore what just happened and continued on his merry way to
his first period class probably feeling no way about the whole thing besides annoyed.
However, despite my expectations of what was going to happen and my already being
bent down to get the job of acquiring all my things done by myself, to my surprise he
bent down right along with me and started to apologize profusely as he started
helping me to get all my things back inside my bag.

''I'm so sorry, I've always been really clumsy, let me help you'', he said, as he
grabbed all my things off the floor and handed them to me.

''No really, it's okay, these things happen to the best of us, just thanks for
helping me get my things'', I said, trying to let him know it wasn't a big deal.

''Just curious, what's your name?''.

''Lucy Blackmoon'', I answer, hesitantly.

''Ah, mine is Logan Cage'', he said with a smile that showed off most of his pearly
white teeth.

All my things including my smartphone were almost back inside of my bag when his hand
came to rest on top of my sketch pad and then he started to pick it up and proceeded
to open it and look inside.

''These are some beautiful sketches, were they done by you?,'' he asked as he began
flipping through the pages.

''Y-yeah, they were...'', I trailed off, I actually happen to be quite insecure about
my sketches and despite the compliment never really wanted anyone else to see them.
He than looked up and must've seen the expression of uncertainty on my face.

''Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to look at something you didn't want me seeing without
your permission'', he stated calmly as he handed the sketch pad back to me and I
placed it back inside my bag.

''It's okay, I'm just not use to people seeing them that's all'', I stated equally as
calm. ''We both better head to class now, since we're now both this side of being
late at this point'', I said, just wanting this interaction to be over already.

''Yeah, you're probably right, I have to go to my locker first though, so you go
ahead'', he said with an assuring smile.

''Ah, okay, see ya then'', I said as I left our homeroom. Exactly, what I meant by
not knowing what to expect this year.

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