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what the fuck am I doing lolCategory: (general)
Monday, 7 July 2014
12:40:36 AM (GMT)
So Ive been dating a guy for 1 year. I lost my b card to him amd everything.  We
were really in love but hen he startedto drift aeqay and now Im distant andwere
pretty fucked.  I met a guy a couple of weeks aho and we've been hanhing out a 
ot and I reallly like him. We connct really well and we can just talk amd talk and
talk amd he lovea weed just as much as I do. So today we went to his hoise and
amoked. We cuddled fpr a long time and napped and ta
ked and joked thwn he. He kissed me yesterday,  when we went to go see fireworks. We
kissed alot today and things got kida hot and heavy we went to his aunts and chilled
in the hot tub and smoked another blunt together.  Thwn we took a damn shower
tpgether and we didnr habe sex but ahit it was amazing. The past 3 days pf seeing him
straight have been the best ive had worh anyone. But I cjeated and shkt I fwel
guilty. Ihave to break up with him. Its going to suck so bad bu I have to do it. I
habe auuchh a great connectikn with this guy amd shit Im just fucked,  lol what am I
doing. This ismt like me, but im intoxicated with this boy.

maryjane_420_97_dmt says:   7 July 2014   156585  
P.s. the guy knowsI have a boyfreind,  but he wanrta me to break up
with him amd be his. Which is whay Im going to do.
‹TheHashSlingingSlasher› says:   7 July 2014   596262  
All these grammatical mistakes make my eyes bleed
maryjane_420_97_dmt says:   7 July 2014   809547  
Yeah..I have long nails, and a touch screen device. I used to fix all
the mistakes, but at this point if its something long then I have zero
cares to give. Too tedious.
Phantom says:   7 July 2014   313872  
its pretty normal...teen relationships arent meant to be long lasting
ones...break up with your old bf..or ask for an open
relationship...and date the new guy for a while..it will be
fine...dont take any of it too seriously..your real true love is
waiting for you in your "20s" most likely and you probably havent even
met him yet
maryjane_420_97_dmt says :   7 July 2014   254940  
Yeah, I've realized this. We already broke up and Im talking to the
othwr guy fpr a bit before we date. I juat dont wanr to be in that
committed of a relarionship yet. I want to have fun for a while.

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