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We'll just put this back out there, for those who want to know...Category: Kupikan Handbook.
Thursday, 18 July 2013
10:44:16 PM (GMT)
The Kupikan Handbook

As written by Hina.

In order to create a better experience for most of us, the following are prohibited:

1) illegal content (child pornography, bestiality, scams/frauds)

2) porn (when viewable in public or unsolicited)

3) other people's personal information

4) unsolicited cybering, public cybering

5) harassment -- still need your

6) Plagiarism

Let me explain in more details. This could also serve as a guideline for our


I think this one is self-explanatory. You know one when you see it. For example,
child porn: there should be no
questions asked. However, some things are "questionable" (could be legal OR illegal).
In this case, if you are not 100%
absolutely entirely sure that the content is illegal, the member cannot be banned.
Only ban the member when it is
obvious that the content is illegal.

Illegal content is not allowed in any place in Kupika. When you encounter one, ban
the member immediately.


Porn is NOT ALLOWED in public places, such as profile pages, public diaries, public
pics, public pages,
personal ads, etc.

However, assuming the involved members are mature adults, porn IS allowed in private
places, such as private
clubs, messages, letters, etc. Again, this is assuming all parties involved are
adults (at least 18 years old) and
consenting to the activities.

Child porn is NOT ALLOWED. It is illegal.

Unsolicited porn is NOT ALLOWED. If you receive some porn from a stranger, you can
screenshot the message and report
the offender here, which should lead to a ban.


It is allowed to post your own personal information (home address, phone number,
photo, etc.). It is your own
property after all.

It is also allowed to post other people's photos as long as there is no objection
from the people in the photos. IF
the people depicted in the photos object to their photos being shown on Kupika, then
the photos must be taken down. Warn
the member first, and if he doesn't comply, ban him.

Home address and phone numbers of other individuals (not your own) must never be
posted anywhere on Kupika. Warn the
member first, and if he doesn't comply, ban him.


This is very annoying, especially when someone receives something like this:

*GRABS YOU and Holds you against the wall and my Hands go down and rub your fuzzy

Cybering in public places is not allowed either. Flirting is okay, but if you want to
take it further, please do so
in private.

For those who cyber in public places, first time warn, second time ban.

Instant ban for those who send explicit unsolicited messages.


Do not use / claim other person's "work" as your own.

"Work" = oekaki, photos, poems, etc.

Instant ban for plagiators.

Added Comments

It does not matter whether it is real people or hentai. It is still considered porn.

However, if you are not 100% absolutely entirely sure the illustration/animation is
child porn, it cannot be
considered "child porn".

Likewise, if you are not 100% absolutely entirely sure the illustration/animation is
porn, it cannot be considered

Please refer to the "PORN" section in the first post above.

Club emblems are public. Porn in public places is not allowed.

Source: http://kupika.net/f6-kupichat/the-kupikan-handbook-1765.html

crazyhot says:   19 July 2013   722349  
and the mods still abuse there power anywho
‹Carapherneliaa› says:   19 July 2013   791295  
It would be their.

Also, they do what they want.
Hina hand choose them.
He would have backed them up anyway. 
crazyhot says :   19 July 2013   387991  
read the forms

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