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Saturday, 1 December 2012
06:02:42 PM (GMT)
Harry Potter Fanfiction

"Why? Why can't I go to Hogwarts?" Harry roared, standing up and knocking his
pathetic meal of an apple and a chunk of bread to the floor.

"It's a place for freaks!" Vernon replied, as Dudley crawled on the dusty floor,
picking up Harry's dropped food and cramming it into his mouth, apparently unphased
about the arrival of the two letters, more concerned about his stomach than about the
sudden appearance of a flaming envelope with his name on it.

After the Dursleys and Harry escaped to the shack on the island to escape the
Hogwarts letters, and in the middle of the night, one more arrived- just the one.
Harry had been eleven for two seconds, and a perfect rectangle of the dusty floor
erupted in flames, just for a minute, then the flames had vanished, leaving a single
envelope with Harry's name written in green writing on the front. The sudden bright
light had woken Dudley, who had screamed bloody murder, and Vernon and Petunia had
ambled downstairs in their nightclothes to see what Harry was doing to their precious
'Dudders' this time. At the sight of the letter Vernon had made to leap on it, but as
soon as he or Petunia moved within a metre of it, it burst into flames again. Harry
and Dudley had taken their chance and moved towards it, and were able to pick it up
without it bursting into flames. They opened it, and finally read the letters, and
they finally understood why everything that went wrong in their lives did what it

"That's not a good enough reason!" He shouted, stamping his foot.

"I just don't want you going the same way as my sister." Petunia said, her voice

"What happened to her? What happened to my mum?"

"That stupid school, everything's coming out now of course. Well, she went to that
freak school didn't she, and then she met that other freak and had you, and then she
went and got herself blown up, and then we got landed with you and I knew you would
be the same, but I promised to protect you. You're all I have left of Lily, and now
you want to go and throw it away! We took you into our home and we've protected you
for the past ten years!"

"I didn't ask to come live with you."

"We're the only relatives you have, we had no choice!"

"Who killed them? Who killed my parents?"

"Voldemort, of course. The most feared dark wizard of all time, or whatever you want
to call him." This was the first time Petunia had actually acknowledged the existence
of magic and needless to say, Harry was impressed. "Your parents were part of some
secret order which worked to bring down the dark side…. But they failed. They were
killed in a fight with some… death munchers or whatever it is they're called. You
were supposed to be killed too, then, but Dumbledore moved you here and put some
protection up which meant they couldn't find you… He couldn't get to the other
family in time, apparently, and they… along with their son, were all murdered."

Harry gulped. "Who is this… Dumbledore?"

"He was the headmaster of Hogwarts… but I'm afraid to say he is no longer. He was
kidnapped shortly after he brought you to us… a few weeks afterwards I think it
was. Nobody knows where he is, or even if he's still alive."

"How do you know all of this?" Harry asked incredulously, and disbelievingly. He just
didn't understand how someone who, most of the time refused to even have the word
'magic' uttered in the same room as her, was standing there talking so freely about
all of this.

"The current headmaster of Hogwarts… he… he liked Lily. My point is, neither of
you are going to that school, and neither of you are learning to be wizards."

"Not even me?" Dudley asked from the floor, where he had finally finished reading his

"Especially not you."

"Why?" He and Harry asked at the same time, glaring at Petunia with identical stony

"Harry, Voldemort is still trying to find you. Severus seems to think that Dumbledore
has been kidnapped and is being tortured for information, and after all these years
they still haven't managed to find out. By going to Hogwarts, you're risking your
life. I don't want you killed, because as much as I hate you you're family, and this
family has had enough trouble from the magical world to last a lifetime. If Dudley
goes, and they find out that he is related to you, he will be tortured also, and I
don't want that for my baby."

"Okay, we won't go to Hogwarts, but please can we go home?"

"Give me your letters. I don't want you replying to them." Harry grudgingly handed
his letter to his aunt and pulled his jacket from the hook by the fireplace.

"Now that we've read them, they'll stop. Can we please go?"

"Can't it wait until morning?"

"Can I go to Hogwarts?"


"Then that is your answer."

"I want to go to Hogwarts." Dudley looked up dumbly from the square of air he had
been staring at, which until a few seconds previously when his father had snatched it
from his hands, his Hogwarts letter had occupied.

"You're not going, either of you. Get your coat." Vernon started stomping back up the
stairs and grabbing the few belongings they had brought with them, then marched back
downstairs with his wife in tow. "Come on then!" The boys exchanged glances, and even
though the boys hated each other, the same thought was hatching in both of their


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