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Wednesday, 31 October 2012
11:23:46 PM (GMT)
A] - Available? Yes. 
B] - Birthday? Jun 4 
C] - Cell phone? Yes. 
D] - Drink you had last? Water. 
E] - Easiest person to talk to? CoGi
F] - Favorite colors? Black, Blood Red, Gray, White, Gir Green. 
G] - Gummy bears or Gummy worms? I forget. 
H] - Hometown? USA :D 
I] - Favorite ice cream? Cookie dough. 
J] - Just something you always say on IM? Who is this? 
K] - Killed someone? Do animals count? If not, then yes mentally.  
L] - Lime aid or lemonade? Neither ~.~ 
M] - Money or Love? Love. 
N] - Number of Siblings? 2 younger sisters. 
O] - ONE WISH? To find that one person to be happy with.. 
P] - Person you last commented? Not sure.
Q] - Quiet?  Sometimes.
R] - Reason you smile? I smile for funny things, and romantic things, and others'
S] - Song you last sung along to? 1,000 years by Christina Perri
T] - Time you woke up today? 5:00 
U] - You like someone right now? No, not anymore. He's a douche. 
V] - Vegetables? I love many. 
W] - WORST Habit? cutting toenails with scissors o.0
X] - X-Rays? Many. 
Y] - Your favorite food? BACON <3 <3.
Z] -ZODIAC SIGN? Gemini. 


10 words to describe your personality:
1:  Weird
2:  Creative
3:  Insane
4:  Silly
5:  Strange
6:  Smart
7:  Sarcastic
8:  Scary
9:  Intelligent
10:  Random (Except I'm not, I just think faster than you.)

9 things you'd buy if you had a million dollars:
1:  Clothes
2: New Style
3: New Lock
4: Xbox 360
5: Xbox games
6: Computer Gamer Setup and Desk.

8 people who make life worth living:
1:  Mom
2: Dad
3: Family
4: CoGi
5: Mary
6: God (If he counts as a person?)
7: Ashtyn
8: Ashlee

7 books you've read:
1:  Kate Daniels SERIES
2: Lonestar SERIES
3: Trylle TRILOGY

6 things to do before you die:
1:  Write a book.
2:  Go to Japan, Germany, and some other places.
3:  Learn Japanese, German, and some other languages (XD)
4:  Design a line of clothing.
5:  Finish college.
6:  Become a famous architect.

5 reasons to wake up tomorrow:
1:  I have school
2: Not waking up means dying, and I'm too young.
3: Try to find that special someone.
4: My friends would be hopeless without me. (And I'm not kidding)

4 places you love:
1: My Closet.
2: Hot Topic.
3: Mall.
4: Magical imagination land.
5: My Room.
6: The woods.

3 things you notice first about the preferred sex:
1: Height.
2: Looks.
3: Voice.
4: Eyes.

2 good memories:
1:  I have bad memory.
2: I'll always remember the misery in his voice when I said I didn't care.

1 person you would happily die for:
1: Anyone who doesn't hate me.

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